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✅ Pros

Silky Gem candies are the epitome of a visual treat.
Review Pros
It doesn’t overpower you with sugar overkill.
It’s meant to bring joy and luck to anyone who eats them.
Each one is just under $5.
The concept is pretty unique and it makes for a memorable gift idea for any occasion.

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Review Summaries
Inspired mainly after fruit flavors (pineapple, lychee, raspberry, etc), the exterior has a hardshell consistency similar to rock candy, giving it its crystal-like appearance. The interior texture falls somewhere in-between mochi and jello. Also like mochi is its subtle flavor, which I enjoyed, so it doesn’t overpower you with sugar overkill. While I’m not sure how many times I would purchase again due to the expense, I’m glad I tried it and would recommend to anyone who’s interested.

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