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✅ Pros

This program is super simple and you won’t get lost following the instructions.
Review Pros
Skinny Bunny Tea is one of the safest detox and weight loss teas.
The ingredients in Skinny Bunny Tea certainly have the capacity meet their health related claims.
Skinny bunny tea contains a number of anti oxidants that have shown to improve the functioning of the immune system, while also promoting the metabolism of fat cells.
It is a detox and weight loss tea.
It gives me awesome sleeps.
The morning tea formula helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar.
Users can enjoy the caffeine doses in it.
It comes with a workout plan to help you make the most of the properties of the tea.
It has no gluten.
Skinny bunny tea contains a number of anti oxidants that have shown to improve the functioning of the immune system, while also promoting the metabolism of fat cells.
Relatively few side effects are associated with this product.
Tea blends are Kosher.
I like how they include guide to supllement the tea effects.
It is accompanied by a workout and diet plan to help consumers achieve quick and efficient results.
Skinny Teas are non-GMO, gluten-free, and dairy-free.
The ingredients in the AM tea gave me a significant energy boost.
The organic ingredients are blended using high-quality methods such as fermentation in an attempt to ensure nutrients are retained.
The worldwide shipping is pretty quick and they have some pretty reasonable bundle deals on their site, too.
It smells great and doesn’t taste utterly horrible.
There are so many flavors to choose from.
The PM tea really helped me relax in the evening and de-stress.
With all the natural ingredients Skinny includes (and little to no artificial ones), it won’t likely hurt you to drink all of their teas if you so desire.
The workout plan I got with my order was actually pretty inspiring.
The natural ingredients are blended using high quality methods such as fermentation.
Those who love caffeine will find it very suitable.
They offer free shipping to all US addresses.
It comes with a workout and diet plan to help consumers get the most out of the tea in the first place.

❌ Cons

Many customers find it expensive.
It is not a good bed time drink, thanks to the high caffeine levels in it.
Despite the fact that the company claims to have done studies, there is no information available on those studies on their website.
The key claims of improving skin and dental health are yet to be proven through scientific research.
The tea may not agree with your palate.
Full price is much more expensive than other similar products on the market.
I don’t feel detoxified and, since most detox teas are meant to help you lose weight, from this angle I can’t say it’s very effective.
There is absence of long term research on the exact composition of the caffeine content in this drink.
It’s pretty damn pricey guys
The caffeine will generally not be noticeable but some people are extremely sensitive to caffeine.
The presence of caffeine accounts for some of the side effects.
The price might seem a little high for some.
The pickings are rather slim on Amazon, and some are listed as completely unavailable.
The tea might not satisfy hunger.
High levels of caffeine make it an inappropriate bedtime drink.
There are no real customer Skinny Bunny tea reviews.
Website is quite confusing.
There is some question as to the company’s credibility, considering the lack of testimonials.
The price maybe too expensive for quite a number of consumers.
It seems a bit questionable that there aren’t more reviews on Amazon for a company with such bold claims.

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