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✅ Pros

The unwavering high standard for details shines through in the packaging.
Review Pros
The clothing options are all great and very high quality.
The figure balances nicely on its own, and comes with a stand if you’re interested in a “flying” pose display.
Respect for the heritage of the Superman character is evident in the classic costume this model wears.
His accessories are all pretty great with the accessory of his lightsaber.
The paint and sculpting of the individual heads is spectacular.
The almost identical Gotham Knight comes in grey and black.
The figure also has Steve’s blue eyes and the beard he was sporting in the movie.
I like the materials used for the “glass” and the detailing around the hookah bowl.
The detailing and the paint are upped on this version of the character and he definitely looks more screen accurate.
The cape also boasts posability, a feature that really makes this figure stand out.
The packaging itself is quite nice.
The price was easier to swallow as it probably saved me $300 in extra costs.
It’s a bit easier to get weapons into his hands and without fear that you’re going to break his fingers off or damage the weapon.
Their attention to detail and handiwork is perfection.
I didn’t have to worry about paying shipping or extra duty fees.
The hands were interchangeable.
It has just enough weight that it looks great in person.
Sideshow Collectibles has a wide range of collectibles from DC, Harry Potter, Marvel and other comic and science fiction series.
Unlike many Hot Toys figures, removing the Sideshow collectible from its packaging is a hassle-free affair.
It comes with two weapons and the shields that Steve wielded during the Battle of Wakanda at the end of Avengers: Infinity War.
One hand victoriously grips the severed head of a Brainiac robot.
It comes with some new gadgets and replaceable facial expressions.

❌ Cons

When you plug the arms and the legs in place, you can’t move them. That’s thoroughly disappointing.
The cradle is a little too small for Batman’s balls.
The tight costuming does restrict the full range of joint motion a bit.
It would have been nice to get another head in there with a more aggressive face.
The blade is a tiny bit loose when it’s in.
At over $1000 Canadian, it’s a huge investment.
I wish that the pockets of the belt were functional.
It’s a little awkward swapping these parts out.
Dart/grapnel gun is odd-looking.
The blade snapped while I was posing Luke for pictures.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Sideshow Collectibles once again gives you more than your money’s worth with this figure. If you’re looking to add a non-movie likeness, classic Superman to your collection, this is the perfect figure for you.
Sideshow Collectibles has a wide range of collectibles from DC, Harry Potter, Marvel and other comic and science fiction series. Their attention to detail and handiwork is perfection, and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to expand their collectibles.
I’m very happy with this figure. And now considering Hot Toys now has a Deluxe version with all the stuff this one comes with plus a bit more, I’m still happy with this purchase. He fits the bill for a sixth scale Jedi Luke despite a few shortcomings.
Jabba is one of my favourite movie creatures of all time and this set does him justice. I’m very happy I have this set and I do not take it for granted whatsoever. I hope that sharing my thoughts on this will help fence sitters to decide whether they buy it or not. For those who can’t afford it, I hope I gave it the props it deserves.
It’s a great amalgamation of some of the best Batman designs ever to see the page of a graphic novel. I also love how versatile the toy is with so many customizable pieces, facial expressions, and cowls included with the figure. This is a timeless Batman collectible that will make a captivating addition to your shelf or desk. You can buy this or the original blue and gray design at Sideshow.com.

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