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✅ Pros

All clinical standards of care and quality concerns are followed when creating individual treatment plans.
Review Pros
SmileDirectClub works well for minor dental problems.
It works very quickly if you stick with the 22 hours min rule.
I love that I don’t have to go to appointments.
SmileDirectClub was so easy and took such little time out of my schedule.
Smile Direct Club works with remote licensed dental professionals to create your treatment plan and oversee your progress.
I love that you can take them out.
SmileDirectClub provides a Smile Guarantee, which stipulates that if you’re dissatisfied for any reason, simply return your unused aligners, and they’ll refund the prorated amount.
Smile Direct Club includes teeth whitening products in its teeth straightening treatment packages at no extra cost.
It uses the same safe, effective whitening agent as a dentist’s office, but costs much less than a professional treatment.
The beginner’s guide basically tells you what to expect throughout your treatment, and answers any questions you might have.
A plus to choosing Smile Direct Club is that you can start and complete your entire treatment right from the comfort of your own home.
It offers little chance of tooth discoloration.
SmileDirectClub aligners are made of BPA-free plastic.
Smile Direct Club goes above and beyond to make teeth straightening as accessible and convenient as possible, earning them five stars for Convenience.
The invisible aligners are very thin and light, with most people having no idea that you’re wearing them at all.
I love that the price is less expensive than getting braces.
The average SmileDirectClub customer completes treatment in 6 months.
With Smile Direct Club, there are three primary ways to pay for your care.
Depending on the company’s analysis, note that some individuals may be informed they are not appropriate candidates for invisible aligners.
It comes with an adapter that allows you to connect it to almost any device.
SmileDirectClub also accepts payments through HSA and FSA plans, as well as CareCredit.
Smile direct Club is fast to respond.
Smile Care Club can give you the dental results you’re looking for at a significantly lesser cost than visiting a traditional dentist.
It smells amazing.
With intermittent photo check-ins, you’re essentially getting the outcome of a straight smile without the hassle of an orthodontist’s office or the really high price tag.
They are discreet.
It’s really simple to use.
They’ll even show you a preview photo of what they say your new smile will look like.
They also offer a payment plan, so a set of aligners will not put too much strain on your bank account.
This process is similar to most other invisible aligners.
It offers easy convenient home usage.
It’s really convenient—you don’t have to travel any farther than your mailbox to get your aligner trays.
This is generally quite a bit quicker than metal braces and traditional orthodontic care.
SmileDirectClub is significantly cheaper than Invisalign.
Aligners are 3D printed using an advanced, patented technology that is designed to shift your teeth in a comfortable and natural way.
SmileDirectClub’s $79 Teeth Whitening Kit is said to work three times faster than whitening strips.
They’re affordable.
The average price in the clear aligners industry is around $1,900. Smile Direct Club charges $1,895 for one-time payments.
Smile Direct Club accepts payment through Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), Health Savings Accounts (HSA), and CareCredit.
Compared to Invisalign and braces, SmileDirectClub prices are far more affordable.
The cost is refundable if the orthodontist determines that you do not qualify for online teeth aligners.
If you happen to have a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA), you can use funds in this account to pay for your clear aligners.
SmileDirectClub’s aligners are offered by over 225 state-licensed orthodontists and dentists throughout the United States that have many years of aligner therapy experience.
If a shop is not close enough to be convenient, their impressions kits are well-designed to help reduce errors.
It’s even convenient to multitask with it in so you can fit it into a morning routine without much effort.
They ship you your aligners in the mail.
With Smile Care Club, you don’t need in-office visits – you can do it all from home and at your convenience.
The formula didn’t cause any sensitivity.
Clear aligners can help you achieve results in a fraction of the time of traditional braces.
You don’t ever have to leave the house.
If their aligners aren’t the right fit for you, they’ll refund your impression kit or SmileShop scan.
You can check their website for the most up-to-date information on SmileShop locations.
I love that they are so thorough in explaining the process and setting you up for success.
The LED light mouthguard is hands-free and smart-phone powered.
It offers pretty affordable price.
Smile Care Club offers a monthly payment option, allowing you to spread your payments across time, if you desire.
Smile Direct Club’s claim of 60% of savings on invisible aligners is spot on.
You are never going doctor office, yay!
They’re popping up everywhere these days.
Smile Direct Club strives to make the process as simplified as possible.
With little more than the click of a button and a handy impression kit, you can be well on your way to achieving straighter teeth and that new smile you’ve always dreamed of.
They offer invisible aligners to help straighten your teeth while under the remote supervision of a state licensed dental professional.
Kids as young as 12 can be candidates for SmileDirectClub (and other clear aligners). You just need to have all your permanent teeth.

❌ Cons

Invisible aligners aren’t always as effective as standard braces.
While reviews vary, there have been some complaints that customer service is not always very attentive.
Underlying dental health issues may go undiagnosed.
If you have complicated dental problems, such as very crooked teeth, major crowding, or serious bite issues, you’re probably not a good candidate for SmileDirectClub.
I don’t like that they feel unsanitary sometimes.
You’ll have very minimal communication with Smile Direct Club’s team.
Some customers have expressed frustration with its customer services.
Some customers are dissatisfied with the level of support they receive and experience frustrating delays in receiving their aligners.
Clear aligners can’t be used for those with bridgework or those with complicated issues.
I don’t like that you have to take them out to eat or drink.
You’ll also need discipline in order to stick to your treatment plan and keep the trays in place all day and night.
You’ll have to brush and floss after each meal.
I don’t like that they seem to attract lipstick.
Smile Direct Club doesn’t take responsibility for the outcome of the treatment.
Retainer is not included.
It’s hard to stick to min 22hrs in day rule, cheating is easy.
Unlike braces, you have to take your aligners out to eat.
Most RealSelf members who rated SmileDirectClub Not Worth It say they didn’t see a significant difference afterward and that the company has poor customer service.
It’s hard to get to their doctors when you think you need it.
The trays need to be taken out every time you eat and drink anything but cool, clear liquids, which can become a nuisance.
I don’t like that my speech sounds and feels a little garbled.
Because each set of aligners is made individually, they can hurt in different places and can be uncomfortable while you adjust.
Once you’re finished, you’ll need to wear a custom-fit retainer to prevent your teeth from shifting back into their original positions.
Many orthodontists are wary of the at-home impression method and the lack of expert oversight.
Using Smile Direct Club poses some other potential issues if plans go awry.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
We believe the strengths of SmileDirectClub are that you have the freedom to get aligners without ever having to leave your home. You don’t have to deal with a dentist’s chair and you may be able to avoid the cost of braces, which are significantly more expensive than the aligners the company offers Their aligners are cheaper than what you’ll get with Invisalign and competitor Candid, too.
Smile Direct Club is the most popular teeth straightening service for a reason: Their partnership with Invisalign sets them apart, their financing options are great, and it’s easy to get started. Their customer service still needs improvement and they don’t exclusively work with orthodontists, but they are a great option for many people.
What did we do before SmileDirect, oh yes, dealt with expensive orthodontists.. SmileDirect is changing the industry and I’m loving it! See the goods and bads to decide if it’s good for you.
They offer invisible aligners to help straighten your teeth while under the remote supervision of a state licensed dental professional. They ship you your aligners in the mail. You follow your customized treatment plan and wear the aligners for the prescribed time. With intermittent photo check-ins, you’re essentially getting the outcome of a straight smile without the hassle of an orthodontist’s office or the really high price tag.
Anyone who signs up for their treatment will be able to get a smile they’ll love for an amazing price. Smile Direct Club doesn’t just supply you with your invisible aligners for your treatment plan, they also throw in a bunch of goodies and they almost always have a promotion going on with discounts / coupon codes. A plus to choosing Smile Direct Club is that you can start and complete your entire treatment right from the comfort of your own home.
The aligners are only going on your teeth. They aren’t doing anything with your jaw so they will not correct overbites or other really misaligned teeth issues. You can take a 30-second quiz on their site to see if you are a candidate for their services based upon how your teeth are. I’d recommend getting a second opinion from a local orthodontist if you aren’t sure.
Smile Direct Club is an innovative company that offers an interesting solution for people looking for an alternative way to straighten teeth. While their invisible aligners are much more cost-effective than traditional treatment methods, removing in-person visits with a licensed dental professional from the entire process naturally introduces some risks.
You get what you pay for, Dr. Wadhwa says. “If you’re okay with it not being perfect or not lasting, that’s fantastic,” he says. That said, treatment from traditional metal braces doesn’t necessarily last forever, either. Unless you wear a retainer, your teeth will naturally relapse and move toward the middle of your mouth, Christine Hong, DMD, MS, assistant professor of orthodontics at UCLA School of Dentistry told Refinery29 in April. Be an informed customer, and ask your dentist or orthodontist if they think this at-home version would be a good idea for you.
SmileDirectClub is the easiest way for moms to straighten their smile from home. It’s cheap, it’s fast, and it didn’t get in the way of my busy mama life! Now I have a beautiful, straight smile and confidence for days.
All in all, it’s a good option if you’re considering it. SmileDirectClub is $79 and white strips are $30 on a good day, but it’s far cheaper than another prominent LED system (Glo Science) and you can eek out more uses of the whitening pens than the company estimates. It’s also faster to use, as four five minute sessions broken up feel a lot more bearable than one 30-minute session. It’s even convenient to multitask with it in so you can fit it into a morning routine without much effort. And, most important to me aside from efficacy, it didn’t make my gums tender or my teeth ache.
If you’re in need of teeth straightening that isn’t too extensive, Smile Direct Club could be a good choice for you. You may want to try getting a Smile Direct Club assessment, reviewing the treatment plan, and then visiting an orthodontist to get their opinion.
If you complete the impression kit or have a scan done at one of the stores and the dental expert assessing your case determines that you’re not a good candidate for SmileDirectClub, the company will refund you for the $79 impression kit or your SmileShop scan. You can also return your aligners within 30 days for a full refund.
Results can vary from one person to the next, but there seem to be many satisfying smiles from people that have used Smile Direct Club aligners and retainers. Your assigned dental professional will review your teeth towards the end of your program to determine if you need any more alignment adjustments. That is an important step to complete before moving on to using retainers.
Smile Direct Club is the largest in-home invisible aligners provider in the country and claims to represent around 95 percent of the doctor-directed at-home invisible aligners industry. With over 2,500 employees and 100 SmileShops, the company provides a groundbreaking product for an affordable price. Not only do the invisible aligners straighten teeth in much less time than traditional metal braces, they do it in an average of six months. We highly recommend customers consider Smile Direct Club alongside the other top invisible aligners companies.

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