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✅ Pros

Battery life is really impressive
Review Pros
The device itself is not a name-brand, so its long-term build quality is questionable
The device password can easily be found in the settings of Skyroam.
It’s easy to use, and well-built
it can now operate as a backup battery (in a pinch) to charge your mobile phone
You will no longer have to deal with SIM cards, contracts, or roaming/overage charges.
If you visit more than one country in a day, you can use the same day pass.
If you don´t want to buy your own Skyroam Hotspot because you will not travel for long, you have the option of renting.
Your phone doesn’t need to be unlocked to use it.
It is easy to use.
Each Skyroam SOLIS can support up to 5 connections
It’s incredibly simple to use, and doesn’t require swapping out any SIM cards.
Unlimited service–no worrying about how much data you’ve used.
The device is fairly easy to use, and the menus show how many day passes are left, time remaining, data used, etc.
You can connect up to five devices at a time to the Solis. If you’re traveling with family or friends, that means that one day pass will cover everyone’s data for the day.
The device doesn’t need any simcard, however if you want to use one, then you can use it, and insert it with your Skyroam.
No SIM cards–no need to buy a local SIM card.
Easy to recharge.
Cheaper than racking up a huge roaming bill.
You can always see the status of your connection and time left on your daypass by logging into the Skyroam dashboard.
If the battery does weaken, you can order a replacement from Skyroam.
Flat rate for data in 100+ countries.
Unlimited 2.5G data. Cloud SIM
You don’t need a SIM card to use the service, it automatically connects to a local network.
The Type-C connector is also where you connect the Type-C to USB adapter so you can use the SOLIS as a back battery for your other gadgets.
SkyRoam claims the device is capable of a maximum download speed of 35 Mbps and 25 Mbps upload.
Smart button features (GPS, Bluetooth and more)
Unlimited data volume is a great feature.
There is a battery charge indicator on the device itself
Helpful on-screen display.
You don’t have to pay for the days when you don’t need it.
Service is fast and reliable, and it feels indistinguishable from just using your phone at home.
The Skyroam Portable Hotspot Device is especially useful and cost effective when traveling through many different countries in a short amount of time.
Net surfing speed was acceptable for business use.
Strong 4G network performance
It supports LTE speeds on countries were it is available
Skyroam also offers rentals of the devices if you don’t want to purchase one.
On the design front, Skyroam’s Hotspot is pretty simple.
You can always purchase additional passes on the SkyRoam website.
Battery life feels improved, and fast 4G LTE internet is a welcome addition.
Power-packed within its stylish and colorful new design
There are no data overage fees
Low-cost virtual SIM data access plan
Good battery life.
You don’t have to sign up anywhere, or fill in a bunch of details to register, unless you want to buy more day passes, in which case you can sign up pretty easily and input your credit card details (or use PayPal) for payment.

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❌ Cons

Day passes limit the connectivity.
Speed drops sometimes.
HSPA+ or 3G, not full 4G / LTE speeds.
Occasionally it takes quite a while to connect to a cellular network after it is turned on.
After you use 500mb of data, the speed throttles down to 2.5G speeds for the rest of the 24hr daypass.
500MB per day cap before speed is throttled.
You have to open web portal to connect to internet.
6,000 mAh battery dries faster when hotpot is used fro longer periods of time.
They aren’t available in every country.
There are more economical mobile internet services than Skyroam.
Skyroam intend the Solis to be used for light browsing, emailing, and social media.
Customerss are notconvinced about the portable charging capabilities of the Solis. It just feels a bit like a white elephant; nice to have in principle, but doesn’t really work out in practice.
If your destination country has only terrible internet provider, your WIFI access via Skyroam won’t be great.
Speed fluctuation while traveling.
The connection is sometimes slow.
It costs $9.95 per day which is slightly higher for limited internet
Coverage gaps in Africa
It’s not a flashy hotspot, it doesn’t have the fastest network connections available, but it works.
It is only available in 110 countries
LTE works only in when it i available otherwise it drops to 3G.
It works in only few countries in Asia.
The extra SIM slot is full-sized, instead of the more common micro SIM.
Connectivity depends on providers.
The device itself is not a name-brand, so its long-term build quality is questionable.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
You can travel to as many countries as you want during that 24-hour window. All you have to do when you switch countries is turn the unit off and back on. When it starts up, it will identify the local country and download the appropriate country SIM.
Skyroam is an affordable mobile hotspot you can take with you to countries in Europe, Africa, South Pacific, Middle East, Asia or The Americas and pay only one single flat rate per day for (sort of) unlimited usage.
SkyRoam is different than a traditional wi-fi hotspot, as the service is built around the pay-as-you-go concept. Each day pass works for 24 hours and includes unlimited data usage. The first 350MB of data will be at 3G speeds, while anything above 350 will run at 2G.
The Skyroam Solis is a good option for people who don’t have T-Mobile or Google Fi, and especially for those who have multiple devices that they’d like to connect. The battery life will get you through a lot of use, and the convenience of just turning it on and being good to go was really nice.
The WIFI access via Skyroam is super easy, secure and hassle-free. Sure, it might get a bit pricy if you wanted to use it every day. But if you only use it on special occasions or in emergencies, it’s a great gadget that can save you a lot money.
Overall I’m happy with it considering the reasonable price and exceptional convenience, and I’ve since increased my office’s Skyroam cache to 5 devices. They work very well for business use and light things like checking email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can’t expect to use it for data-heavy things like video streaming, gaming, etc. If you’re on vacation, then get off the Internet and enjoy your travels instead!
Having a hotspot like this with you all the time, has solved many of our challenges when traveling. For days that we need to be connected all the time, we don’t have to stop to look for a place, or to get sim cards, meaning we don’t waste our time. We can focus on the travel itself, whether that day is spent traveling on the road, or enjoying the new location. Also, any downtime you have, whether you’re in a train or bus, or hitchhiking in someone’s car, you can easily get work done, or get connected online. Less hassle.
The Skyroam Portable Hotspot Device is especially useful and cost effective when traveling through many different countries in a short amount of time. When you cross borders, the pass does NOT reset and once it connects to the local service it’s good to go!
Many find the simplicity Skyroam offers to be a lifesaver – WiFi on-demand data at one rate worldwide. You can even use one daypass in multiple countries, as well as being shareable with travel buddies and among your gadgets with five devices simultaneously.
The Skyroam Hotspot’s solid hardware and battery life combined with strong, consistent 4G connectivity make it a reliable international travel companion.
The Skyroam Solis is an obvious improvement on the previous model. Battery life feels improved, and fast 4G LTE internet is a welcome addition. It’s easy to use, and well-built (as was the original, having survived being drenched in several pints of beer). In terms of reliability, I honestly can’t fault it. And it’s way cheaper than racking up a huge roaming bill.
If you are a frequent international traveler or planning to visit more than one country on a trip, Skyroam Hotspot is much easier to use than other rented or owned options. The 24-hour “day pass” system of internet access is also good for shorter-term travelers who are looking for a quick and affordable way to get connected right away.
Imagine spending the whole day exploring and photographing with your Smartphone only to realize you will soon run out of power! Do you run to the hotel or cut your day short to recharge your device? No, you simply power up your Skyroam Solis and all is resolved. No data is lost. You can resume your navigation, even learn of more sites to visit before cutting the day short, while your memories and images you wanted to share are quickly sent to friends, family and on social media.
It’s incredibly simple to use, and doesn’t require swapping out any SIM cards. You just power up the hotspot, connect your phone and computer, and register it by filling out some information on a landing page. Then, you can purchase day passes for 24 hours of unlimited 4G data.

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