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✅ Pros

You can easily refund the money you invested in the proxies in a seven days time.
Review Pros
Fast connection speed is offered.
Smartproxy residential proxies have proven to us to be one of the best proxies for scraping data from the Internet.
The installation only takes a couple of steps and doesn’t require more than following some basic instructions.
Unlimited concurrent connections are offered.
martproxy lets users authenticate with credentials or via Whitelisted IP.
Unlimited number of IPs are available.
3-day money-back guarantee is offered.
It has easy and simple to use dashboard.
Below average price is offered.
This service guarantees you 99.9% uptime for your proxy connections.
It offers HTTP/HTTPS protocol support.
Smartproxy provides exceptional compatibility across the board.
The best part about Smartproxy is that you have access to multiple independent IPs at the same time.
Live 24/7 support is available.
A high number of proxies with advanced rotation means you can get a lot of data in very little time.
Proxy rotation is allowded.
Users can send unlimited concurrent connection requests.
It has a pool of 10M+ IP’s.
It offers 3 days money back guarantee.
You can use either of the authorization methods to access your proxies from anywhere in the world easily.
This service is highlighted by more than 10 million IP addresses that are set in 195 different countries.
It is cheaper than a lot of competitors.
Smartproxy is compatible with different devices, including iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux.
Apart from the detailed FAQs page that can go a long way to answering your question, they also offer an effective live chat and inquiry system.
24/7 customer service is available.
Fast and reliable proxies are available.
It also has residential IPs for Instagram & shopping.
Easy configuration is offered.
You’re 100% safe.
It has over 10 million residential IP addresses.
Fast and secure residential proxy servers are available.
A lot of third-party integrations are offered.
They are cheaper than many of their competitors.
One of the major advantages Smartproxy has is that it is easy to use.
Smartproxy has got a good number of residential IPs in its pool.
Smartproxy can target almost any country in the world and some large cities.
Their dashboard is intuitive.
It offers 10 million IPs pool at affordable prices.
City-level IP geotargeting is availalble.
It can be authenticated using both username and password or IP authentication.
A large pool of IP addresses is distributed among almost all countries of the world.
Prices of their plans are competitive especially when buying higher plans.
It offers nice Rotating/Sticky session type options.
Smartproxy has unlimited customer support on all channels, including live chat and email.
The hundred of locations that they are providing gives their customers a better choice to get the best location for their proxies for which they are paying for.
They have put in place measures to ensure that their customers get the best form of help they can get and to get them as swiftly as possible.
Smartproxy can target 195+ locations around the globe.
SmartProxy provides Residential Proxies at a very cheap rate as compared to other proxy sellers in the market.
Customer support is one of the best in the industry.
3-day money back guarantee is available.
It offers multiple ways to access proxies.
it has an average response time of 3.1 s.
If you have any queries related to their website or the proxies, you can submit a ticket, and they will respond in around 10 minutes.
24/7 customer support is available.
Easy to use dashboard lets you manage subusers, projects, limit usage and manage the subscription.
You can create sub-users with traffic limits.
It has a huge range of available IP addresses.
You can get premium access points to major cities from top countries like the US, Canada, UK, Germany, India, and Turkey.
24/7 support is available.
Bitcoin payments are accepted.
Smartproxy has a dedicated 24/7 technical support with the average response time of 5 minutes.
Bandwidth-based pricing is available.
Lots of proxy locations are available.
Smartproxy offers 10 million residential IPs with unlimited connections and threads.
It offeres worldwide coverage.
Scraping is one of the most important traits for a residential proxy, and Smartproxy is a good choice for this purpose.
Fast and secure residential proxy servers that clocks in at 3.1 s average speed, and has an overall 127% performance.
User-friendly dashboard is offered.
All proxies are anonymous and no information is sent in the connection header.
It has great documentation for various software.
It is cheaper than a lot of competitors.

❌ Cons

There is no trial.
It has only 8 available cities.
Only 190 locations are available.
Their email response is not nearly as effective.
Bandwidth is limited and you need to if you need more.
All plans offer limited usage.
Customer support needs improvement.
Smartproxy can target only 8 major cities.
The fact that a one-month plan that features 5 GB of bandwidth costs $75 is ridiculous.
No SOCKS proxies are available.
Geo-targeting is also one of the areas Smartproxy flops.
Smartproxy doesn’t support the SOCKS protocol.
Even though Smartproxy has 195+ locations, it is still limited by some cities.
Email support is sometimes slow.
Pricing plans are based on bandwidth.
There is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to city-targeting.
Even though you can target any country, you are still limited by some cities, this is bad for some niche use cases.
SmartProxy does not have any option for having a trial period and using the proxy beforehand to check the quality of the proxies.
This proxy doesn’t come with relevant browser extensions.
Smartproxy doesn’t support the SOCKS protocol.
There is no free trial.
Refund Policy is not available for the Cheapest proxy package.
There is no free trial.
There is no SOCKS5 protocol.
There are no unlimited plans.

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