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✅ Pros

The fabric sides give this SlimQ F100 a unique look, helping it to standout from other typical charging bricks.
Review Pros
Like its name, it is slim and can hold in our pockets without showing bulging outside.
The braided quilt is added to the storage strap, and the DC power cord that comes with it is also full of sincerity.
Users don’t have to worry about leakage issue – as it is maintaining with high leakage protection.
SlimQ provides an adapter suited for your country.
The conversion plugs such as English rules, European rules, and Australian rules are provided randomly, which is convenient for users to switch at will during the journey.
Setting up was quick.
It has a lovely fabric feel on the edges of the enclosure, ensuring the ports are easy to find and the indicator light is not too bright.
The device managed the three devices easily.
It works with all laptop devices for charging and in over 20 converting cables manufactured by the company for those purposes.
It has a total of four ports: two USB Type-C and two USB Type-A.
It can charge up to 4 devices in a single time.
In terms of PDO messages, it supports five sets of fixed voltages of 5V3A, 9V3A, 12V3A, 15V3A and 20V5A and a set of PPS voltage levels of 3.3V-21V3A, which has better device compatibility.
The SlimQ F100’s design with folding prongs and clip-on international converters allows it to be used practically anywhere in the globe.
With two USB-A and two USB-C ports, it can charge both old and new devices, and even more with the addition of a variety of connections.
Instead of multi chargers action – this Slimq 100w gan charger is possessing in the most suitable manner.
It is smaller and lighter than many current gadgets on the market.
The basic package also includes a Type-A to Type-C converter, and an awfully nice soft-touch anti-tangle silicone USB Type-C to Type-C cable.
The package includes four plug adaptors, and within the cable is a US plug, so travellers can enjoy their devices wherever they may roam.
You can also buy a set of international adapters, which come with UK, US, EU, and Australia plugs.
The charger is significantly more ecologically friendly.
The SlimQ 240W Charger is a powerful addition for gamers on the go.
Compact and portable, the F100 is the world’s smallest 4-port 100W charger, measuring less than two packs of Doublemint and fitting comfortably into your pocket.

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❌ Cons

The plastic material on the plug adapter seem to be not hardy enough, and they don’t seem to be held in place on the charger rigidly enough.
The power plug also only works for standard power boards, as recessed ones catch on the sides.
Your item must be unused and in the same condition as you received it to be eligible for a return.
The plug end was an odd shape and could use a redesign.

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Review Summaries
I can assure and as per my experience with Slimq F100 gan charger, it is really amazing product ever I used. As I was terribly hating on finding the charger ports all around my home during my works. This is really making a better experience on this and really making productive nowadays after trying this.
SlimQ 150W Gallium Nitride Charger As a less traditional PD charger, in addition to the USB-C output interface, the DC output interface is also designed to be tailored for the performance of the user. The interface is extraordinary, the design is also ingenious, the side panel of the fabric makes the charging more elegant; the included multi-country conversion pin is convenient for the user to charge at any time during the journey; and the design of the power extension cable allows the user to choose more charging postures.
Of course, adopting USB-C GaN Charger means you can benefit from the power supply, with remarkable charging speeds made possible by the use of GaNFast ICs from Navitas Semiconductor. GaNFast ICs use gallium nitride (GaN) technology, allowing the SlimQ to charge many of today’s phones significantly faster than the normal silicon-based charger that comes with the device, as well as fast-charge and keeps your 16 MacBook Pro charged while charging three other devices at the same time.
The SlimQ 240W Charger is a powerful addition for gamers on the go. Having PD charging and laptop adaptors makes for slimline portability unmatched by other chargers on the market. The small yet practical charger produces enough power to run all my devices efficiently.
This is a 100 Watt charger that uses the new Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology, recently seen in many small, compact, chargers. The fabric sides give this SlimQ F100 a unique look, helping it to standout from other typical charging bricks.

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