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✅ Pros

With only 9 minutes every day, it will help you stay away from unhealthy food and sugary snacks.
Review Pros
Technique is similar to “mindfulness,” which the NHS recommends.
I have gone from eating over 3,000 calories per day to managing mostly to stay under 2,000, typically under 1,800.
When you sign up, you sign up for the free trial with reminders 48 hours before your trial is up for you to cancel if you wish.
Slimpod comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
The Slimpod program does not involve calorie counting, restrictive diets, or strenuous exercise.
Each recording just lasts 9 minutes. So, you don’t need to spend a lot of time listening to them.
The Slimpod is handy as it is available as a download through the Thinking Slimmer app so you can listen to it whenever you feel like it.
It doesn’t matter if you fall asleep, or don’t concentrate on what the voice is saying.
Thinking Slimmer uses the WordWeaving technique on all of their voice recordings.
It is developed by Harley Street experts using modern science.
A great added benefit of the audios is that they are so relaxing and I fall asleep effortlessly.
Each pod is completely different, and the person you are listening to is trained in the art of cognitive hypnotherapy.
The program is designed to be a natural and sustainable weight loss solution that promotes overall health and well-being.
A dedicated Facebook group helps you see every other podder and gain tips from them as well as having a weekly live chat where you can ask anything you need to.
The programme comes with four different “pods”.
Emails from Sandra with hints and tips help you on your way.
My meals have shrunk, and I am now satisfied eating a lot less than previously.
No diets, no calorie counting, and no willpower is required.
Unlike any other weight loss interventions available, Slimpods don’t cause stress by requiring you to continually monitor your weight; neither do they take much of your time.
The power of Slimpods lies in repetition that entrains your brain, enabling you to develop a healthier relationship with food.
Jackie replies to my answers with personal responses – she is a real person, not one of those awful automatic emailers.
It offers different Slimpods tailored for various weight loss goals.
There’s no guilt associated with enjoying treats like cakes or biscuits. If I truly want one, I allow myself to indulge without any self-blame.
The user found it relaxing and felt in control after using it.
The biggest change for me is that I now eat whatever I want, when I want.
If you cancel in 30 days you get your money back.
You are not supposed to weigh yourself, or calorie count or follow any sort of diet plan, the transition to healthier eating is to come from within.
The program has helped me become more mindful about my food choices. I’ve learned to distinguish between genuine hunger and eating out of habit or emotion.
Many Slimpod users have reported positive results and improved health outcomes.
What I like about Slimpod is that it very much fits into my ethos of mind training.
It helps build body confidence from the inside out.
They subtly change your habits and beliefs around food.
Slimpod works by using a combination of hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and positive psychology techniques to help individuals achieve their weight loss goals.
It’s a relief not to have to count calories or follow complicated meal plans.
The program includes voice recordings and online video coaching.
There are new coaching videos released weekly throughout the course.
The Slimpod voice recording and online video coaching sessions use medically and clinically tested strategies.
Listening to the podcast each day retrains your brain so you instinctively make healthier choices, want to eat less and move more.
There is a free trial of 10 days.
Slimpods work by repeating positive messages to your brain, helping you make better food choices.
The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence recommends Thinking Slimmer as a reliable choice for obese and overweight adults.
You set out what you want to achieve from the program before you start.
The changes came quickly – within a few days I suddenly realised that I wasn’t thinking about food all the time.

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❌ Cons

I’ve noticed that Slimpod might not be effective for everyone.
It requires consistent listening – 10 minutes a day for at least 21 days.
The duration for significant weight loss results varies among individuals.
The effectiveness of Slimpod in achieving weight loss varies from person to person, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer.
Slimpod isn’t a quick-fix solution. It’s more about sustainable, long-term change.
It’s not cheap.
The exact role of Slimpod in weight loss (in conjunction with other methods) is uncertain, as indicated by the user’s testimony.
The coaching videos do not inspire me, I think they need to be better scripted or better rehearsed, one or the other.
You also get daily emails which I find incredibly annoying and off-putting.
Slimpod For Weight Loss is to be listened to at least once a day.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The Slim-pod doesn’t focus on making me feel full or teaching me how to make a nice meal; it focuses on getting my brain to be a bit more sensible around food. For that reason, I think it’s blummin amazing.
In conclusion, Slimpod is a program that helps you eat better without diets or calorie counting. It has given me back control over my eating habits, and I feel more confident in my ability to make wise and healthy choices. Slimpod is not a quick fix, but it aims to improve your eating habits in the long run.
I have been listening to my Slimpod for nearly 4 weeks now and have been filling in my log every day. It is amazing just how many changes you notice. It didn’t take long either. Just within these first few weeks I have seen myself eating less, feeling less hungry and not wanting to eat the types of foods that I would normally.
Slimpod takes the focus off of the obsession with food and calories, and instead goes to the root of the problem, which is mindset. Once you conquer your mind, you will conquer your weight loss.
It really has changed my life and is probably the best investment in myself I have ever made. With a no-obligation 10 day free trial, what do you have to lose?
While Slimpod may not work for everyone, many individuals have reported success with the program. The program provides ongoing support and resources to help individuals stay motivated and achieve their long-term weight loss goals. It is important to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any weight loss program or making significant changes to your diet and exercise routine.
Slimpods present a unique approach to weight loss, relying on audio recordings developed by experts. They offer a method that doesn’t involve dieting, calorie counting, or willpower, and have garnered endorsements from medical professionals. While they require consistent listening and results may vary, the user’s experience indicates potential benefits. Given its non-intrusive nature, trying a Slimpod could be a consideration for those seeking alternative weight loss methods.
It’s not an exaggeration to say that you will be able to think like a slim person with a Slimpod. In other words, you don’t have to force yourself to follow boring exercises anymore. Say “Goodbye” to yo-yo dieting. Say “Hello” to the whole new you – someone who can always eat without fear of being fat.
My overall experience has been a bit up and down, and I suppose that was my brain trying to rebel against what the programme and the Slimpods were trying to change. But it is an experience worth doing, in my opinion.
The coaching videos do not inspire me, I think they need to be better scripted or better rehearsed, one or the other. I have given up on Slimming World and Weightwatchers several times as being talked at doesn’t do anything for me, in fact, with my contrary brain, it puts me off. I’ve now cancelled my subscription, if you cancel in 30 days you get your money back, I think four weeks is long enough to know that it is not working for me. I know that to lose weight all I need to do is eat less and move more, but I don’t have the willpower.

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