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✅ Pros

Separatec is around half of the cost of Calvin Klein’s modal boxer briefs and an excellent price in general for classier men’s underwear on a price-per-pair basis.
Review Pros
All Separatec underwear have a functional fly.
They stay dry.
They are fitted and border on compression.
Separatec offers a selection of colors and patterns for their briefs.
The pouch technology provides unrivalled support for your boys.
Separatec offers trunks, boxer briefs, and long boxer briefs if you aren’t interested in briefs, so all guys can buy what they prefer.
Spandex material offers excellent shape retention.
Pleasing range of colors are available.
The outer pouch featured an open vertical fly on both sides allowing easy access when at the urinal.
The bamboo’s softness makes these briefs so comfortable.
The construction is solid with neat seams.
The Quick Dry Boxer Brief with functional fly comes in a three pack with a variety of colors.
The fabric feels very thin and light weight.

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❌ Cons

I don’t feel they are a great choice for daily wear.
The pouch can form a noticeable bulge in your crotch depending on what you’re wearing.
Comfort doesn’t quite match other premium brands.

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Review Summaries
It takes a little time to get used to separating your main man and your boys in your underwear. But when it all clicks, you’ll wonder why you didn’t give Separatec a try sooner.
While I definitely want to try a different style of Separatec undies, this line will not be it. The fabric would be great for sports or activities with lots of running or bouncing. I don’t feel they are a great choice for daily wear.
Overall, Separatec sells its briefs at an excellent price for the quality and style, especially compared to my Calvin Klein modal boxer briefs. These briefs are versatile for working out and lounging around, which is my favorite time to be wearing my Calvin Klein modals. If you are wearing trunks or boxer briefs yet are brief-curious, I’d vote for Seperatec bamboo briefs as an excellent three-pack starter set.

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