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✅ Pros

It conveniently comes with a carrying bag that lets you take it just about anywhere.
Review Pros
It is reasonably light at 20 pounds.
The Ranger’s ability to get going with minimal effort scores huge points with me.
All Solo Stoves are backed by a lifetime warranty which offers free repairs or replacement for any manufacturer defects.
It’s smokeless.
It is portable.
There’s really no maintenance to be done.
It is easy to clean out.
It is easy to light.
It is extremely portable.
It’s portable.
Solo Stoves are made from the absolute best materials.
It is light enough to carry (around 23 lbs) but heavy duty enough that it doesn’t get dinged easy.
It burns through wood quickly.
It will last you for many years of campfires.
It is easy to use with the kids.
It burns extremely hot reducing the amount of smoke and ash left behind.
It requires very little maintenance to keep a beautiful fire going.
This unique bonfire pit is made of stainless steel, which is supposed to be more durable than other materials.
It is worth the money.
The Solo Stove Bonfire is made of 304 stainless steel.
Solo Stove has some really neat accessories.
You can easily bring your Bonfire in your RV camping, or to any tailgating events.
Starting a fire is easy with good kindling.
It doesn’t kill your grass after a single use.
The Bonfire generates plenty of heat which is comfortable for all to enjoy.
Solo Stove’s design makes it so that it burns hotter and emits very little smoke.
Setup is quick and easy cleanup is fast and simple.
It gives off sufficient heat.
It is well-made.
With the Solo Stove Bonfire, your clothes won’t smell like smoke.
Mess is contained within the cylinder.
25 lbs of firewood lasted about three hours.
I also like that you can purchase a number of useful and fun accessories.
It features a double wall airflow system that burns the smoke.
It’s a nice patina, and it still looks great.
Solo Stove Bonfire can reduce 20 lbs of firewood to 5 ounces of ash.
The Solo Stove Bonfire is made out of 304 stainless steel.
It comes with a durable carrying case.
It comes with a nice carrying case.
There is literally no smoke.
Wood burns hotter.
Stylish design means this fire pit looks great in any yard or on a patio.
It performs well in wind.
Solo Stove ignites super quickly.
It has gorgeous design.
Your clothes don’t smell of an open fire.
It’s low maintenance once lit.
It offers warmth & ambiance.
It is environmentally-friendly.
It is easy to move around your home.
You’re covered by a lifetime guarantee.
With its deep sides, it protects it from any wind.
It’s made from stainless steel.
We did not have to assemble anything.
You do not need to carry fuel.
It is easy to start a fire in the Solo Stove Bonfire.
If for any reason, you aren’t happy with your stove in the first 30 days of ownership, you can send it back for a full refund.
You can have a fire anywhere with no damage to the ground underneath.
It burns hotter and lights easier than nearly all other firepits.
It results in low smoke.
The unit comes in a storage sack and seems durable so long as it’s not abused.
It is fairly expensive as compared to some fire pits.
It is easy to move around with a carrying case.
They offer a lifetime guarantee.
It will last a lifetime.
It’s log friendly.
I love how stylish it looks.

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❌ Cons

I’d like Solo Stove to create a grill that is compatible with the Ranger.
It burns wood faster.
It doesn’t radiate heat.
It can be difficult to clean ash out.
It’s expensive.
It is heavier and bulkier than some backpacking stoves.
The structure gets very hot.
While fire pits that burn hot are a blessing, that also means they will tear through your stack of wood.
Some reviewers have complained about their Bonfire rusting.
If your wood is a little damp, it will likely produce smoke.
Depending on which model you get, it can easily be over $500 for the Yukon (biggest model).
It is expensive.
It is bigger and heavier than some expected.
The small size means that more than five people won’t really fit around it.
It is nearly twice the price of smaller Solo Stoves.
You can’t easily cook over the Bonfire.
It doesn’t warm a large area.
It’s pricey.
Unlike a normal campfire, you are unable to pour water or dirt in it to extinguish it.
You can roast, but can’t “cook” over it.
The bonfire unit can be a little cumbersome to pick up and carry.
It can be difficult to put out if you’re ready to be done before the fire has burned out – it’s best to make a fire if you have at least an hour to enjoy it!
There may be some discoloration.
it’s not the easiest to carry far.
It’s certainly not on the inexpensive fire pits list.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Overall, the Solo Stove Bonfire fire pit is a high-quality, minimalist, portable backyard fire pit. For us, it was worth the money. But it’s not for everyone.
Thanks to its expert airflow design, The Solo Stove Bonfire is a highly efficient and less smoky way to enjoy a recreational wood burning fire in your backyard or while car camping.
From this Solo Stove Bonfire Review, we discovered a fire pit that burns hot, has absolutely no smoke, and can be used in your backyard or while camping. If you’re willing to dip into your pocket for $285, you’ll be ready to rock with one of the best outdoor fire pits on the market.
Thousands of happy buyers can’t be wrong. The Solo Stove Bonfire provides a real wood-burning fire pit that’s hard to beat.
Overall, this is a highly-effective fire pit. For anyone in need of a backyard blaze without all the smoke, the Solo Stove Bonfire is an excellent choice.
It’s certainly not on the inexpensive fire pits list. However, if you’re looking for an extremely well made, portable fire pit, that will last you for many years of campfires, then it’s certainly worth forking out for.
This 27-inch firepit burns hot—and it’ll give your household great s’mores for years to come.
This unique fire pit might not be for everyone, but from our experience, the investment really was worth it.
Although fairly expensive compared to some fire pits, I personally think it is well worth the money. It is portable and will last a lifetime. Light so you can move it and use it anywhere. The Solo Stove fire pits come in three different sizes so you can choose the best one for you.
If you enjoy tinkering with fire and are excited by the idea of collecting fuel from the landscape, the Solo Stove Lite is an excellent option for cooking on your backcountry adventures. This wood-burning camp stove does more than just boil water for your hot cocoa or freeze dried meals.
I really like Solo Stove. I think they make great products and I love what they are about. Their stoves work fantastically and they are made from the best quality products. These things are built to last.
Aside from the smoke-free selling point, I love how stylish it looks—very Aspen ski chalet chic—and how easy it is to use with the kids. We’ve had it out for s’mores-making several times and, thanks to the Airflow technology, my 4- and 5-year-olds can stand right next to it to roast their marshmallows.
This is probably the one I’d recommend the most – it’s what makes taking it anywhere without doing damage possible. The stove sits on top of this stand and pretty much prevents any heat damage to the grass or porch!
It is worth the money. It does everything as advertised. Some of the reviews I saw warned people about the stainless steel changing color and rusting. Yes it changed color after the first burn, but it is not rust. It’s a nice patina, and it still looks great. I enjoyed it so much the first time that I ended up cutting a truckload of wood the next day so I can burn all fall.
If you don’t like campfires because of the smoke this is the fire pit you want. It requires a little more TLC than your regular fire pit and should be brought in after each use, but it’s worth it.

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