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✅ Pros

It is quite straightforward to set up the SideTrak monitor.
Review Pros
The SideTrak has a refresh rate of 60Hz and a response time of 30ms.
Tri-glide sliders stay in place better than traditional sliders.
It has a decent display.
SideTrak Slide officially lists supports for Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS.
It can stay attached to laptop even when travelling.
It has a 60Hz refresh rate.
Due to 60hz refresh rate, it runs smoothly.
The frame of the SideTrak has built-in magnets, so you can easily detach the monitor whenever you want.
It flips around to display to others.
It is easy to set-up.
It has beautiful coloring and HDR support.
The device has matte black finish all over which means it will be able to resist fingerprints and smudges which will be common on a gadget you have to handle with your hands.
It does have a nice way to mount to the laptop directly.
It just works.
I have feeling this is a durable product.
The 12.5-inch dual monitor can be rotated and extended to achieve the perfect viewing angle.
You can leave it attached when traveling.
Its compatible with laptop sizes ranging from 13 inches to 17 inches.
You can also swivel the monitor 180 degrees, allowing you to display data on the backside of your laptop without having to turn it around.
It is easy to attach/detach.
This device is compatible with Windows laptops, MacBooks, and Chromebooks.
It stays affixed to laptop for travel.
Display pulls out from side for more authentic dual monitor expereince.
It is lightweight.
It has sleek design and great performance.
There is extended coverage in back for better protection.
It is quick to pull out and deploy.
The Stand Steady SideTrak also doubles as extra armor for your thin and fragile laptop, so attaching it is more a win in any situation.
The device feels sturdy.
The screen looks great.
Mounting system is great.
The monitor has an IPS LCD screen.
It could be rotated all the way to the back.
The dual monitor attaches securely to the back of your laptop with device-safe metal plates.
SideTrak easily attaches and connects to a laptop.
It also features dual sliding tracks that fit laptops of all sizes.
It is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome.
The SideTrak can be used with most laptops.
It is suitable for a wide range of laptop sizes.
General build quality is great.
The Stand Steady SideTrak also has an incredible pixel density of 173 PPI, so it is considerably sharper than your typical office display.
It is quite straightforward to set up.
It has 1080p resolution.
Dial-adjust system has a full cage for a more precise fit.
It has been stylized like a mountain bike helmet for an extra cool look.
The strong magnetic connection allows you to pick up your laptop while the portable monitor is still open.
It has 15 vents and internal air channels for great ventilation.
Size is perfect to fit with your laptop in an electronic bag.

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❌ Cons

It requires installing software.
It lacks controls.
The dial adjust can be hard to grab when on a child’s head.
The display has thick bezels that will make it look less desirable than other products.
You have to download the driver for Windows and macOS compatibility.
Lack of stabilization causes the thing to wobble pretty hard.
I ‘d change a hinge that feels more durable.
My only complaint is that sliding the monitor in and out is not really smooth.
The frame’s rails are not as smooth as you’d like so you have to shimmy the screen a bit for it to slide out.
Even though it can be stood up for portrait mode, the power/display inputs location aren’t ideal to be in that position.
A bit on the pricey end so may deter potential buyers away, though we feel what you get is justifiable.
Frame movement could be smoother.
The hefty price tag of $299 is a big hurdle for many consumers.
The Stand Steady SideTrak is considerably smaller than the other available portable monitors in the market at 12.5 inches.
They give brief warranty.
The buckle is difficult to figure out and takes some practice.
Panel is on the dim side, with some dull colors.
The image quality of the display is just average.
It is pricey.
You need to add magnets to the laptop with sticky tape.
It is heavy.
There is no OSD, and limited control over settings.
Screen is is the small side.
Volume having a push button for the display menu is unresponsive at times, needing multiple pushes.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
I use this SideTrak monitor as a permanent part of my main daily workstation. I love the ability to have the additional monitor and to just pick up my laptop and go and still have an additional monitor without any extra effort or inconvenience. My only negative is that I do not like the plastic hinge and I really take my time when maneuvering the hinge to ensure that it does not break. Regardless, this monitor simply works for me!!
The SideTrak Portable USB Monitor is a lightweight, portable dual monitor for laptops that’s designed to help boost your productivity. Most reviewers are pleased with the quality and performance of the product.
Outside of the tiny flaws I found, there really isn’t much to hate about this monitor. While, yes it is on the pricier ($269.99) side of things considering the size of TV you can get for it, there really isn’t much of an alternative when it comes to how easy and convenient it is.
A combination of high refresh rate and fast response makes the SideTrak a high-performer that can be used for high-end gaming. At 1.65 pounds, this monitor is incredibly light and can be easily tagged along for a business trip or camping.
The Sidetrack is a sweet looking helmet with tons of features for a very decent price. We especially love that the Youth model is available with MIPS – the best safety technology around. While we’re not big fans of the buckle design, no helmet is perfect and the rest of the Sidetrack’s features are rock-solid.
Overall, SideTrak is the first generation of portable monitor from Stand Steady and it still has a lot of room for improvement. The hefty price tag of $299 is a big hurdle for many consumers because what they are buying here is convenience of an extra screen for their laptops.
The cleverly designed SideTrak Portable Monitor can stay attached to your laptop, even while traveling, but its brightness and color range could use improvement.
I’m not quite so sure I can recommend the SideTrak Slide. The idea is a good one in theory, I really like the way it mounts to the laptop itself and the display itself is decent in quality…but in practice Stand Steady could have done a better job with things like stability and the weight of the thing, especially with the $299.99 price point.
Its performance is a mixed bag. Contrast is strong for an IPS screen, but other aspects like brightness, color quality, and responsiveness are all sub-par. You also don’t get an OSD to work around these flaws which for some users, outweigh the benefits of the product’s fantastic design.
It cleverly affixes to the back of your laptop magnetically, and slides out to extend your monitor from the side. It’s a genius solution if you need a second display for your laptop (Windows, Mac, or Chromebook) — it’s not going to work for extending a desktop display. Also, this solution limits you to a standard landscape display, since it won’t rotate to portrait.
The monitor has an IPS LCD screen, 1080p resolution, and a 60Hz refresh rate. It connects through USB-C, and with the included adaptor, also connects via USB-A. Using the dual sliding tracks, you can attach the portable monitor to most standard laptops, from 13-inch to 17-inch sizes. However, since it will add 1.65 pounds, the portable monitor may be too heavy for very lightweight laptop models.

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