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✅ Pros

SSLPrivateProxy offers fast customer support response time via its ticketing service and Skype.
Review Pros
It has 38 Server Locations by which 33 are spread across the US.
It offers unlimited bandwidth.
It has 100% working proxies for Instagram, Craigslist and Sneakers Websites.
SSLPrivateProxy offers a structured price model and the final price of your VPN will depend on the number of VPNs you buy and the billing period.
It has 3-day refund policy.
SSL Private Proxy has a wide range of pricing packages to choose from depending on which suits you best.
They offer both private proxies and shared proxies as well.
It provides fast & reliable proxies.
SSL Private Proxies has a refund policy of 7 days.
Connection speed is high.
SSL Private Proxies accepts payment in various methods, such as Credit Cards, Bitcoin, PayPal, and WorldPay.
Their proxies support both IP authentication and username/password authorization.
A compatible control panel offers a convenient portal to easily manage one’s proxy services.
It is affordable.
All of SSLPrivateProxy special use proxies are virgin proxies.
They provide an excellent refund policy that provides you a money-back guarantee within 7 days of using their service.
It has good location coverage and proxy pool size.
You can request for a new set of proxies each month easily from your control panel.
It offers 3-day money back guarantee.
All the Virtual private networks support OpenVPN and PPTP protocols, which adds more to security.
They provide their users with fresh IP addresses instantly on their demand.
Datacenters are distributed in US and UK locations.
SSL Proxies offers a staggeringly fast speed of up to 1 Gbps.
7-day money-back guarantee is available.
It has 3-days refund policy.
SSLPrivateProxy private proxies are very fast.
It has multiple locations.
SSLPivateProxy offers fast dedicated proxy servers and over 120,000+ dedicated IP addresses in their stock.
It works with any SEO tool.
It offers clean IP address.
For every person you refer and that person makes a purchase, you earn money.
They offer the users with 1000 GB connections with a guarantee that all the proxies are completely functional and ready for operation.
It has 7 days money back guarantee.
SSLPrivateProxy has shared proxies that sell at a lower price compared to the others.
Both SSL Private Proxies private and shared servers are offered at great prices.
Private and shared proxies are available.
It has many locations across the world.
It has lots of specialized proxy packages.
The monthly randomization of proxies is enabled for most packages.
It has high anonymity private HTTP/HTTPS proxies.
Virgin proxies and dedicated packages are offered.
SSL Private Proxy strictly uses IP Authentication method to authenticate your login.
Their customer support is offered 24 hours a day.
It provides lots of specialized packages for specific purposes.
It provides a dedicated IP address to all its customers.
SSLPrivateProxy offers both Virtual Private Networks and private proxies.
Bitcoin payment option is available.
You are assured of high anonymity by SSL Private Proxy.
You can be sure that your IP address isn’t shared by anyone but you.
SSL proxy servers use their own wind power which is totally eco-friendly.
Users located in Turkey or China can easily and securely use their VPNs to bypass their countries censorship restriction and Internet firewalls.
It offers complete security and protection against cyber attacks like Smurf Attacks and DDOS attacks.

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❌ Cons

There are no single-IP packages for some proxy categories.
Price is more on the expensive side.
There is no live chat support.
They are considered expensive when you compared their prices with other datacenter providers.
SSL Private Proxy doesn’t allow users to test their Proxies before buying.
SOCKS proxies are not available.
They have a lot of room for improvement in the area of customer support.
Refund policy comes with a condition that you do not use the Proxies to create accounts on social media or post any ads.
There is no trial.
There is no trial period before buying.
There is no free trial.
They don’t offer Socks proxies.
There are no SOCKS proxies.
There are no rotating proxies.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
SSLPrivateProxy is a global leader in providing VPNs and private proxies. They have specialized in providing private proxies for special use. These [the proxies] are virgin proxies allocated with the sole purpose of guaranteeing the customer’s connection to the desired website or platform. Their services are offered from multiple servers. Exactly from 34 North American and 5 European locations.
SSL Private Proxy initially impressed us with their inexhaustive list of features and well-made packages. But the pricing plans seemed a little bit overwhelming to us.
SSLPrivateProxy is a very good proxy service that offers high-quality shared and private proxies that can be used for creating social media accounts, purchasing sneakers and tickets, performing SEO tasks.
SSL Private Proxy are best known for providing better privacy to its users. If you’re looking for proxies which allow you to anonymously surf in private without compromising your identity online, then SSL proxies would suit best for you.
They hold a clean track record of having served hundreds of customers on a daily basis with a 100% satisfaction rate. They are completely focused on providing only the best solutions for all its customers. Their proxies and VPNs provide a secure method to digitally protect a user’s online credentials. The diligent anonymity provided by SSL helps customers surf the web, use social media sites and operate internet advertising while keeping their original IP addresses totally hidden.
SslPrivateProxy is one of the top private proxies that you can use to hide your identity online. With SslPrivateProxy dedicated proxies, you will get an unlimited bandwidth to remain anonymous for one whole month. SslPrivateProxy provides access to multiple cities and subnets.
SSL Private Proxy has an impressive high-speed connection, high-security features, and diverse locations of servers that will always ascertain your comfort. More importantly, the company is a good leader in providing you highly anonymous proxies and secure Virtual Private Networks. Subscribe to the SSL Private Proxies plans of your choice and start enjoying their amazing profits and provides SSL Private Proxy Promo Code.
For SSLPrivateProxy, they have got all the major things a good proxy provider should have. Their major problems lie in their expensive pricing and slow customer support. These can be overlooked in many cases, and as such, I recommend them.
SSLPrivateProxy is a very good proxy service that provides high-quality private proxy as well as other shared proxy services. There are many packages available that are optimized for specific usage situations.
One of the biggest names in the private proxy industry, SSLPrivateProxy offers both cheap shared proxies and virgin ones. Their extended proxy network is also a great feature if you want to buy geo-specific IPs for classified ads websites or local SEO campaigns. offers very fast proxies service speeds. I have tested their private proxies by using Instagram, and they work really great. Their IPs are really fresh, so you never have to worry about being banned. So I recommend you use this service.

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