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✅ Pros

The software is automated and it provides a convenient way of measuring how your web page will work as against your FBA competitors.
Review Pros
It offers automated pricing optimization.
It stands out because it uses artificial intelligence to trial split testing on your behalf.
You can crush your FBA competition.
Splitly has advanced tools to help you automate A/B split testing.
Splitly rotates listing images, titles and descriptions, whilst constantly recording the customer behaviour that is associated with each variation.
Splitly finds optimum configurations for your listings.
It also uses its algorithms and data extrapolation AI to optimize pricing too.
In addition to its paid AI software tools, Splitly provides free resources that can teach you a great deal about Amazon analytics and making your business more profitable.
With Splitly, you get accurate keyword rankings that are updated daily.
Algorithmic split testing can be done.
Splitly’s AI algorithms let you automatically set the best prices for all your products.
Splitly also does other work for you such as constantly doing research on pricing of products similar to your competitors and help you make price adjustments according to the supply and demand.
Splitly allows you to create 2 or more variations of your Amazon listing and changes it every night at midnight PST.
Splitly is a tool that you can use in order to get predictions on your FBA sales performance by using different variants which you cannot do manually by yourself.
It allows keyword rank tracking.
Splitly is a real stand-out tool in an area of FBA selling tools that is quite well catered.
Splitly uses advances security measures to ensure the safety of your information.
You will be able to get an overview which approach is best in promoting your products with the best pricing and content that will increase your revenues.
Splitly is flawed, but it’s the best tool we have at the moment for what it does.
You can get more traffic, sales and profits.

❌ Cons

Just as any tool and software that does not explain in details how their algorithm works the consumers will have to rely mainly on the credibility of the product and the people behind its designs and features.
Splitly installs a browser plugin to work. It’s bad enough you have to give over your API keys.
Splitly is merely a test that you can do to your FBA sale pages but there is no guarantee that its system is accurate and will yield reliable results.
Free trial is not available.
As any instrument and programming that does not clarify in points of interest how their calculation functions the buyers should depend principally on the believability of the item and the general population behind its plans and highlights.
If you’re only a casual seller, you probably don’t need such sophisticated software.
Splitly seduces you into thinking it’s really super confident that your listings are optimized, but really it’s ready to declare a winner when there’s little better than chance that it’s true.
They’re too eager to declare something the winner.
Splitly is only a test that you can do to your FBA deal pages however there is no assurance that its framework is precise and will yield solid outcomes.
You need to provide it access to your Amazon MWS.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
They make way bigger claims than they should be making and are way too fast to declare a winner and give you a false sense accomplishment based on very little evidence. It isn’t the kind of thing you use for a week and declare a listing optimized. It’s the kind of thing you use for months or years to keep gaining new insights into what works and what doesn’t.
It stands out because it uses artificial intelligence to trial split testing on your behalf. So, rather than have you draw up a traditional A and B version of a page, you can run the two side-by-side to work out what is going to return the best result. Splitly rotates listing images, titles and descriptions, whilst constantly recording the customer behaviour that is associated with each variation.
Amazon is no doubt a highly competitive marketplace. Amazon sellers will benefit if they can get the most appropriate pricing for their product as against their competitors. Splitly is one of the tool that can help Amazon sellers get the most of their image and text ads and become ahead of their FBA competitors using the software’s split testing features.
Splitly is an advanced e-commerce tool that makes it easier to perform split tests, optimize your prices, and track your keyword ranking. It can give you a big advantage in this increasingly competitive marketplace and save you lots of time. Many online sellers have to choose between doing insufficient analytics or spending countless hours pouring over reports. With Splitly, you can get accurate data in a short time.
Splitly is defective, however it’s the best apparatus we have right now for what it does. Try to run tests for route longer than they say you have to with way more tightly criteria, or run far more tests.

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