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✅ Pros

Dependable Japanese-manufactured automatic movement with hacking and hand-winding is included.
Review Pros
The build quality and finishing on the case is excellent.
The size is perfect in my opinion.
The slight texture to the dial also adds some visual interest.
The case feels very well-crafted, with the 316L steel showcased in a variety of brushed and glossy finishes.
The multi-layered dial along with the vintage-style octagonal case is unconventional and unique.
With 22mm lugs, changing straps shouldn’t be a problem if you’d have any issues with its leather straps.
The watch also features a 120-click unidirectional bezel that turns smoothly.
The Dumas has a fantastic bold, layered aesthetic.
The Dumas’ hands are a true standout feature.
A version also comes with a crosshair dial, a famous design among timepieces.
The rear has the Spinnaker logo lasered onto the centre, which looks cool,
The current retail price is £210 or potentially below £170 with one of the 20% discount codes that are floating around, which I think is very fair considering the positives .
The markers are all sizeable with a big space for lume in them.
If you love a bold and large watch casing, the Spinnaker Dumas will be great for you.
A scratch-resistant, anti-reflective sapphire crystal keeps the dial safe from the rigors of diving and daily wear.
This case on the Bradner is a comfortable 42mm with lugs that are curved just right so that they fit your wrist comfortably.
The case on the Bradner is a comfortable 42mm with lugs that are curved just right so that they fit your wrist comfortably.
Adjusting or setting the time feels very smooth and fluid, as does turning the bezel on the dial.
The bezel has a mineral crystal insert with lume markings and a glossy finish.
The bezel action is pretty good for this price and only features slight play.
Impressive 300m / 1000ft water-resistance can be used confidently as a diving tool.
The Spinnaker Dumas still looks absolutely fantastic, especially in orange.
Bright, crisp, and long-lasting Swiss Super-LumiNova lume lasts all night.
There is a Hardened Mineral Lens protecting the whole watch which is sure to hold up nicely over time.
An inexpensive automatic watch, the Dumas looks far pricier than it is and feels very high-quality.
The colours on the dial are striking and they all bring something different to the table.
Strong style follows the classic Omega Seamaster SHOM and supports readability in the water.
The watch’s sapphire crystal protecting the dial provides efficient scratch resistance as well.
With the new strap, I now think the watch is well worth the asking price.
The movement inside is a Seiko NH35. We have come across this movement is previous Spinnaker watches and it is reliable.
The case is comprised of Polycarbonate which is a super tough form of plastic.
The hand-stitched strap rounds off the vintage style with finesse.
The bezel of the Spinnaker Boettger is easy to grip.
The dial is very minimalistic.
It has high-quality sapphire crystal with AR coating for top-of-the-line clarity and durability.
The movement contains 24 jewels, beats at 3 Hertz ( 21,600 BPH ) and features the hacking and hand wind feature which is a must for a watch enthusiast.
The strap is also pretty long, fitting my 7 1/2 inch wrist easily, and should accommodate much larger wrists with a length of 130 x 85mm.
Overall they have created a clean and easy to read dial.
There is also a 24 hour numerals used underneath the circle and rectangles.
I must say the quality of the strap is very good and it has some nice thickness to it whilst being flexible at the same time.
Screwing down the crown is also very satisfying, and real attention was paid here.
Another positive is the sapphire crystal over the dial.
The movement is non-hacking.
The utilitarian design comes with a masculine as well as a minimalist feel to its aesthetic.
There is a range of colors to choose from with something for every taste and style.
The window provides a clear view of the complex engineering of the Spinnaker rotor and automatic movement that rotates away inside.

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❌ Cons

They’re hefty and wear a bit on the bigger side.
I’m not convinced by the light blue hand on this colourway.
The keeper on the mesh bracelet doesn’t work as well as it should. Swap it for a leather or rubber strap instead.
It will take a large space on your wrist and the heptagonal design does make it look quite large.
This watch is only water resistant to 50 Meters which some watch collectors might see as a let down.
The only major flaw with both straps is that there is not quick release pins.
You’ve got the acrylic bezel, which is ripped straight from the Blancpain ‘Fifty Fathoms’.
The lumed bezel markings look a little blurry to my eyes.
I am not a fan of the cursive font because it doesn’t have the desired sophisticated appeal that it is trying to display.
The Dumas is too chunky to wear with a suit and shirt without snagging on your cuff—although it could add some drama to black-tie attire.
The case finishing in this instance gives the watch a slightly cheap feeling.
The white date window has a silver surround, which is too thick in my opinion and looks out of place on this dial.
The bracelet was initially less smooth than I expected, compared to previous offerings from the brand.
The sheer number of font styles present doesn’t help the situation.
At 14mm the Bradner sits tall on your wrist and will cause some hassle with the formal dress situations.
The bracelet of the Boettger does come off as a little generic.
The mineral glass on the bezel isn’t as scratch-resistant as sapphire crystal but helps to keep costs down.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
If you are a fan of the retro look and want a large watch to make a statement, then leave it to the Spinnaker Dumas to excite the eye whenever you look at it. Seriously, the dial looks absolutely fantastic and its usability at night is excellent. If you plan on doing plenty of diving, then you should consider the Spinnaker Dumas.
The Spinnaker Dumas is the first proper diver watch created by Spinnaker designed specifically for divers. They have removed the fashionable side and kept the main features of a diver watch and we cannot fault it. The only downfall is maybe a better and more powerful movement. Based from what we have seen, we would say to buy the Spinnaker Dumas. However, we prefer the Dumas in the blue dial. It looks more appealing than the black dial.
If you are in the market for a reliable and super affordable everyday wear watch with a diving bezel and some neat color combinations I can reccommend this watch to my readers.
The Spinnaker Watches Dumas is an amazing dive tool watch but the band needs to be replaced.
If unlike me, you like the appearance, you really would be getting a good quality watch for the money. Even the strap, which is an unusual combination of waterproof leather and silicone, feels very well constructed and has quick-release tabs for fast changes. If I were considering this brand though, I’d be looking at some of their other offerings purely for aesthetic reasons.
It is overall a well-made piece and even though I question some design decisions like those lugs, this is an attractive watch in its own right, and the dial definitely adds some fun and uniqueness not seen on many modern watches. The size is perfect in my opinion.
There are varying opinions on the movement but I think it will keep your time well for years to come if you look after it properly. There is real value for money with this piece if you are looking for a vintage diver and you are alright with an ever so slightly louder sound. The curved lugs make this comfortable and easily wearable despite the 14mm width.
These watches will very often go on sale down to close to $200. So, let’s get that out of the way. At that price, these watches are a good buy if you like the style. Again, they’re hefty and wear a bit on the bigger side. For the price, though, these are pretty well-made automatic watches.
The verdict is in, the truth is out — Spinnaker does offer a great selection of quality timepieces. They’re very much affordable with great features necessary for anyone who loves exploring the seas and beyond. Whether it’s on a yacht or by taking a dive, Spinnaker watches do come in handy for many occasions.
The Dumas stands out immediately with its unique faceted octagonal case, a pleasing change from conventional diver watches. With a casual and not too serious vibe, this Spinnaker watch is fairly chunky and feels appropriate for everyday wear.
Overall, the new Spinnaker Dumas takes a good watch with some flaws and makes it a great watch. I love how it looks and the way it wears and although I still have some criticisms – I always do – they are much less significant than before. It is a while since I said this about a watch from this brand, but I can wholeheartedly recommend the Spinnaker Dumas.

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