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✅ Pros

SEVR offers the Match Grade Field Point in 8-32 threads in five diameters.
Review Pros
I had zero issues with blade deployment.
It is available in standard 8/32 and Deep Six.
This head is also perfect for hunts where you want to minimize hide damage, like on a mountain lion.
SEVR heads stretch the hide while cutting producing a larger-than-blade wound diameter for heavier blood trails and more reliable recoveries.
These heads fly fast, clean and quiet.
The broadhead comes hunt-ready out of the box.
It has patent pending Lock-and-Pivot blade design.
Blades are fully contained in the ferrule for aerodynamic flight and true field-point accuracy.
They were the most accurate mechanical in the test at 1.25 and 1.5-inch groups.
The SEVR 2.0s were sharp out of the package.
Another interesting feature is how easy it is to practice with SEVRs.
They fly like field points and are interchangeable as long as you use the same head weight.
SEVR is a direct-to-consumer company.
Sevr also allows one to put the broadhead in practice mode by way of installing a small set screw.
SEVR broadhead did massive damage to a fall turkey; it opened a wide hole and even broke a wing bone.
It has replaceable rear deploying stainless steel blades.
The Match Grades are also impressively tough.
All heads are individually packaged.
Non-barbed blades are fully contained in the ferrule and lock open on impact.
The blades are rear deploying, which means it’ll cut an entrance hole.
I love the packaging.
One of the features I love about SEVR broadheads is the Practice Lock mode.
Titanium provides a high strength-to weight ratio and is lightweight, durable and strong.
The ferrule is made from grade-5 titanium.
SEVR Ti 1.5 and Ti 2.0 blades are made of 420-grade stainless steel with a .032-inch thickness for superior strength and durability.
The pivoting blades ensure the arrow continues to fly true and straight through game when needed.
The lock screw allows hunters to practice with the actual broadheads used to hunt with later, without dulling blades.
The throat of the match grade points perfectly butted up to the 5/16-inch diameter of the outsert.
Practice Lok feature allow you to practice with the same head you hunt with.
Their unique pivoting blade design, ensures that should a blade hit bone, your arrow is not going to veer off course.
Sevr Titanium broadheads come in weights of 100- or 125-grain and in a 1.5-inch or 2.0-inch cutting diameter.
One can buy one, two, three, or four heads, on up to as many heads as they want.
Patented feature keeps blades locked and contained in the ferrule. Allows practicing with actual broadheads to verify true point-of-impact without dulling blades.
It has 2.1 inch cutting diameter.

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❌ Cons

The blades rattle, and you can hear them in your quiver.
In the durability test, the blades had slight wrinkling but did not bend or break
They cost $4.99 for a 3-pack. That’s not cheap for field points.

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Review Summaries
For a collared mechanical broadhead that screams accuracy, forgiveness, and devastation, the Sevr Titanium is it. And because of its durability, you can take it from the deer woods to the elk woods. The needle has been moved.
SEVR broadheads are designed to provide a Stretch Cut Effect, where the blade stretches the hide while cutting. The result is large wounds, increased blood spores, and more effortless follow-up.
The SEVR broadheads are accurate, durable, and make pre-season practice easy.
Overall, we have been extremely impressed with SEVR broadheads. Some broad head companies can boast heads with 2.1 inch cutting diameters, locking blades, practice modes, low profiles, and titanium ferules but none have ALL of these things in a single head. Their distribution and direct to consumer model also makes ordering simple and easy. You can order one of two heads to experiment without breaking the bank. SEVR also has some top notch customer service. Between my Dad and I we have purchased around two dozen SEVR’s.
The SEVR Titanium 2.0” is designed to create large entry and exit wounds. SEVR’s Stretch Cut blade effect stretches the hide while cutting for a larger-than-blade wound diameter for bigger blood trails and easier recovery. The SEVR 2.0” comes in three configurations: 100 and 125 grain (for standard 8-32 threads) and 100 grain (for Deep Six).
I will gladly pay a little extra money for better durability, ease-of-use, and accuracy. There’s something else you get with these field points that’s hard to put a price on, and that’s confidence.
SEVR Broadheads have earned a place in my quiver, and if you give them a shot, they will earn a place in yours, too.

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