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✅ Pros

Some people have also praised their content curation tool which helps them in finding relevant and popular content on various social media channels easily.
Review Pros
It helps eliminate some post sharing plugins you have sitting there on your blog and wasting your resources.
It also has a social media analytics tool that will keep you in the loop about your performance and engagement efficiency as well.
You can make use of SocialPilot content discovery in order to discover interesting stories to share on your network.
You get to save more when you go for the yearly payments.
SocialPilot’s reporting tools make the key statistics about your social accounts easy to understand.
It allows you to look deeper into what you’re doing.
There is no need to exchange account credentials
SocialPilot supports four types of URL or Link Shorteners services.
Using SocialPilot, you can schedule posts in just three simple steps.
You are able to to connect Twitter profiles, Facebook profiles and pages, LinkedIn Profiles, Pages and Groups.
You can schedule across different time zones.
They now have tutorials on usage.
SocialPilot includes built-in analytics and reporting tools so you can run analyses and gain deeper insights.
SocialPilot has a simple three-step process that can upload at least 500 posts ahead of time on your accounts.
The best part is the price.
It has brand new firefox extension.
You can create and instantly share a post to all social media account or schedule it to be automatically shared at any future date.
You can also add an RSS feed to SocialPilot and gather ideas for posts that way.
It offers a calendar to help the user keep track of its posts.
You can add members to a team and assign varying access levels.
SocialPilot subscriptions are available either monthly or yearly.
SocialPilot presents powerful and actionable Social Media Analytics where you can analyze the complete connected account even though the content is not posted from SocialPilot.
It is a big time saver.
The support is decent.
SocialPilot has 3 options for shortening the url.
You can even add image posts in bulk scheduling.
It offers detailed and easy-to-digest analytic.
It gives a reporting for all the posts on your page, group or account – irrespective of the tool used to post them.
You can analyze your social accounts completely even if you have not scheduled your post from SocialPilot.
SocialPilot allows you to grant access to collaborators so that they can contribute to the management of your social media profiles.
SocialPilot recently launched Android Mobile app & iOS App for better social media sharing & management.
SocialPilot is a first-class partner for depicting positive and negative marketing trends.
It has all the features you’d need to automate social media.
SocialPilot can be used for free, allowing you to link up to three social media accounts.
It is quite affordable.
People love their simple and powerful dashboard.
There are 9 platforms that SocialPilot supports.
It is cheaper than most elite tools out there.
SocialPilot can help you get more efficient by helping you connect over 50 different social profiles all under one platform.
You can add Feeds directly to your SocialPilot account to follow your competitors and be updated on latest trends and happenings.
Social Pilot will ensure that you can quickly respond to all posts, messages, and comments from one social inbox in real time.
If you have engaged a social media team that you would like to keep connected to, use SocialProfile. It has a feature that can assist you to review and approve of their updates and posts.
SocialPilot recently launched Zapier integration with SocialPilot to manage hundreds of web apps scheduling.
You can create Groups of related Accounts so you can share content on all social media profiles using a Group.
SocialPilot allows you to upload an infinite number of posts at the same time (depending on the package you have opted for) using the bulk scheduling option.
You can access the statistics of your social media channels right from the Analytics section of SocialPilot.
Their white label client login feature allow your clients to provide their social media credentials easily in one simple page.
You can integrate numerous social media accounts on one go.
SocialPilot offers browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari which let the user, share an interesting article from the internet.
SocialPilot offers integrations with your external RSS feeds so that you can easily share items you’re already curating.
The users can easily invite their team member to work in collaboration, share files, communicate, and come up with some useful business ideas.
With SocialPilot, the user can easily create a bulk posts by uploading CSV file with 500 posts.
If you’re managing a large number of accounts and profiles, SocialPilot’s bulk scheduling tool makes it easy for you to upload hundreds of posts at once.
You can do all of your posting and updating on multiple social media accounts from the same place.
Customization and flexibility can also make the system work in accordance with your business rules, which is quite a rare catch in the social media scheduling and sharing environment.
Latest and updated Linkedin API integration has rolled out allows you to schedule multiple images natively.
To save you time, SocialPilot allows you to schedule updates in advance.
Bulk scheduling with SocialPilot is just a 3-step process.
You can categorize clients into groups and post common content to their pages all in one go.
It allows bulk post scheduling.
SocialPilot also allows you to schedule videos on multiple social media platforms.
You can add not only your team members but your Client too so they too can see the performance of their campaign.
Socialpilot is cheapest in the industry so far.

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❌ Cons

Google Plus, one of the most used social media platform is still left out.
You are not able to share to Instagram directly.
They don’t have video tutorials.
They are not offering Instagram post auto scheduling like Buffer.
There is limited functionality in what it can do for social media researching, such as highlighting key terms related to the industry of work in a Twitter feed.
It has less intuitive interface.
The free plan is a bit limited but that’s fairly understandable.
It shows limited stats.
Their mobile app is not much user-friendly and people need to spend time to adapt to it.
You will not be able to select multiple Twitter accounts while creating a new post.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
SocialPilot is a cloud-based tool that makes it easy for marketing and media agencies, businesses and enterprises, and social media professionals to manage multiple social media profiles from one location.
SocialPilot is the social media scheduling tool I use to bulk upload and schedule week’s load of social media updates. It’s definitely handy when you have to be online on different time zones and share blog posts automatically.
SocialPilot is a social media scheduling and marketing platform developed specifically for agencies and social media professionals. Used by over 40,000 agencies and social media teams, SocialPilot is designed to help users enhance the efficiency of their online marketing strategies and efforts, and save time and money.
SocialPilot is a cloud-based tool that changes the dynamics of social media marketing by making it easier and more efficient. It is recommended for those who get overwhelmed by managing various social media profiles.
SocialPilot is first and foremost a professional social media marketing service aimed at agencies and in-house business marketing teams, with subscription prices to reflect this. However, the availability of a free plan and a basic subscription shows SocialPilot recognizes that its tools will appeal to bloggers, and that it is keen to accommodate them.
Social Pilot is a social media automation tool which allows you to manage all your social media profiles from a single platform. It helps businesses manage social media profiles and increase customer engagement.
If we take a look at the pricing of SocialPilot and comparable offering from Hootsuite and SproutSocial, you will realize that not only is the pricing less, but they are offering much more features at rates lower than their competitors. Our experience with SocialPilot has been better than expected except for the disappointment of not being able to share to Instagram directly.
Both Buffer and SocialPilot have free versions that you can try out just to get a lay of the land on their social media management and automation prowess. These tools though cannot replace actual human activity on social media if you want consistent conversion rates. Use them only to put more time in your hands for more valuable tasks like engaging with your fans.
Apart from pricing the SocialPilot scheduling tool is equipped with all necessary features that any blog owners, online entrepreneurs, businesses, and bloggers seek for!!
The best way to judge best social media automation tool for you is to try the free versions of each and also ask for suggestions among peers. Comparing the above three, we would like to say that startup with moderate usage should always be better off with Buffer as it offers all important features at almost no cost.
I think, in all honesty, SocialPilot takes the cake. It is comprehensive, user-friendly, and cost-effective and perhaps, has one of the best analytics support system.
SocialPilot is good so far. I’m a satisfied user. However, Google Plus, one of the most used social media platform is still left out. I have nevertheless spoken to the guys behind this platform and they assured me that this will soon be available in the next updates.
SocialPilot is hard to beat on price, making it ideal for small businesses which are still finding their feet in social media management. It offers everything start-ups need, and will save you time and money.

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