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✅ Pros

Spreaker Studio also has a library of free music.
Review Pros
One stand-out feature is that they have a Live Podcasting option.
With Spreaker’s Analytics tools, you’ll be able to know how your podcast is doing in real-time.
Episodes can be downloaded manually or from an RSS feed.
It has clean and intuitive interface.
If you’d rather create than sell, paying Spreaker hosts can take advantage of Spreaker’s integrated ad network.
Spreaker has been around since 2010.
They do have a free plan.
It allows podcasters of any level to automatically enable the distribution of new episodes to the major listening platforms.
You can buy and add specific features to your plan separately in the Spreaker Store.
It is simple to migrate from a different podcast host to Spreaker’s platform.
If you don’t want (or don’t have the need) to use the Spreaker Studio app to publish your show, you can do it from the CMS dashboard.
When using Spreaker, you will rest assured that you will have the most reliable data in its industry.
The Spreaker shortcode plugin is an easy way to embed an audio player into your WordPress blog or website to showcase your talent.
Whether you’re an independent podcaster or a podcast publisher, the effective monetization tools help turn a hobby into a money-maker.
Your listeners can engage through a live chat as well.
Their app is available for both iOS and Android.
You can manage and schedule multiple podcasts under the same account.
Free version is available.
Spreaker’s free plan lets you use the platform without a credit card.
The $20/month Broadcaster option is the sweet spot.
The prices are fair compared to other platforms.
Starting a podcast on Spreaker is simple.
You can access the most distributism platforms in one place through the large database of partners.
Digestible analytics help set you apart from the competition.
You can do it all with Spreaker instead of just wanting a piece of many broadcasting services together and installing a lot of third-party apps.
One of the top features of Spreaker is its podcast recording app that makes it easy to record and edit your podcast.
You can record a podcast directly from Skype or messenger.
You can easily add your playlists and tracks while taking advantage of the provided lightweight collection of sound effects to enhance your podcasts.
It has overall positive feedback from clients.
It has clean and intuitive interface.
It increases your discoverability with tools like the Spreaker listening platform and one-click distribution.
The advertising delivery system will allow you to keep all your ad as topical as possible.
Spreaker has a wide podcast distribution network which means your podcast will be available on all major podcast platforms and directories.
They have a full suite of desktop and mobile apps that allow you to record, edit, and publish from any device.
They have both a desktop app (for Windows and Mac) and a mobile app (for iPhone and Android) for recording, live streaming, viewing stats, and more.
The basic features of Spreaker are available for free, and you can start podcasting without ever knowing you need it at all.
Free version is available.
You can strategically set your monetization (provided via dynamic ad insertion) at the episode and show level.
Spreaker Studio allows live streaming and episode recording.
Spreaker has committed to always having a free podcast hosting plan so long as they are around.
It provides its users with the possibility to move content and upload files using the RSS importer, share your podcasts to the commonly knows social networks and even on iTunes.
You can also get an accurate reading about the progress of your podcasts, as the application can show you how many listeners tuned into your podcasts at any time, how many had listened when it aired live and the total number that your episodes have been downloaded.
You can post a podcast directly from the app.
It is easy to use.
You offline records can be published directly or saved within the app’s Draft and Uploads section for later editing.
It offers a free package which has all the necessary features.
There are lots of third-party apps for increasing your searchability.
It has clean and easy to use Interface.
You can find what you are looking for in this podcast platform with ease.
Spreaker is one of the few platforms that offers live podcasting.
The platform lets you pre-record new episodes or live-stream them.
There is a free plan to test things out.
Spreaker Studio lets you record new episodes and live stream.
The basic level package is completely free.
It can easily integrate itself with Skype, so that you can stay in touch with listeners without having to leave the app’s main window.
You can add collaborators.
The clean interface is easy to navigate the tools for a stress-free experience, especially for beginners.
Their statistics are certified by the IAB.

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❌ Cons

Statistics are limited by plan.
It is hard to get a refund if you neglect to cancel your membership renewal for the software.
Embed player is limited by plan.
It has somewhat limited customer service.
Features vary depending on the device.
It is challenging to get your money back if you forget to cancel your annual renewal membership.
Payment-related issues are hard to settle.
There is no audio editor in the app for post-production of the episode.
It gets pricey to do lots of live recordings.
The features are limited in free plan.
They have limited customer service.
You can only communicate with them through emails.
If a free account goes inactive for 90 days, then Spreaker can terminate it at any time without notice.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Spreaker is one of the best podcast hosting providers out there, no-doubt because if its backing by iHeartMedia. With Spreaker’s advanced mobile app, they lower the barrier to entry by making it easy to record, edit, and publish your podcast. We like that Spreaker has a plan that is free forever – no credit card required. This let’s newbies get started without any up-front cost.
What you should be looking for a podcast hosting site is how much it reduces the hurdle between you and your dream podcast. So, if we’re to recommend the best podcast hosting site for you, Spreaker definitely makes it on the list as a one-stop shop solution for all your podcasting blues.
Spreaker is the best podcasting platform focussed on podcast hosting, distribution, monetization, and tracking audience analytics. You can also listen to multiple live, on-demand audio shows. With thousands of podcasters hosting their shows on the platform (and millions of active monthly users), Spreaker enables anyone to interact with a large community of audio creators and listeners.
Spreaker is a one-stop-shop for podcasters. From newbies just getting started to publishers developing tons of content, Spreaker has a solution for making any podcasters journey a smooth and profitable one.
All in all, Spreaker Studio is a comprehensive tool for recording, broadcasting and analyzing your podcasts. The app acts both as a podcast editor and as a player, without compromising on looks or features.
Whether you are doing your first episode as a beginner or already an established publisher, it is essential to note that for you to have a successful podcast, you need a reliable platform like Spreaker. This simple to use platform has all the required tools and features to help you manage your podcasts with ease.
Spreaker offers a free plan that you can test out. Although the features are limited, podcasters can really get a real feel for the platform before they decide to invest in a particular plan. And when you do decide to switch to a paid plan, there is something for everyone. From their on-air talent to anchorman, podcasters can take advantage of Spreaker’s ease of use, and numerous features, including monetization and one-click distribution (to name just a few).
Spreaker has been around since 2010 and has a handful of unique features and software for podcasters. You can let listeners interact with you with the included chatbox and there are other integration options. There is a free plan to test things out.
The website has all the features you need to manage your podcasts. Best of all, the podcast software has a free plan! This alone is enough for us to recommend giving the website a try. If you find that you need more advanced features, you can always upgrade later through its website.Test out Spreaker for your podcast today, and you’ll be well on your way to learning how to host a podcast!
If you really need the live podcasting feature, they are great, but if you’re just doing a normal podcast, I’d look elsewhere.
I found Spreaker to be a great app for starting a podcaster career. In one application, you can record an episode, automatically distribute it to popular sites and connect monetization.
There are various incredible choices that you can use to get started; it all depends on exactly what kind of cost of an option you are looking for and what your goals are. Spreaker has a handy quick, easy recording tool that you can use to record sound effects and audio on the go as you walk along the street.

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