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✅ Pros

It was certainly the best $67 we’ve spent to get rid of our sleepless nights.
Review Pros
If you are having more than one baby, the Sleep Sense system has got you covered.
It gives an easy and long lasting approach of solving your child’s eating and sleeping habit.
There are special sections in the book dedicated to helping with sleep training twins, triplets, and multiples.
Sleep Sense is generally affordable and has many other additional packages available on its website.
She offers an e-book with some sleep info and her sleep training plan, broken down for different ages.
It is suitable for children of all age groups.
It offers in-depth video lessons that you can watch right on your computer.
There are video training systems, a phone hotline and personalized e-mail support sessions available.
The entire course will help you teach your baby on how to sleep well throughout the night.
The guide will teach you how to put your baby on the right schedule for napping time as well.
A set of videos are available to watch every day for the 14 days of the program, as well as some additional videos on specific subjects.
Sleep Sense can also help with getting your baby on the right track for nap time sleeping too.
It guarantees that your babies will start sleeping through the night within mere days or weeks.
You can finally get rid of your sleep deprivation.
You can also have personalized email sessions with Dana.
The least expensive package on the website is just $29, so overall, Sleep Sense is affordable.
The Sleep Sense program is an easy read that takes all the questions out of what to do and the reason behind it.
It is personalized to what you are comfortable with and doesn’t push your boundaries.
You get to speak with Dana Obleman herself if you find anything confusing.
You can purchase the Kindle version of the book on Amazon, but there are more involved packages available on the website.
Like a personal trainer at the gym, you are not only paying for specific techniques, but also for someone to keep you on track.
There is additional materials to help guarantee success. 49 pages. Includes tracking and planning tools.
It allows your child to learn how to sleep on his own.
Her approach is very much common sense.
The Sleep Sense system eliminates “props” like soothers, swings, falling asleep while feeding and teaches your baby how to self-soothe.
We decided to give it a try because of her “no risk” guarantee.
Sleep Sense program is quite simple.
Some babies may take to the methods in the book and start sleeping through the night within mere days or weeks.
There’s a 12-month money back guarantee especially for you.
You can ask questions about your child’s sleep directly to Dana Obleman and her personal email address – and get detailed answers by the next business day.
There is also a workbook with printable logs to track your progress.
The book is an instant download so you can start as early as tomorrow if you’re ready.

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❌ Cons

Some parents also reported that the program did not work for their little one.
We also found the numerous positive testimonials make the book feel too much like a sales brochure.
It doesn’t address issues that come with possible regression of sleeping patterns from your child.
Her e-book is longer than it needs to be.
There isn’t much in the program that’s super revolutionary.
Dana could use an editor to get her message across in less time.
According to some parents, the guide sounds a bit repetitive, which is not that bad if you ask us.
Depending on your particular child, there’s a chance that the program may not work for your little one.
Sleep Sense requires you to commit to a schedule.
It is quite repetitive because it covers all age brackets and family situations.
Some parents might feel that the book itself is repetitive.
Your schedule revolves around your baby’s sleep routine. For some, that can feel restricting.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Sleep Sense is a pretty middle of the road program. There is some crying involved, so if you aren’t comfortable with that I would continue to try some other methods. If you’re hoping your baby will just outgrow being a bad sleeper, Dana says they probably will… at 3-5 years old. There isn’t much in the program that’s super revolutionary, but the way it’s laid out makes sense and… it’s working for us. It’s good to be getting some sleep!
It’s in an easy to digest format, which makes it easy for you to get all the information that you need. And it’s also in bite-sized portions, so you can go through everything on your own pace. There’s a 12-month money back guarantee especially for you.
A study of 5 different sleep methods revealed that the actual method you choose is less important than sticking to a plan. The key to success using Sleep Sense is no doubt thanks to how Dana keeps you motivated and provides plenty of positive reinforcement. Like a personal trainer at the gym, you are not only paying for specific techniques, but also for someone to keep you on track. Her program forced us to actually do something rather than sitting around and waiting for our child to “grow out of it”.
Dana uses a very gentle and effective approach to improve your child’s eating and sleeping habits. Overall, this wonderful sleep sense system gives great tips and various approaches to helping your baby/toddler sleep throughout the night. It is an easy to follow program that will motivate parents.
Since sleep is in a tight bond with your baby’s health and their growth and development, it is more than important to learn how to make most of it and say goodbye to waking up in the middle of the night. All in all, this guide can help you and your baby sleep through the night – within a few days of starting it and getting to see how it works.
She’s the best in the business and since this manual has worked for not only me but every single one of my friends as well, I believe this is the best investment you can make for both mama and baby’s mental health. If that’s not enough, there is a 1 year no questions asked money back guarantee! If for some reason it isn’t working with you, just send an e-mail to support for your full refund.
After training with the Sleep Sense Program, you might be able to increase the sleep quality of yourself and your partner, and your baby will be able to establish a routine that will work well with your schedule too, so you have plenty of time for fun activities that require energy during the day.

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