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✅ Pros

There are multiple courses to choose from.
Review Pros
It offers free introductory course for 30 days to try.
They keep you focused an moving along in the right direction.
Live courses are offered.
Affiliate program is good.
Live sessions and notes are being translated in around 7 different international languages.
It has very simple UI.
Interaction with teachers and peers is great.
The Shaw Academy provides classes for skills that are actually relevant and used in today’s world, which can allow you advance in your career.
It has low cost for the training.
They have a tech and educational support available around the clock.
All materials are available 24/7.
Round-the-clock educational and technical support teams are available for students.
24/7 technical support is available.
Students can also complete courses at their own pace thus ensuring work-life balance, via both the live lessons and the recorded sessions.
All courses are held live, at multiple convenient times, with full student / teacher interaction.
Even if you are paying for the Premium membership that is a relatively low cost considering what you are getting.
Shaw Academy focusses on enhancing learning and practicing skills of individuals.
If a student misses out his or her live session due to some unavoidable situation, Shaw Academy provides the recorded version of the class which is available in their login account for a whole 24 hours’ time.
Courses are internationally approved and EQF accredited.
It offer over 50 courses across 10 different subjects.
There is a very wide range of subjects that you can learn to master.
It has different levels for each diploma offered.
There is a good infrastructure to communicate with the instructors.
Students are able to interact with their fellow course mates and the instructors.
Courses are offered in multiple languages.
Shaw Academy is accredited by the NFCE Diploma Level 4.
It allows you to learn virtually any skill that is in high demand for the year 2018 and going forward.
The material that you will be taught at Shaw Academy is top notch.
Instructions are ok and fairly comprehensive.
You will have access to the entire course up to 12 days after you complete it which is an added bonus.
They offer a free 30 day trial where you can try one course out for free.
CPD and NCFE have accredited these courses.

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❌ Cons

Because courses’ are based on interaction, and are live, you must work around the course schedule.
The certificates provided might not be what you need to get where you are going.
The scheduled class time can be a little inconvenient for some.
Certificates of Completion are only awarded to those who not only complete but pass final examinations.
Course offerings are currently limited to 10 of the most popular high growth industries.
Only 10 courses are offered.
Limited categories of courses are available.
This isn’t really a good alternative to college if that is what you are looking into it for.
Courses/Diplomas do not hold as much merit as a regular college or University course would.
Free trial still requires credit card.
You need to pass finals to receive certificate.
The company is less than 5 years old.
Only Premium Members can get a diploma.
Shaw Academy is limited to the classes that are offered.
Looks like they may be experiencing a few growing pains by the number of complaints.
They have some fees for the diploma and final assignment.

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Review Summaries
Students are able to interact with their fellow course mates and the instructors. Live sessions and notes are being translated in around 7 different international languages deleting the language barrier for other regional students. Students feel free asking their queries in languages like Spanish, German, English, French, Portuguese and Italian. Webinar classes are also being conducted where the students can simply type in their questions in the chat box available.
Shaw Academy is an online school that offers a variety of courses from photography to marketing and music. Every course is offered live at a set time, and if you run into technical problems, Shaw Academy provides support 24 hours a day.
There are plenty of testimonials out there that really praise them and then there are those that have had complaints about them too. There have been complaints about being overcharged or canceling and still being charged for another month anyway. So be aware and do some research yourself on the testimonials.
The flexibility of an online course is hard to beat because you can do the class on your own schedule. This works great for people that have a full-time job or a stay-at-home parent that want to improve their skills. The expert instructors and tutors for the course are well-versed in their subjects and are great at disseminating information in a way that you can understand.
Although the courses are not university or college degrees, the learning achieved through Shaw Academy is beneficial to those who take the courses. They are inexpensive, and easy to try on a trial basis.
The Shaw Academy differentiates itself by focusing on live online education, teaching and human support. It offers 10 courses which include nutrition, marketing, photography and financial trading.
This place is definitely not a scam and is a good/inexpensive way to learn. There aren’t really any complaints other than the e-Diploma’s that you get after completion of the courses.

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