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✅ Pros

It evenly directs light onto the different pages.
Review Pros
SomniLight dimmable nursery lamp comes in at just 1 lb, 5 oz and measure 16″H by 7″L by 3.75″W – does not take up much space at all.
It holds the position well on your book.
They are definitely safe to use around children without fear of them touching the light and hurting themselves.
You will sleep better as a result.
It has adjustable brightness levels.
Dimmable touch sensor panel at the base that allows for three brightness levels.
Clip-on lamp will illuminate your book.
It has minimal glare when using an e-reader.
It won’t confuse your melatonin production.
This nursery lamp uses an A/C that provides consistent lighting without needing to recharge like some other lights that have been very popular these days.
Soft, cosy amber light totally avoids blue light wavelengths.
It is the Warmest of all warm book lights.
It is double-armed.
Native Amber LED feels like candlelight.
It has dual-Head with flexible neck.
USB Rechargeable battery lasts 20 hours.

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❌ Cons

Dual head design might be necessary for some.
The rechargeable battery lasts for year, and is not replaceable.
You might find you’re reading fewer pages.
The light is very bright for some, even at one head low settings.
It has higher price than other warm book lights.

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Review Summaries
This orange-hued, double-armed, clip-on lamp will illuminate your book (or unlit e-reader) but won’t confuse your melatonin production. You might find you’re reading fewer pages, but sleeping better, as a result.
These lights are brilliant for the crafter or hobbyist searching for the right stitch, note of music, the perfect brushstroke or the fine wire used in hand making a piece of jewellery. However, when using these lights, we still recommend wearing a pair of blue light blocking glasses to totally phase out that blue, artificial light.
We love the option of having LED lights because it conserves energy (up to 90% less energy than your standard incandescent bulbs) using just 6 W of power. We’ve converted all the lights in our home to energy efficient bulbs so it was only natural to look for a product that had those same standards for our nursery!
Expensive but worth it, as it is the only amber color book light in 1500K color temperature. Just read the cons and alternatives before buying to take an informed decision.

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