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✅ Pros

Everything from creating an account to creating your first product to setting up a payment gateway to adding a button to your site is easy.
Review Pros
SendOwl offers 4 monthly subscription plans ranging from $9 per month up to $39 a month.
It integrates with Paypal and other payment softwares.
The benefit of SendOwl is that you can use it throughout your website and social media sites.
It allows you to sell a variety of digital products.
Flexible payment models including trials, subscriptions, and plans are supported.
SendOwl delivers an onslaught of marketing and sales tools for making more money.
The pricing is rather affordable.
Their support is available by email, and the quality of the support is outstanding.
It is easy to use and has clean interface.
They don’t hold your payments for any amount of time, so your money gets to you rather quickly.
The shopping cart and checkout are managed by SendOwl’s website, so you don’t have to worry about issues that come with selling online.
SendOwl listings really don’t need that much info—all they are is a way for customers to buy this product at that price.
You can use drip content so you don’t have to sell all your content at once.
It shows order tracking + reporting.
Quality support is provided by email.
1-click upsells and bump offers can be set up to increase profits.
You’ll also love its ability to send stamped PDF’s to your customers as well as issue free orders when needed.
It integrates with all the major email marketing services.
Connecting SendOwl to Stripe or PayPal and creating buy buttons is fast, streamlined and easy.
One-click upsells, and bumps are supported.
You can sell subscriptions and memberships.
This system allows you to enroll and manage people interested in selling your products for a commission.
29 different currencies are supported.
SendOwl hosts your files, and they have an excellent, highly sophisticated file-control system built in.
All the plans manage EU VAT and allow you to instantly deliver your digital products.
It provides multi-language capabilities for reaching out to people who don’t speak your language.
SendOwl provides you with real-time sales analytics for your products as well as numerous types of reporting from their online dashboard.
The platform integrates directly with the biggest payment processors like and PayPal.
SendOwl also offers a platform for self-hosting and for the purchase of physical products.
SendOwl is already a really solid system, but it is being improved and tweaked all the time.
You can choose to let your buyers name their own price, which is a good way to build trust, boost conversions, and turn browsers into buyers.
It supports integration with MailChimp.
It accepts payments through Bitcoin, PayPal and credit cards.
With its quick checkout process, your customers will be able to get the products they want quicker than ever.
You can bundle products together.
It offers affiliate program for your products.
It has basic but workable affiliate management built-in.
It is super clean and has easy to understand interface.
It offers easy affiliate management.
Detailed documentation and email support available.
You can offer free trials for your subscriptions and memberships.
Mobile-friendly checkout pages are provided.
It integrates with most major payment gateways.
It allows just about any language, so you can sell throughout the World.
The SendOwl dashboard always loads quickly, and the shopping cart and checkout functionality has always proven to be highly reliable.
You can set up discounts and coupons easily.
SendOwl integrates with other services to handle everything else you need.
They have responsive customer service.
You can sell products (digital or physical), services, product bundles, and subscriptions.
It has responsive checkout for viewing on mobile devices.
SendOwl allows you to sell a bundle of products with one click.
SendOwl’s monthly pricing only changes based on the number of advanced features you need, not on the number of sales you make.
Google Analytics integration is available.
SendOwl allows you to offer an easy buying experience.
SendOwl lets you manage all that within its apps, with lists of customers and reports on your sales.
A 30-day free trial is offered on all SendOwl plans to let you explore and experience the platform.
It’s easy to setup.
It supports 29 different currencies.
You can run promotions where users can get discounts.
It offers flexible payment models such as subscriptions, plans and trials.
Integration with most of the main payment gateways is allowed.
There are no commission fees.

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❌ Cons

There is no functionality for A/B testing.
The checkout design and customization are limited.
It has monthly fee.
Affiliate system requires the seller to manually deal with affiliate payments and refunds.
Not many payment processors available and there is no Apple pay support.
There is lack of community and more immediate communication channels.
There is less control over the order of items.
If you do not have an SSL certificate on your own site the customer may think they are submitting payment info on a site that is not secured.
It is not as feature packed as competitors.
A big-seller of physical goods would not find SendOwl that powerful compared to other options.
It has very limited affiliate center.
You can not create a custom affiliate link to any page on your site.
It can be pleasingly simple if you’re just getting set up or want to focus on one or two products but isn’t the best option if you have plans to scale.
Support for cryptocurrencies is limited.
You may incur extra fees if your files are bigger than 1 GB.
It’s not designed for building a full store.
There is no option to temporarily hide or deactivate a product.
There is limited support for cryptocurrencies.
Depending on what payment gateway you use, you can also find that the pop up for payment doesn’t always look as secure as it could.
It has limited checkout and design customization.
If you operate your business within a destination-based US sales tax state (which applies to most US states), you’ll need an additional tax service integration to help you automate that.
Upsell feature requires upgrading to the second tier of the monthly plan.
There is no A/B testing functionality.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
SendOwl really does offer an awesome service, it is easy to use and offers high-quality customer service. The pricing is very reasonable, and SendOwl even includes a 30-day free trial, so you can absolutely certain that it is the one for you.
SendOwl is an app for selling all sorts of digital files, so it’s not particularly designed exclusively for video courses. That makes it a little trickier for managing your courses, but it’s actually rather user friendly on the backend.
SendOwl is a simple way to sell your products, whether they’re physical goods, digital items, a course that’s sent over email, or even a full subscription. And yet, it’s not designed for building a full store—instead, it just makes simple Buy buttons for the things you’re selling.
SendOwl is an awesome service. It has the ease of use and the high quality of customer service. It is recommended to those who are looking for an easy way to sell digital products. They offer a 30-day free trial so you can try it for yourself and see if it meets your needs.
Almost anyone can use SendOwl. That’s because it’s user-friendly enough for the beginner, and set up is so fast you can have your site ready in minutes. And yet SendOwl is also powerful enough for experienced sellers, as it has features that many other platforms are lacking.
They offer a simple and secure way to sell your digital products. It allows just about any language, so you can sell throughout the World. What’s cool is that SendOwl doesn’t take a cut of your sales. They strongly believe that all of your sales should go to you, although there is a minimal monthly fee.
ThriveCart and SendOwl integrates with autoresponders, membership platforms, CRMs, fulfillment solutions, etc. But ThriveCart wins this hands down, and is way better and more feature rich than SendOwl.
It supports integration with MailChimp, offers easy affiliate management and shows order tracking + reporting. They have responsive customer service. Upsell feature requires upgrading to the second tier of the monthly plan which is a slight limitation of SendOwl.
SendOwl is a London based company founded by George Palmer back in 2010. The cart was built from the ground up to fill a much needed gap in the market: allow anyone to easily sell and deliver digital products from their website. The software has since evolved into a feature-rich shopping cart and product delivery tool, and now even supports the sale of physical products and services.
SendOwl is a platform that allows you to sell digital products using a hosted shopping cart. This means that the shopping cart and checkout are managed by SendOwl’s website, so you don’t have to worry about issues that come with selling online such as data protection and SSLs.
For selling a smaller number of products, especially digital ones, SendOwl is certainly one of the best options! In fact, its growth in the marketing area makes us believe that it’s the best solution out there.
The most important service SendOwl provides on top of its digital product delivery tool is its sales tax and EU VAT calculation, collection and reporting features. If you operate your business within a destination-based US sales tax state, you’ll need an additional tax service integration to help you automate that.
It allows you to sell a variety of digital products, offers affiliate program for your products and you can bundle products together. They seamlessly integrate with all of the popular mailing list and payment software options out there so connecting everything is a breeze.

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