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Pros and Cons

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✅ Pros

It is comfortable to wear for your dogs.
Review Pros
SpotOn is very easy to set up and doesn’t require any hardware installation.
SpotOn offers flexibility and customization with a price that won’t grow with your fence’s size.
It works perfectly with dogs of different temperaments and sizes, which means that you never have to worry about its efficacy.
You can activate and deactivate fences, track your dog’s location, and even receive instant escape notifications in the event that your dog does make their way out of the perimeter.
It is the best quality wireless fencing device on the market.
Extreme GPS accuracy as it is connects with a three-satellite point navigation system that can locate your dogs wherever they may end up being.
It is a simple and easily adaptable concept.
Not having to dig or deal with professional installation services saves time and mone.
It’s completely foolproof and reliable, so you’ll have 100% peace of mind.
The ease of installation and portability are the major perks of this system.
SpotOn has nothing to install. No programs, physical barriers, or additional software.
This system offers up to 1,000 fence posts, and you can create limitless shapes.
The system’s app has a nice tracking and monitoring interface.
potOn connects to 25–30 satellites all at once for the best tracking available.
It has long-lasting battery life.
The SpotOn Virtual Fence includes everything you need to train your dog to stay inside your yard.
Fences work on GPS alone. Poor cell coverage will not affect your dog’s fences.
It can cover an extremely wide area of property.
It has high-tech and high-quality design.
You don’t need to dig up your yard to install underground wires or even check on physical boundaries.
It is the most accurate GPS fence solution that connects with 3 satellite navigation systems and can pinpoint the location of your dog to within 10 feet.
It is durable and comfortable for your dog to wear.
The ability to track your dog makes the unit feel very safe even if your dog is a runner.
For better reception and more accurate boundary reading, the antenna inside the device is located at the back of the dog’s neck.
Fences work on GPS meaning that poor cell coverage won’t affect your containment locations.
No requirement is needed to dig up your backyard to put in underground wires or to check on physical borders
The technology of this fence creates effective boundaries that ensure your dog is safe and will not wander away.
This virtual fence uses advanced GPS technology with real-time motion detection.
It is extremely well-engineered, even when you compare the system to a few of the best unseen fences on the marketplace.
It is very easy to adjust and allows you to really set up amazing play and exercise for your beloved pet no matter your location.
Works very well with dogs of different sizes and temperaments, so you don’t have to worry about its efficacy.
Multiple fences for the same locations allow for fence programming the entire yard, just the front or just the back.
The most accurate GPS fence connects with four satellite navigation systems, connecting to 25-30 satellites and pinpointing your dog to within 10 feet of his location.
SpotOn Virtual Fence is entirely virtual. It doesn’t have any blind spots, and you won’t ever have to worry about leaving a gate open.
It comes with a long-lasting battery.
Provides great flexibility, allowing for multiple fences in the same location – so you can fence just the front, just the back, or the entire yard.
There is no minimum or maximum to perimeters.
GPS technology controls and maintains the integrity of the fence.
It works well with dogs of different sizes, activity levels, ages, temperaments, and training phases.
SpotOn comes with an iPhone app that can become your best friend in times of crisis.
It comes with convenient rechargeable batteries.
Extremely simple to adjust, letting you actually set up excellent play and workouts for your dogs no matter where you are.
Three satellite navigation systems track your dog to within 10 feet of his location.
It functions extremely well with dogs of various sizes and characters, so you do not need to fret about its effectiveness.
It is waterproof.
Connecting to 24+ satellites, SpotOn always knows your dog’s location and direction.
Unlike other apps that can be slow to work or require a cell signal to function, the SpotOn Dog Collar is completely self-contained and able to be used no matter the situation.
It is easy to use.
It is easy to use and install.
It is designed to work with virtually any dog, so you don’t have to worry that your dog’s activity level will make the fence unsuitable for him or her.
SpotOn offers a 45-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty.
It has the ability to switch to audible.
Customizable fence perimeters that works on GPS even without cellular coverage.
No digging to plant markers and no poor reception if your cellular service is weak.
SpotOn can accommodate 10″ to 26″ neck sizes.
It is a great company that really cares about your dog’s safety.
You receive immediate notifications if your pup leaves your safe zones.
It is easy to adjust.
You can create and store up to 10 custom fences anywhere from 0.5 to 1,000s acres in area.
It is well-structured and well-engineered, comparing the unit to some of the best invisible or wireless fences on the market.
There is no need to dig up your yard for the installation process.
No need to dig up your yard to put in underground wires or to check on physical boundaries.
It is lightweight.
It is surprisingly easy to set up multiple fencing areas so that you can have more control over where your dog plays.

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❌ Cons

This collar is quite expensive compared to its counterparts e.g Halo Collar.
GPS location tracking and customizable geofence alerts are customizable, but walking the perimeter is required.
If you plan to track your dog you must have cell coverage, which makes it very difficult to use if you live off the beaten path or in an area with spotty coverage.
Walking with the collar and your phone might not be ideal for all users, especially with large areas to cover.
This virtual fence system is quite expensive but is packed with features.
You may not need the “extras” like numerous customizable virtual fences.
Price may be out of budget for some dog owners.
The SpotOn GPS wireless dog fence costs $1495, plus an $83 annual subscription.
It is too expensive.
Though this is a really great product with a lot of great features, the price point is just too high for many users.
The cost point is quite high compared to other invisible fences, though you do get your money’s worth here.
It can’t track your dog without cell coverage.
The SpotOn Dog Collar requires cellular coverage and you therefore might experience difficulty in locating your dogs if you end up in areas with no cell sites.
The price point is pretty high compared to other invisible fences, though you do get your money’s worth here.
This system is expensive.
Spaces less than a half acre can result in your dog hearing warning tones that can impact training.
The system requires cell coverage, which makes it really tough to use if you live off the beaten path or in a location with spotty coverage.
It requires a monthly subscription plan.
Monthly subscription for app required, required some bugs fixes, and currently designed for iPhone only. However, the app bug fixes come quick.
It is quite expensive compared to other virtual fences.
The main complaints involve inaccurate feedback for fencing boundaries, lost GPS signals, and hit-or-miss customer service.
If you plan to track your dog, you must have decent cell coverage and this makes it incredibly difficult to use if you live in an area with spotty coverage.
The cost point is quite high compared to other invisible fences like Halo collar currently on the market. However, well worth it when you consider the SpotOn Virtual GPS Dog Fence’s versatility.
While there is a small-dog variety in the works, this system is currently only suitable for medium to large doggos.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
There is truly no better GPS dog fence available today than the SpotOn Virtual Smart fence. Create and store up to 10 custom fences anywhere from 0.5 to 1,000s acres in area. Great for containing your dog at home or on the go, SpotOn offers flexibility and customization with a price that won’t grow with your fence’s size.
If you frequently need to adjust your dog’s boundaries, like playing with toys that are on the cutting edge of tech and you don’t mind paying a little extra for great performance, you’re definitely in the target audience. If you typically have good cellular coverage around your home and you really don’t want to deal with putting in wires or erecting fences, this unique collar really is one of the best tools for keeping your dog safe.
If we choose to put prices aside, the SpotOn fence wins. It is built with more advanced technology and its accuracy is the best, more than the halo collar. Not to mention the real and on-time feature which delivers faster than the halo fence.
With the SpotOn Virtual Collar and Fence, you won’t have to worry about whether you closed the gate, or constantly be watching your dog like a hawk in an unfenced yard. The SpotOn Virtual Wireless Dog Fence is the only thing you’ll need to make sure your dog stays where he needs to be.
This invisible fence relies on GPS technology rather than buried wires to keep your dog safe and inside your yard, for up to 1,000 acres.
Cost aside, this is absolutely one of the best virtual fences on the market, to say nothing of being one of the best tracking collars you’re ever going to find. You are going to pay a premium for this device, but that’s to be expected with this level of quality – see our article on how the SpotOn fence compares to the Halo Collar for more information. If you need the best tools that are on the market right now to keep your dog safe, you’re going to want to take the time to at least take a look at this product.
It is a great training tool and offers far more customizable features than any of the competitors. If you are looking for the best GPS collar for your dog, then you cannot go wrong by choosing the SpotOn GPS fence.
Not only was I impressed by their wireless collar, but I love that SpotOn partners with HeroPups, a non-profit, that pairs dogs with veterans with PTSD. I am a big supporter of HeroPups and volunteer some website help with them. I love what the SpotOn Collars team is doing and highly recommend the collar if you can do it!
SpotOn is best for rural dogs who enjoy running in vast, open spaces where there might not be such good connectivity. This GPS wireless dog fence does not count steps or rest, so if you want to keep track of your dog’s fitness, another solution is preferable. If your dog likes to run for most of the day, this is one of the best GPS dog fences for battery life.
The collar is completely self-contained, and whatever you need is inside it: no additional wires, physical parts, or virtual software application to set up. The collar is entirely rechargeable and includes sufficient power for a twenty-four-hour charge. If somebody discovers your lost dog prior to you do, the collar shows the dog’s name and your contact number.
Whether you’re retired, a traveler, owner of a large property, or want to give your fur baby a little freedom to roam, this product is for you.
We recommend Halo2 over SpotOn, largely due to the significant pricing differences but also because Halo can accommodate many more dog sizes than SpotOn. However, the choice between the two ultimately comes down to your needs. SpotOn could be better for you if you want more customizable fencing and better battery life in the collar.
Keeping your dog safe is your top priority. While there are many GPS dog fencing options, there is none that offers the versatility of this invisible fence. With the advanced GPS technology, you will not have to worry about where your dog is at any time.
The only thing that I do not like about the SpotOn Virtual Fence is its very expensive price tag (check the current price here), however, the feature that comes with it makes it the perfect device with all the excellent qualities that you might need and want for a device that functions as a virtual fence to ease up all your worries. They also provide great financing options so you don’t have to pay the whole amount upfront.

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