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✅ Pros

I washed the Sinchies up both straight away and left overnight. Both were as easy to clean.
Review Pros
In addition to the 80ml, 140ml, 200ml and 1 litre pouches you can now purchase a 500ml pouch and a reusable sandwich bag.
These award-winning Sinchies pouches are wonderful quality.
The free flowing spout means that you don’t have to squeeze to get the yummy stuff out.
The ‘max fill’ line shows you where to fill to, ensuring no overflow and mess.
They can go in the dishwasher (I just spread them open over the cup rungs so the water gets up inside) or they are quick to handwash.
Sinchies stocks reusable sandwich bags, wrap bags as well as reusable snack bags and even iceblock bags.
They come in multi-packs so I can make lunches for Miss in advance and store them in the fridge without using up all of my storage boxes.
They are more durable and cost effective as they are designed to be reusable unlike others and are a great size.
They stay standing up if you open out the bottom.
They have a bottom gusset allowing them to stand freely on their own.
The pouches also feature a contents label so you can always know what is in them, as well as an extremely helpful max fill line.
The pouches can be filled with any healthy liquid food such as yoghurt, jelly, purees or custard.
Sinchies are BPA free and dishwasher {top shelf} and freezer safe.
A free-flowing spout allows small pieces to flow through freely.
Sinchies pouches have a built-in spout that means you don’t need to have a bowl or spoon for your child to eat messy food out and about.
They are flat so I can store them really neatly.
Each pouch has a secure ziploc that provides a tight seal.
The pouches have a strong ziplock top for filling and a spout for kids to eat out of.
The bottoms of the pouches are rounded which makes for easy cleaning with a cleaning brush.
You can get a 20 pack of sinchies food pouches from just $19.95, that’s less that $1 a bag.
The pouches come in different sizes to suit your needs – from 80ml capacity up to 1 litre.
You can also get spoon attachments if your child prefers to eat off a spoon rather than suck the food.
They’re perfect for homemade baby food and can be reused over and over again saving money instead of using pre-made store bought pouches.
The pouches are clear so you can see what is stored inside.
Unlike other reusable pouches I’ve tried, they actually stay closed, instead of popping open to create gigantic messes.
Sinchies reusable food pouches are designed for feeding “on the run” with no bowl or spoon required.
They are designed with a ziplock at the top for easy filling and a side spout so you can suck or pour the contents out.
These reusable food pouches also last ages.
They’re perfect for storing her sandwiches, wraps, fruit, salads, yogurts and snacks, then washing and using again and again.
They’re also great for breastmilk, yoghurt, custard, smoothies, soup, stock and even non food items like toiletries and sunscreen.
They come in a range of sizes and start from as little as $1 a pouch.
They are free from BPA, Phthalates and PVC.
The zip top is extremely generous in size.

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❌ Cons

These products aren’t designed for a child to use to consume every meal from 7 days a week.

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Review Summaries
I am so in love with the reusable sandwich bags and so glad that Sinchies have bought these onto the market. These will save me a fortune as I go through so many of the disposable ones monthly. I love that I can easily wash and dry them to re-use many times again without them deteriorating.
I love all our Sinchies products because they save me time and most importantly money. I also love that they allow for mess free eating and are great for on the go and when we’re out at other people’s houses. They wash well and are thick enough that they don’t deteriorate over time, even though ours get a lot of use.
These award-winning Sinchies pouches are wonderful quality. They are made free from BPA, Phthalates and PVC. Sinchies are freezer and dishwasher safe which makes cleaning and storing easy.
Sinchies pouches are great for a whole range of purposes. Make trail mixes and store them in the reusable snack bags, take your own milk with you (essential when you’ve got kids with allergies), store salad dressings in the mini bags or even use them to package cereal and milk for breakfast on the run.
Whether you are inclined to make your own preservative free food, or if you prefer to buy in bulk and decant to save money and go easy on the environment, either approach makes this product a good investment and addition to your family kitchen. Sinchies are all round a great and handy product to have in your lunchbox arsenal and I thoroughly recommend them.
My family very much likes these Sinchies pouches, using the non spouted ones for park snacks and lunches for the Mister, while the spouted pouches have become the staple for homemade baby food, applesauce, and pudding. I’m looking forward to using these again and again!
They are an amazing quality, reusable pouch that you can use to store almost anything in.

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