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✅ Pros

Improved battery life is fantastic.
Review Pros
Water bolts are way better than the traditional streams of water.
The digital display is incredibly handy.
Digital display comes in incredibly handy.
The automatic refilling system and continuous pressurization mechanism are game-changers.
Water bullets are more fun and far more accurate than the conventional water stream.

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❌ Cons

It is even more expensive than its already pricey older sibling.
Smaller tank is a bummer.
It is super expensive for a water gun.
Purists are likely to miss the feeling of pumping the gun for pressure.

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Review Summaries
The Spyra Two is a remarkably autonomous water gun that makes refilling a breeze, allowing you to focus most of your energy on leaving your opponents drenched. It features some welcome improvements over its predecessor as far as the battery is concerned, though the increase in price can be a tough pill to swallow. All things considered, it’s safe to say that the Spyra Two is the new king of the water guns.
The Spyra One is a remarkably innovative water gun that has succeeded in automating the most tedious and time-consuming tasks of its forebearers. With an automatic refilling system and continuous pressurization, you’ll be raining water bullets on all your enemies with minimal hassle. And the digital display will help you avoid being caught off guard due to low ammo. It’s pretty much the most high-tech water gun around. Just be ready to mortgage out your house to get one.

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