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✅ Pros

The shaver is water-resistant and can be used on wet or dry hair. You can also use it when showering.
Review Pros
It is quiet.
I like the build quality.
It provides a close, smooth shave free of irritations and razor burns.
It needs no adjustment so you can use it on your head right away.
It lasts for longer durations once charged.
It is lightweight.
It allows razor-sharp shave.
It is geared with a powerful integrated lithium-ion battery (1400 mAh) and USB cable allowing quick charging and 90 minutes of cordless use to shave.
Patented design and ergonomic handle provide more confidence and ease of use ensuring a smoother and intuitive shaving of your head and face.
Battery is a lithium-ion, which holds a charge longer.
It is designed specifically not to harm your skin.
The Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart is a light weight product.
There are no nicks, pulls, or cuts.
The Pitbull is waterproof for use in the shower.
This is a rotary shaver, so you can shave in any direction.
Flexible rotary heads allow easier contouring.
What sets this product apart from regular head shaver is its compact design and Ultra-flexible pivoting blades that make it perfectly suitable for shaving.
It uses IPX5 Water resistance technology allowing you to shave in the shower.
It has simple indicators.
Skull Shaver warranties the Pitbull Silver for one year and provides customer service via phone and email.
I like the longevity of the battery.
It has ergonomic design.
The special handle that allows you to hold it between your fingers with the palm facing your head.
You can hold Pitbull shavers several ways.
This product can run up to 90 minutes on a single battery charge,
It has long battery life.
I like the fact that it recharges via USB, so could theoretically charge it anywhere with a USB power bank.
There are no nicks, pulls or cuts.
A fully charged battery will last around 90 minutes, which should be enough for five or six full head shaves.
It has an LED low-battery indicator and can be used as the battery charges.
It has ergonomic design.
The Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart features a flexible shaving head with five rotary cutters that provide a fast shave.
The Skull Shaver comes with a stand or holder that keeps the shaver safe when you are not using it.
It has flexible rotatory blades that can be adjusted to the shape of your head, making shaving easy.
The ergonomic grip is a huge plus for this head shaver. You can hold it as long as needed without dropping it.
The grip for this shaver makes shaving a lot easier on your head or neck.
The shaver requires no adjustment and can therefore be used straight out of the box.
The head unit has 4 rotary cutters, which is probably the sweet spot for effectiveness and good ergonomics.
It is easy to use.
It has smaller and softer blades which prevents the product from scratching or cutting your skin.
Pitbull line comes with redesigned blades made of Japanese steel that are supposed to last longer and cut the hair a lot more efficiently.
It is easy to clean.
It has a sleek design and fits all head and face sizes.
It is a flexible shaver. Thus making shaving around the ears easy.
It allows effortless shave.
It has extended battery life.
It allows comfortable irritation-free shave.
It has battery life indicator.
While Pitbull shavers are designed to be head shavers, they are also effective on the face and the neck.
It has ergonomic layout.
The design of the Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart helps this product stand out when compared to similar devices.
I like the great scalp massage it provides while shaving.
I had no skin irritation and no nicks or cuts even on a raised scar.
You can also the shaver while charging.
Its shaving head is incredibly flexible for the contours of your round scalp.
It is lightweight.
This electric head shaver features a motor with up to 10,500 RPM.
The design allows you to comfortably grip and control the shaver all over your head, even round the back.
Skull Shaver is arguably the most popular brand of electric razors specifically designed for the purpose of shaving your own head.
This product features an LCD display screen.
Being a rotary shaver, the heads can flex independently and remain in contact with the scalp.
It is engineered with precision in mind allowing smooth shaving.
It can last 90 minutes per charge.
The shaver’s motor turns at up to 10,000 RPM.
I like that the shaver is a lot lighter than it looks and this makes it more comfortable to use than a heavy one.
It is very convenient shaver for a quick head shave.

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❌ Cons

Shaver clogs up if you use shaving gel.
You will need expensive replacement blades.
There is still room to improve to provide as close a shave as a razor.
The product is not designed for rough use. However, if used roughly, then it will not last long.
The customer support also doesn’t seem to be the best.
The opinions regarding their products have always been polarizing.
Cleaning may sometimes require more effort.
It is not precise if you need to do any lining.
There have been customer complaints that sometimes the device turns off on its own or will refuse to turn off at all.
Removing the blades will result in a void of the warranty.
It is not exact if any lining is required.
The Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart is only covered under a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.
Battery only lasts 30 minutes.
The product is designed for gentle use and may not last as long if you use it roughly.
The blades are not self sharpening. You’ll need to replace them within a few months.
It is a bit pricey.
There’s no user guide published online.
It does not feature any type of charging stand or additional attachments or accessories.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO is a well-reviewed and versatile shaver with many valuable features. It readily shifts speeds to meet your demands while providing an excellent shave. The battery life is also impressive. Thus, this gadget should last a long period between charges. Many customers are delighted with their purchase and would suggest it to others.
In my opinion, the Pitbull Gold Shaver is possibly the best attempt at a Skull Shaver that I have ever tested. While I have to honestly say that the Gillette Fusion Power razor is still the King and on the throne, the Pitbull does provide for a nice shaving experience with the benefit of an enjoyable scalp massage, and with patience and effort it is capable of a relatively close shave.
Just a slick razor that comes with all the accessories, wash indicator and the better LED indicator of all models. So, if you don’t mind spending a little more for a 90 second bald shave, the platium is my pick. Also, comes with an awesome 2-year warranty – better than the others with only a 1-year.
The Pitbull lives up to its name. It’ll stubbornly remove all the hair on your head with a limited amount of passes. It’s comfortable to hold for a long period of time – even when it doesn’t take long to shave. The shaver will act as an extension of your hand.
There are a lot of face and head shavers out there in the market and it is up for you to decide which one do you like the best. However, the Pitbull Electric Shaver provides an excellent shave with it’s 5 contouring heads that won’t leave you disappointed. It is surely a must have since it is an all in one and deserves its spot in your closet.
Undoubtedly, the Pitbull Platinum Shaver is an all-in-one head/face shaver that you need. It features all that will meet your needs. Moreover, it is a good choice if you are a traveler because it offers maximum cordless use time along with its travel locking feature. Thus, the travel lock feature frees you from the worry that your shaver might switch on in your luggage. Besides that, it also comes with a travel bag. So, it seems like it is designed for the purpose. However, even if you are not a traveler, this can prove to be a good choice that is worth your money!
The Skull Shaver does its job well. It’s comfortable to use and would certainly suit anyone needing to shave their head quickly and with minimum hassle, and especially if you need to do that while travelling.
All things considered, we really can’t argue with the thousands (yes, thousands) of reviews praising this product. The only minor issue we had was with the cleaning. It’s as simple as placing the shaving heads in water and rinsing them for about 10 seconds—and that’s great. But, sometimes that doesn’t clean it thoroughly enough so it may require a bit more effort. Still, it’s a very small sacrifice for an exceptionally good shave.
If you’re a bald man looking for an excellent bald head shaver, this is it. Sure, the $100 price point might not be the friendliest to look in the eye, but hey, there are more expensive bald shavers out there. This is simply one worth getting. And trust me, you’re not going to look back.
The Pitbull Silver is our best value pick because it performs so well for its price. The Gold and Platinum models are shinier, but the Silver holds its own with no shame.
The Skull Shaver Pitbull Silver Pro is an ergonomically friendly electric razor designed to make head shaving comfortable and quick.
This latest Pitbull line is among the most capable out there and one of the best picks for an electric head shaver in 2022, at least with regard to performance and ease of use.
The Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart is one of the best electric head shavers for individuals who shave their heads and faces on a regular basis.
Even the world’s best razor for head shaving doesn’t provide the all-around shaving experience that the Skull Shaver does. The Skull Shaver has all the features you need. If you want a shaver you can use when traveling, this is the perfect product.

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