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✅ Pros

There’s an option at the bottom of the logo generation page that allows you to generate logos that are visually very similar to logos that you’ve already favorited.
Review Pros
SMASHINGLOGO offers 300 colors.
The libraries of icons, fancy capital letters for initial-based logos, and typefaces are large enough that you can make a logo that’s technically unique.
You can click to select favorites and generate more designs based on the styles that you like best.
No signup or login is needed to get started generating a selection of beautiful logos.
With the SmashingLogo software, professional logo design is fully automated.
You can select favorites and create more designs based on the styles you like the most.
You can get some feedback from your friends/coworkers before you make any purchasing decisions.
Logos are stored 14 days from the date you click the “Generate” Button for the first time.
They have special eye-catching logo animation for websites.
No signup or login is needed to generate your logo.
There is no sign-up.
It offers PDF and optimized digital files for your website, email signature and social media.
They have eye-catching logo animation.
The platform offers PDF and optimized digital files for your website, email signature, and social media.

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❌ Cons

Logos are stored for 14 days only.
You can’t switch browsers or computers yourself.
SMASHINGLOGO has no knowledge base, no tutorials, no documentation beyond a basic description of the process on the “How it Works” page, and a small FAQ.
After you pay, you cannot make revisions.

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Review Summaries
SmashingLogo offers a new kind of online logo generation tool. What you need to do is enter your brand name and a tag line to get started for free. A handy slide bar lets you indicate your preference for simple or fancy, and you can generate professional-looking logos, pick favorites and choose your favorite design inSmashingLogo.
It is very easy to use and fun. Simply enter your brand name and tagline to get started for free. You will get a unique logo that you can further download after payment.
SMASHINGLOGO is functional, and that is the best thing I can say about it. Almost all of the competitors offer better service and more do-it-yourself options, for pretty much the same price. You’re more likely to get the logo you want if you go to just about any other service.

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