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✅ Pros

The Smile for You site contains video testimonials from real customers who now have pearly white smiles and detailed before and after pictures which show realistic whitening.
Review Pros
It is long-lasting and cost-effective, with results that last 2 years and a 2-year product shelf-life.
It is less expensive than in-office teeth-whitening at a dental office.
Shelf life of the product is longer compared to other products.
Product package comes with aftercare product to prevent sensitive teeth.
Yoou will gain amazing levels of confidence.
They have the highest safe level of whitening solutions that can be sold over the counter.
It is definitely way cheaper than dental whitening services offered by dentists.
It is a low-risk product, with a 14-day return and refund policy.
It has featured in many popular UK magazines as the top teeth-whitening kit.
You can do teeth whitening at home without any need to make any kind of alterations in your schedule.
All kits come with enough teeth whitening gel for 200 treatments.
The best part about this product is that it does have FDA approval which is really a big thing.
NEW Tooth Gloss is designed to give you an instant glossy smile.
Directions are pretty easy to follow.
Smile 4 You teeth whitening kits are FDA approved.
You don’t have to take any appointment or anything.
The product contains a sufficient amount of Carbamide Peroxide (16%) which is effective enough but still safe.
The 16% concentration used in Smile 4 You is considered to be a safe level.
The reason why this is one of the most popular teeth whitening kits available is that it contains the same ingredients as those used by dentists but for a fraction of the cost.
It is approved by the Federal Drug Administration.
Smile 4 You has been providing dentist with whitening products for over 20 years.
Consumers can receive 100% 14-day money back guarantee.
It has even been certified and approved by the Food & Drug Administration of America (FDA) as 100% safe.

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❌ Cons

Price may vary because of different discounts offered by different dealers or sellers.
Application is quite complicated and must be done correctly in order to be effective.
There is no unique element or ingredient setting the product apart from other popular DIY home teeth whitening kits.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Smile 4 You can be considered as the original teeth whitening product developed for home use. With more than 20 years of experience in the business, manufacturers of this product can ensure consumers of quality, effective and safe product that has been continuously improved for years. Smile 4 You is definitely recommended for anyone who want to achieve cleaner and whiter teeth.
When you visit the Smile4You site and head to the order page you will see that there are 5 options to choose from. It comes with Dental White gel, mouth trays plus a blue light accelerator which is designed to reduce the whitening time for faster results. When you consider that this kits works out at less than 15 pence per treatment you can see why it’s a popular choice.
This proves that tooth whitening has become much easier than it ever was. It can be done from the very comfort of your home. And thus, you don’t have to take any appointment or anything like this. Just buy the product and there you are with the amazing teeth and great confidence. You can now do everything you want from your home.
Smile 4 You is an excellent product which is safe, effective, convenient, and affordable. Used only 30 minutes a day, for 14 days, Smile 4 You Dental White can deliver results that are similar to in-office dental whitening procedures. It is a great product for anyone wanting whiter teeth conveniently at home and without having to spend the high costs of teeth whitening at a dentist.
Smile 4 You has been providing dentist with whitening products for over 20 years and selling them online to the public for over 6 years. Smile 4 You teeth whitening kits are FDA approved. They have the highest safe level of whitening solutions that can be sold over the counter.

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