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✅ Pros

I didn’t have to fix the top part of it at all while I wore it.
Review Pros
It’s machine washable.
It can be put in the dryer on delicate as well so maybe it can.
I was surprised how nice it looked on.
This particular jumpsuit is actually really good quality for the price, in my opinion.
The built-in bra is comfortable and gives just enough support that I feel comfortable walking around the house in the lounging dress, but not so much support that it’s not comfortable.
It can be pretty classy with the right accessories.
It also stays up really well, despite having the one exposed shoulder.
This maxi lounge dress is made from a Modal/Spandex blend fabric that’s not only soft, but thermal regulating too.
The best part is that the pockets in this maxi dress are actually big enough to use.

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❌ Cons

Why would I want to wear something that is constantly riding up my bum (and other spots, eh em)?

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Review Summaries
The Goddess Gown is a long dress with a relaxed fit, functional pockets and a built-in bra. I find that the pockets in most women’s clothing are super shallow and borderline useless. The best part is that the pockets in this maxi dress are actually big enough to use.
Good quality for the price. Fits true to size (but sizes are in UK sizes – FYI!). Still not sold on jumpsuits, though.

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