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✅ Pros

Wide Kenda White-Wall Tires provides a smooth ride for easy rolling.
Review Pros
It is built with the intention of keeping it classy and a little retro.
Some riders found this 38 lb machine lightweight and easy to carry up stairs.
Their bikes are characterized by a low price, as most of them cost less than $500.
It comes with quality features that make riding fun and classy.
It is multifunctional and verstatile.
Free shipping is offered.
It comes with Sixthreezero custom black dual spring seat.
Bicycle weighs 35lbs fully assembled.
Since it arrives at your doorstep partially assembled, you will not have to worry about having a hard time assembling the bike.
They offer customizable gear setup.
They offer 365-day test period and lifetime warranty.
The quality of its components is top-of-the-line and are specifically designed to last.
A low top tube makes it easy to step in and out of the bike.
It has simple and straightforward mechanism and design.
The overall design of the bike promotes comfort and easy riding, according to verified customers.
It is easy to control.
It is designed to give you a smooth ride.
The lightweight frame makes it easy to handle even on beaches.
It is lightweight.
A large number of reviewers experienced easy and smooth shifting with the Shimano gears.
The seat and handlebars are simple to adjust to get the right height for your needs.
365-day trial period is offered.
It provides comfortable upright riding position.
It offers easy assembly process.
It is easy and comfortable to ride.
The saddle with its dual spring provides extra comfort.
It has amazing built quality.
It is built to ride casually on a regular basis.
It comes in a 7-speed which is excellent for hilly areas.
The instructions are easy to follow.
Multi-purpose activity can be performed.
It comes with a comfortable oversized seat.
Buyers thought this bike came at a great price.
It has good build quality.
It has dual-spring saddle for a smoother ride.
Their bikes are the one-size-fits-all frames.
It is affordable bike with quality parts.
The bike’s handlebars are designed to fit the contour of the rider perfectly.
It is available in 3 types of gear speed for fast riding.
Customers love that this bike arrives 85 percent assembled.
The seat and pedal position allows riders to stop and put feet flat on the ground.
It has classic cruiser design.
It has great handling.
It has smooth semi-slick tires.
It has an adjustable handlebar to make you more comfortable.
The pastel color range delighted customers.
It has quick and easy assembly.
The bike is sure to stay tough and durable through the years to come.
It looks great.
It has lightweight frame.
It is cool and good for street, trail and hill riding.
It comes with a unique design.
It comes with fenders and rear rack.
Shimano components in the derailleur, external, and internal hubs make the bike perform better.
The seat of this ride is comfortable.
It is built to provide a comfortable ride.
The color of the bike is often noted to be vibrant and closely resembles the pictures online.
Multiple speed options are ranging from one to 21, serving different purposes of riding.
It comes with full fenders and a rear rack.
It was a comfortable ride for many, with an amazing number reporting how good it was for their back.
One-size-fits-all frame.
It comes with attachment points on the frame for extra luggage.
Customizable colors and speedS are available.
It comes with quick release seat post clamp.
It is designed for women of various heights.
It has every extra component you would need on a bike.

❌ Cons

A couple of people noted that their bike arrived with a few minor scratches due to insufficient packaging during shipping.
It may feel a bit bulky.
It is fit for men of 5 to 6 feet tall only.
It’s not the most affordable women’s hybrid bike around.
For a few ladies, the fit of this bike may not be ideal.
Recommended riding distance is 0 – 30 mph in a single trip.
Another lady mentioned that the tire seemed close to the frame of the bike.
It is not suitable for rough mountain trails.
The directions for assembling may not have everything inclusive.
It comes with poorly written manual.
If you have shorter legs, then you may find it challenging to lift your leg over the center bar.
There are no bright colors available.
Frame might be damaged easily.
It is not intended for riding on soft ground.
A few riders said that this bike does not fit riders sized 5’1” and under.
You may prefer the sleek look of a single speed cruiser.
Some componentry was not stellar, including the plastic derailleur and soft metal screws on brakes.
The seat is squeaky and stiff when you start using it.
It was received as 80% assembled.
It is not easy to assemble.
This bike is not designed for true off-roading.
It is meant for ladies.
It is not perfect for mountain tours.
There are minor packaging problems.
It is not the cheapest bike in the review.

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