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✅ Pros

The VersaFrame’s baseplate can be mounted flush with the camera’s rear screen, which means you should be able to use an LCD loupe along with this cage.
Review Pros
SmallRig offers many other camera-specific rigs as well.
The Nato handle comes with 2 cold shoe mounts, making it perfect for attaching a microphone or a video monitor.
The setup should be quite straight forward and all tools are included as usual with this brand.
The SmallRig A7RIII Cage attaches via a single bolt in the tripod mount.
The base plate on the bottom, the arca plate, and the top plate are all adjustable.
This cage is relatively inexpensive as well for how solid it seems.
This should provide more than enough mounting points for most rigs.
It’s a great cage if you keep the weight of your rig low.
The construction excellent. It’s an all metal construction, clean lines, overall it looks good.
It has seemed extremely secure.
iIt is a rock solid cage that provide plenty of protection.
The 2087 cage is made from a single piece of aluminum.
It is very easy to install and fits like a glove.
It has detachable top handle.
It fits perfectly onto the camera.
All buttons and wheels are still accessible.
There appear to be no issues with battery doors or connectors on either cage with either camera.
The screen swings and rotates and the camera battery door opens freely without the cage ever getting in the way.
The Smallrig Rosette quick release will make it much easier and quicker to attach or detach the handle.
It is lightweight and compatible with the vast majority of DSLR cameras.
It gives clear access to all camera controls, battery and ports.
SmallRig has a lot of pieces of kit you can add on to make the cage work the way you want.
You can purchase either a right or left side handle or both.
With its non-invasive design, you can still access every part of your DSLR camera.
The Smallrig full cage with all it’s 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 holes offer a ton of flexibility to mount your camera cage accessories.
They give you a pouch for free to put all tubes in it.
The wooden handles gave a much more sure grip and comfortable way to hold the camera.
It offers more mounting options.
The 4 corners connecting rod system are an amazing piece of engineering.
Accessory wise there’s plenty to chose from.
The VersaFrame is designed to fit a variety of cameras.
The monitor cage comes with two built in coldshoe mounts on top which are compatible with most devices that use a cold- or hotshoe.
Cost-wise, the Andoer is a great value.
It provides a good amount of clearance for easy access to the camera’s controls and ports.
It also has a cold shoe mount on the top right side.
The lock works for both HDMI ports.
All the locks can be adjusted and rotated to be out of the way without changing their tightness.
It completely protects HDMI port.
The SmallRig VersaFrame is an affordable.
I did not find the additional bulk of the cages to be of any issue.
It has versatile option for a variety of your mount and camera rig needs.
From a grip perspective, it’s a really nice size.
You can even fit the full assembled cage in a LED carry bag.
From a grip perspective, it’s a really nice size.
It an arca tripod plate that allows to turn the camera from horizontal to vertical and mount it in a tripod without changing the whole ball head.
Each of the cage’s components can be removed cleanly without leaving anything behind to get in the way.
Smallrig does offer a half cage with a quick release plate, which makes it more useful for quickly removing the camera for photography.
It has more mounting points than you will ever need.
The top plate has a sliding piece that goes in the camera hotshoe and tightens down a little.
For safety the cage has spring loaded pins on all for corners to prevent the NATO rail clamp from sliding off accidentally.

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❌ Cons

t would be nice if the handles were slightly wider out too.
If you are using it only on Ronin M; it’s too big to carry and the overall construction is still not very stiff.
You won’t get any protection or rigidity from this light-duty setup.
The rear screen can not articulate outwards due to hitting the handles even if you aren’t using the cable connections.
I’m not a fan of all the extra holes on it.
You can clearly have some wobbling then you have a heavier setup.
The general finish of the Andoer is not quite as lovely, having a rougher, slightly uneven texture.
The other downside is a lack of a quick release plate allowing you to remove the camera.
While the Smallrig full cage offers plenty of protection for your camera, it simply isn’t optimal for anyone who wants to use a cage for shooting video and also take pictures.
The cage makes reaching the focus ring on the prime lens more difficult.
My one minor issue is the bottom right metal corner dug a little in my palm after a long day of shooting.
Don’t expect much on the packaging front.
I would have liked if they had full english instructions.
You may need to reconfigure your camera bag to accommodate the larger form-factor when using the VersaFrame.
It is not cheap but not overly expensive either.
With such large cage, it will limit your movement and also a bit uncomfortable if you are a normal body size.
Both cages make swapping lenses a more difficult affair.
If you do not lock it firmly, it will slip.
If you add on extra accessories as well it starts to get a little heavy.
It isn’t really fitted well enough that it stops any movement.
It was good if top handle would not have blocked the hot shoe mount.
Tthe baseplate is somewhat limited in terms of mounting options.
It was good if the rails would not interfere with camera mounting and dismounting

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
This cage is relatively inexpensive as well for how solid it seems. It does everything that I needed to do in the cage, including providing decent access to the grip, ports, and hot shoe mount. It provides enough half to give the base of a video shooting system a more solid feel, and is an all around high quality cage. I literally have zero complaints about the SmallRig A7RIII cage.
It’s a great cage if you keep the weight of your rig low. This is not for a full rig with Ronin and cinema setup. But in another hand, if you are using it only on Ronin M; it’s too big to carry and the overall construction is still not very stiff. Having a Ronin M means that you want small footprint and easy to carry camera. With such large cage, it will limit your movement and also a bit uncomfortable if you are a normal body size. You arms need to be a bit open and you can’t use your elbow to help supporting.
SmallRig’s VersaFrame cage feels strong and solid, so I’m hopeful that it will be a good cage for shooters, especially considering how affordable it is. However, many things are revealed only under the stress of actual production, so the VersaFrame cage is now prepped for shooting and I’m looking forward to see how it holds up.
With this rig setup you have the ability to add a monitor and everything that attaches to the cage is quick release, with the exception of the Wooden Camera Nato handle. You have the ability to use a microphone using the Wooden Camera’s cold shoe or the camera’s hot shoe.
Whilst I may have been fairly brutal with my assessment in some areas, it’s actually a very good grip. It’s well constructed and does a good job of achieving what you need, if you add the extra grip to stop it moving around. If you’re looking for an arca plate with grip extension, then this would be one of the first I would recommend. The big question for me is whether it will suit everyone? Probably not, but it’s another option to consider.
The SmallRig VersaFrame is an affordable, simple, and versatile option for a variety of your mount and camera rig needs. With its non-invasive design, you can still access every part of your DSLR camera to adjust settings or work with the viewfinder — along with your standard assortment of rods, short- and long-arm options, and hot shoe connections.
Both are great but only if you have a need for them, such as the bigger grip or added accessories. They add bulk and weight. Between the two, the Smallrig 1889 cage by far feels better, is more secure with the additional eyelet screw, and offers more mounting options. Cost-wise, the Andoer is a great value that can’t be beat. With the exception of the look of the black grip, I probably wouldn’t buy it again, however. The grip doesn’t feel as nice as the newer Smallrig design, the shutter button is uncomfortable to click, and the fact that it may prove unusable in extreme temperatures makes me reluctant to continue using it.
The cage is a great addition to the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II and if you want to upgrade your camera with the ability to attach a multitude of accessories then this is the best cage out there. Even for people who only occasionally film but would like to mount an external grip to get a better hold of the camera this cage is worth considering.
I like this cage a lot. At $149 US it’s affordable, and the ability to customize is great. Having the option to go from mounting to a camera rig to going into a handheld directors monitor is easy and toolless with the integrated NATO rails that surround the cage. Everything is solid and feels secure. Need a long run time? The optional V-Lock battery plate is a good solution. All in all a good investment for your Ninja Flame, Shogun Flame, Shogun Inferno or Ninja Inferno.
All in all I am very happy with the cage. It feel to have much more value that what it costs ($309.99). Here are a few variations I tried. I am still figuring some of this stuff out, so I may still move things around. I do know that I will not use the rails until I figure a better way to place and remove the camera from the cage.
Overall I have been quite impressed with this rig in use. It serves my needs well. It fit all my criteria and still stays small and compact.It is also incredibly light weight. I know there are all kinds of options out there. SmallRig also has options to attach a rod system to this as well as all kinds of NATO accessories. For my needs this was just perfect.

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