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✅ Pros

It gives you the best bang for your buck.
Review Pros
This online course boasts a passing rate of 98.6%, meaning that almost all students can pass the PMP® Exam after taking this course.
The Learning Management System (LMS) is intuitive and easy to use. It keeps track of your learning progress.
From Big Data to AI & Machine Learnings, Simplilearn features an extensive range of online trainings sessions.
They cover all of the topics every digital marketer needs to know in order to succeed.
There is no-nonsense interface.
Training sessions are available mornings, afternoons, and evenings to cater to virtually every schedule plus recordings are provided if you miss a live event.
There is good selection of courses to choose from.
Live instructor-led training (ILT) sessions are available in flexible array of batches.
The trainers are seasoned and knowledgeable project management examination instructors who explain the project management concepts and processes well and in an interactive manner.
Many certifications offered by Simplilearn are recognized by accreditation bodies.
You get to work on industry projects.
You’ll be taught by recognized digital marketing experts.
There is complete coverage of all the exam topics. 2018 exam changes are also included.
Tips and tricks for the Exam are included which are the gems of the lessons learned of exam takers.
The content can be accessed via Android and iOS apps.
In addition to five full-length PMP Simulation Exams, you get 83 Chapter-end quizzes, and 4 PMP-ACP exam simulations, giving you many opportunities to practice exam-like questions.
The Simplilearn mobile app for Android devices makes it easy to study on your tablet or phone by giving you access to all of the online content and videos.
The enrollment process is simple and easy.
Simplilearn offers multiple extras with each course, both for the Live and Self-Learning options.
A no-question full refund is provided within 3 days of purchase provided that the course progress is less than 50%.
Simplilearn’s courses offer one of the most comprehensive training schemes of any provider on this list.
You’ll be given the chance to set your learning goals.
All the instructor are top in their field and give you the latest information in the fast-changing market.
The course cover very vast syllabus.
It gives you certificate and it’s a valuable component when you go for a job interview.
Many certificates are recognized by accrediting bodies.
All sessions are recorded, and you get the recordings of those sessions for lifetime.
It offers simulation exams.
SimpliLearn offers two different tiers of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt educational material.
Online sandbox CloudLabs precludes maintenance and configuration issues.
Courses are comparable to post secondary education.
It is free to sign up as affiliate.
There are two modes of training offered by Simplilearn for the big data course.
You’ll be given immediate access to the self-paced learning courses.
The content includes learning games and quizzes to help you regularly check & validate your knowledge.
The way each topic is explained and supported by case studies is really good.
This program functions similarly to a physical classroom with a live instructor who can answer specific questions in real time.
Around the clock customer support is available 24/7.
Students will be able to choose a focus course and plan the study schedule through the platform.
The Instructors for the big data training are professionally qualified and certified.
There is 7-day free trial for a course.
One great perk is that you get 86 PDUs with the Simplilearn PMP preparatory course – that’s in addition to the 35 contact hours that are a requirement for taking the PMP exam.
If students decide to spring for SimpliLearn’s premium LSS Green Belt package, they will gain access to their live online classroom.
E-Learning material is complimentary with the course.
It has iInexpensive $10 trail to try out any one of the courses for 10 days.
They prepare you for other certifications.
Simplilearn will give you a certification after you have completed 85% of the course.
With both live and self-study learning options available, you can choose which course best suits your schedule and learning style.
You need only $279 to take the self-paced learning or $239 to take the online classroom flexi-pass.
Compared to e-learning rival platforms, Simplilearn has some of the most in-depth training.

❌ Cons

Even with the highest priced Green Belt study package, students will still have to pay the exam fee at the end of the course.
The Big Data courses lack the added advantage of official accreditation from a global body.
The refund period is only 3 days for the online course which is too strict compared to the normal refund period of 30 days for similar online learning courses.
The video player does not have the feature to increase/reduce the speed of instruction.
Certification is a printout from the website, not a recognized institution.
Simplilearn offers a very limited refund policy that varies from one course to the next.
You only get money back within 7 days if you haven’t assessed more than 25% of course.
To get certified, you have to participate in a project and complete an exam.
Simplilearn charges you according to how long you want to access the training.
The study assistance is provided through online forum by regular support staff.
The course provides good orientation & knowledge of PM fundamentals but it does not completely focus on the PMP exam.
Live ILT sessions are more interesting in theory than in practice.
It is somewhat pricey, especially for self-paced courses.
The out-the-door price of the trainings can be high for individuals, though corporations paying for employees will find the cost in line with industry norms.
Apart from the main course advisor, Simplilearn does not share the profile of their trainers.
The course fees is not on the lower side.
Accessing CloudLabs segments is unnecessarily onerous.
CloudLabs is designed to help customers avoid the clunkiness of downloading additional software but it’s a bit cumbersome to access.
Courses are very expensive.
The video lessons are not stored on the mobile phone and you will need to stream the videos through internet.
Affiliate program is not for beginners.
The refund policy is not generous, so be certain you plan to complete the course before signing up.
Unlike many of its competitors, Simplilearn does not provide any form of instructor assistance or chat feature for the online, Self-Learning option.
You have to be 100% dedicated to get the most out of this course.
They offer access just for one year and you have to complete it within that time frame.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
While not without its limitations, Simplilearn offers a unique online learning experience for professionals looking to prepare for and complete certification exams.
Simplilearn has trained more than 400,000 students with its high-quality and well-organized prep program courses. All PMP prep courses include a well-organized dashboard, on-demand video lectures, practice questions, exams, access to an Android app, as well as the option of taking live online courses.
Overall Simplilearn looks like a good learning platform for digital marketing but on the pricey side of the training spectrum. I think they are good if you just want some flexible training options, but if you are looking for digital marketing training that will give you the advantage when you are seeking employment I personally feel I would go with a program that would give me some academic standing, especially if you’re paying the type of fees Simplilearn requires.
In conclusion, The DMCA (Digital Marketing Certified Associates) from Simplilearn/ Market Motive is one of the best course available in the market for newcomers. If you are planning to take Digital Marketing as your career choice or you have already started in this field, DMCA can really boost your career.
SimpliLearn has engaging and effective study materials that help aspiring Green Belt professionals learn what they need to pass the exam. Unfortunately, they will still need to pay the exam fee in order to pass it.
If you are looking for a PMP® examination training material in one comprehensive package that will earn you both the required 35 contact hours as well as the study materials for you to ace the exam, and if you enjoy the flexibility of online learning while needing some help to keep you on your study schedule, the Simplilearn online course is highly recommended.
This course provides good orientation of PM Fundamentals. The program includes a flexi-pass that gives access to multiple instructor classes during 90 day period. However, on the downside the program does not completely focus on the exam prep. It is richly priced even after the discount. They do not share the credentials of their trainers. It seems as if they are hiding something.
Although Simplilearn is not generally the cheapest online training option, it is frequently the best when it comes to value for money due to the depth of its content. The bottom line is if you are looking for specialist professional training, Simplilearn’s learning management system may well provide the certifications you need to advance in your career.
Out of all of the many certifications programs out there for digital marketers, I would summarize this one as one of the best in terms of cost, instructor quality, information, and real world application opportunity.
Simplilearn’s Big Data Course catalogue is known for their large number of courses, in subjects as varied as Hadoop, SAS, Apache Spark, and R. The Big Data courses lack the added advantage of official accreditation from a global body.
Overall, if you’re looking to build a career in Salesforce, this course is comprehensive, practical, and extremely affordable. It provides training that is tailored to the work that you will actually do in the industry, and it should help you ace the certification exam if you complete all the projects and quizzes.

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