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Pros and Cons

✅ Pros

The software can seamlessly integrate with both B2C and B2B solutions, enabling clients to directly sell to retailers when needed.
Review Pros
ShipMonk is a very reliable provider of backer rewards and order fulfillment services for campaigns that are crowdfunded through Indiegogo and Kickstarter.
ShipMonk does not believe in charging for unused services so you will only pay for what you have shipped.
ShipMonk receives heavily discounted shipping rates with every major carrier and passes those special rates along to its customers.
You don’t have to have a physical presence in the USA.
There is 24/7 customer support from a live service representative.
They are very customer-friendly despite the fact that they deal primarily with businesses.
You can use custom API integration to automatically import orders.
ShipMonk’s order tracking and inventory management capabilities make it an ideal order fulfillment service for retailers.
ShipMonk white label services include custom-printed boxes, promotional inserts, customized packing slip and labels, as well as custom-printed interior and exterior boxes.
It offers detailed information about the product and the supplier.
It offers automated mapping and bundling.
With their order fulfillment services supported by advanced management software, you can trust that all of your orders are managed and shipped correctly.
ShipMonk also integrates with B2B and B2C platform for you to be able to sell directly to retailers when the opportunity arises.
It automatically integrate into Kickstarter and IndieGoGo.
There are no hidden monthly fees.
ShipMonk is a fully accredited Food and Drug Administration (FDA)facility.
Whether it’s removing manufacturer labels or helping you source custom packaging; they’re flexible enough to conform to your needs each and every month.
It integrates well with WooCommerce, Shopify, Amazon, PayPal, eBay, Magento, and other platforms.
The main benefit of these fulfillment services is saving time.
ShipMonk can be integrated with more than 50 different e-commerce marketplace platforms and shopping carts.
It offers Crowdfunding fulfillment.
ShipMonk software has the ability to map SKUs across various sales channels.
With ShipMonk sharing their discounts they get from these carriers, you and your customers can get to enjoy it which gives you control over your shipping costs.
You can use your own custom packaging within ShipMonk’s fulfillment centers.
You can automate your workflow.
It has intelligent, innovative dashboards.
ShipMonk also offers subscription box fulfillment.
The interface is very straightforward.
With Shipmonk, it’s very easy to track your orders on the platform.
Their onboarding process for new businesses is a really simple 4 step process over the course of a week.
They offer custom packaging for each brand and same day fulfillment if the order is received before 4pm.
It can be integrated with Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Shopify, Bonanza & more.
Their fulfillment operation grows alongside your business as it expands.

❌ Cons

It is a little bit expensive.
Some users have noted billing errors that they had to get resolved.
The lack of a mobile Shipmonk app might make things difficult for those who usually do business on the go.
While their price is said to be competitive, there are other cheaper options out there.
If you run into an issue, you might have a hard time getting assistance from their support team.
If there’s a delay on their end for any reason, there’s no guarantee that you can get it resolved before you lose customers.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
ShipMonk is one of the most popular software-based fulfillment services for e-commerce, and it also offers a wider variety of services than many companies do. The company’s motto is “stress less, grow more,” and ShipMonk makes it possible to easily manage inventory shipping using any Internet connected device, from anywhere in the world, 24/7.
Shipmonk’s software links with the shopping cart on your site to automate the fulfillment process. You will need to pay the freight costs of sending inventory to Shipmonk from your supplier. However, the service takes care of packing, shipping, and tracking products to your customers. Although it’s impossible to say what you’d pay without knowing the size of your store, many reviewers do say Shipmonk is affordable.
They have taken a service, and literally made it into the standard. With integrations into over 50 marketplaces and online stores, Shipmonk should be able to handle your fulfillment. They offer their same day shipping and error-free shipping, or the shipping cost is on them. The other thing they do well is the custom packaging which allows you to display your brand on the packaging itself or whatever else you might want. They also offer services for entry into the U.S. market and can help companies ensure they are in compliance with regulations and customs. Their process is super quick, and you can be shipping products out within a week of the first meeting.
The suitability of ShipMonk to any business depends largely on a prospect’s logistics requirements. If the system proves to be a tad complicated to users, there are always alternatives out in the market. However, the fact that the company offers a total solution to all order fulfillment processes cannot be overstated. The benefits of the service far outweigh the perceived drawbacks that some parties have observed. Besides, the company offers far more benefits than some larger providers do.
These providers offer cheaper storage and picking solutions but charge a delivery fee. So, if you are a customer with a high stock turnover and frequent goods receipt, you will benefit from ShipMonk at lower prices.
Maintaining a business is hard, and ShipMonk is here to provide the most personal fulfillment for your business needs. With its top-notch inventory management and order management system, ShipMonk can make it more comfortable and stress-free for your shipping.
If your E-commerce business can no longer keep up order fulfillment, ShipMonk may be a nice solution for you. However, some customers complain that the software isn’t very intuitive and express the desire for more marketplace integrations. It’s also important to note that their pricing is scaled based on how many orders you receive.