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✅ Pros

It is good to see that Smart Home has a learning centre for its customers.
Review Pros
They are ready to face any questions all day and night.
It has a huge range of smart and security equipment.
They often run worthwhile clearance sales and promotions.
30-day money back guarantee is available.
There are no monthly fees or set up costs to pay, so you know exactly how much everything is going to cost you overall.
You can also opt to have a hard copy of their catalogue.
There are hundreds of products available from SmartHome.
It has a huge catalog of home automation and security products.
You don’t need to go through a middle man, saving you time in an emergency.
The normal ground shipping is free.
Automation kits are available for beginners.
SmartHome offers frequent discounts.

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❌ Cons

Smarthome is a storefront and not a manufacturer.
It doesn’t provide installation.
The FAQ is surprisingly short.
They do not offer full packages.
It doesn’t provide monitoring services.
You’re not purchasing a monitoring service with SmartHome Guardian Alert, rather you are buying the hardware.
There is no monitoring service.
Whilst the site does offer a lot of devices for home automation, we would like to see more made available for medical emergencies.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
SmartHome Guardian Alert 911 is a simple system that puts you in direct contact with the emergency services. This saves you time and money in the case of an emergency, but its automatic systems might become an irritation if you set them off by accident. There’s also no monitoring service offered, so it’s not ideal for everybody. Still, it’s certainly worth taking a look to decide whether or not their products will suit your budget and needs.
If you’re interested in home security and automation, then SmartHome is a good company to know about. Even if you decide to use another company, you will learn a lot from reviewing SmartHome’s catalog of products. Once you see how many items the company sells, you may feel that other home automation and security suppliers can’t give you anything beyond basic features.
Even though Smarthome’s alarms aren’t grouped together in convenient packages and the service also lacks professional monitoring, you can get a clear picture about the retail value of most of the smart accessories. The prices and products presented here serve as good comparisons for goods listed by other home alarm companies.

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