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✅ Pros

The Sirena Vacuum Cleaner is 2-3 times less expensive than the Rainbow.
Review Pros
It has larger water basin with easy emptying facility.
It uses two air purifiers to clean messes.
If you are not satisfied with your Sirena Vacuum System, you can return it within 30 days of receipt for a refund of the purchase price (less shipping).
It is backed by a lengthy 10-year warranty.
The 1200-watt motor is super strong and powerful.
The transparent canister has a built-in separator to hold back large debris when you’re pouring the dirty water out.
The Sirena comes with a much larger water reservoir.
It has 1200-Watt motor for powerful suction.
The Sirena Vacuum is bagless.
It frees you from the possible attacked with allergy and asthma.
It has useful attachments.
Sirena offers a 10-year motor warranty compared to 8 years for the Rainbow.
You can trust that your carpets and flooring will be safe from glass and other debris that should not be laying around on the floor.
It’s built to last for 10 years.
If you switch to low speed, you can use the vacuum as an air purifier.
With the use of the water basin, you no longer need to fuss with costly, messy vacuum bags.
It is pet-owner friendly.
This water filtration vacuum can extract persistent smells that linger inside of spaces for long.
Users can pick between two speeds.
With a 1200 watt motor, this water filter vacuum provides a powerful suction.
With the transparent canister, you can see everything that’s going on inside the vacuum.
The system removes 99.99% of allergens from fabrics, surfaces, and indoor air.
It uses water-based filtration tech to remove dust, dirt, allergens and bad odors.
It has trigger-operated system.
It is the best water vacuum on carpets.
It allows you to wash the HEPA filter.
It also incorporates a HEPA filter for superior air quality.
It has a powerful 1200-watt motor.
With 6 attachments to choose from, you’re covered for any cleaning task.
This device can be helpful for individuals who have respiratory conditions such as allergies and sinuses.
The water-based filtration system will help get rid of pet hair for good.
It can handle ground-in or embedded pet hair without a hassle.
It allows combined filtration of water and HEPA.
Dirt is trapped in water.
This powerful and futuristic device has a high- and low-speed mode.
It has picked up numerous awards and certifications, like the GOLD rating from the Carpet and Rug Institute.
It comes with effective attachments.
Each one of the attachments is designed to enhance the overall vacuuming process.
Since this vacuum cleaner uses water-based technology, it can also vacuum up liquids.
It is completely secure to use on carpet or bare floor.
It has trigger operation cleaning options.
It is great for carpets.
It can effectively clean animal fur.
The low-setting option can act as an air purifier to get rid of smelly pet odors.
It is not very noisy.
It’s one of the most powerful vacuums on the market.
It is more than a vacuum.
It uses water + HEPA filtration.
The water-based technology this vacuum cleaner uses allows for a truly efficient vacuuming process.
You can choose the high and slow-speed modes.
It never clogs the dirt and pet hair.
The Sirena comes with a curved wand.
When you use it at high speed, It will quickly clean carpets, floors, furniture, and more.

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❌ Cons

Storing the accessories and the hose is challenging.
It is a bulky machine, and pulling it is a pain.
While the option for many attachments is good, some customers found it overwhelming.
The canister and the attachments are made of a cheap plastic material.
The website could be more useful in providing additional information about the warranty and return policy.
The power nozzle may cease to function seemingly out of nowhere.
It is expensive.
It is bulky.
The buttons are difficult to depress.
It is expensive.
A very few users find it to be heavy.
Price is a bit high.
It is massive, and you may face problems while carrying it through the stairs.
Water basin can crack.
While the Sirena Vacuum Cleaner is excellent, it is also very expensive.
This cleaning system is much more expensive than a typical vacuum.
It comes with a weak warranty.
Because the canister is made of plastic, some reviewers noted that it can easily crack.
The New 2-Speed Sirena is hands down pricey.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The Sirena Vacuum System is particularly useful for allergy sufferers since it removes 99.9% of allergens. It is also very convenient for people who own pets and who smoke since it has the ability to remove odors and pet dander from your home. Due to the ease of use and the multiple tools included, this system can be a great addition to any person’s cleaning routine.
The Royal Line Pro, Inc. Sirena Vacuum is a water filtration vacuum that covers many diverse bases for users. It has a couple of speed options on hand. It’s a HEPA filtration favorite that has a contemporary setup. It was made in Canada and is equipped with a 1,200 watt motor that comes from Italy. It has a low and a high speed.
Want a vacuum with start-of-the-art technology? The Sirena Vacuum is bagless and uses water-based filtration tech to remove dust, dirt, allergens and bad odors from carpets, floors, furniture, walls, ceilings… and even the air itself.
To sum up, Sirena vacuum is an amazing everyday gadget that we strongly recommend you to have immediately. We don’t know how many vacuums you have used so far but we definitely know that your experience is going to be changed drastically with our recommended one and it’s gonna be thrilling.
It’s nice and compact so you can slot it under a bed, or at the bottom of a cupboard, and it won’t take up much space at all. It’s also suitable for hard floors and carpets. So no matter what kind of flooring your RV has, this is a great option for deep cleaning it between guests and road trips.
If you’re a pet owner, you know the hassle of cleaning up pet hair. But this Sirena Canister vacuum is built for the task. It comes with a powered brush roll to effortlessly lift up pet hairs from your floors. This is especially handy for carpets. The motorized brush bristles can reach deep into your carpet fibers to loosen dirt and pet hairs.
The New 2-Speed Sirena is hands down pricey. It will leave a dent in your bank, but I believe it is worth it. First, it will result in superior air quality, and you will appreciate the versatility. Purifying air will be a walk in the park as will vacuuming. It is bulky, and I recommend it for people who are ready for that.
We believe that the Sirena Vacuum Cleaner is a superior product and also costs a third of the price of the Rainbow E2 Black Model. That’s incredible value to match the incredible performance.
The Sirena vacuum is a great choice for anyone that wants to use a safe and effective way to finally rid their home of allergies.
Overall, the Sirena 2-speed vacuum can work best in a home with different surfaces. It works on carpets, hard floors, and other materials alike so that you can see a dust-free house. Also, it has HEPA filters that pick up dust and allergens better than any other vacuum.
In the end, the Sirena Vacuum Cleaner is a fantastic vacuum cleaner that offers the peak of vacuuming technology! If that’s what you are looking for, then it’s a wonderful purchase!
Designed as a clear competitor to the always-popular Rainbow System vacuum cleaner, Sirena’s Total Home Cleaning System covers just about everything you could want in a vacuum cleaner. After filling the internal tank with a certain amount of water, you can use one of Sirena’s multiple included attachments and long hose to reach crevices, stairs, cobwebs on the ceiling, and pet hair on the floor.

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