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✅ Pros

You can upload a high quality image directly via the Stardust Gallery website.
Review Pros
The website is well laid out and is easy to navigate.
Image can be changed out for another image at any time by opening the frame (the frame borders open outward).
You can utilize not only astronomy images, but any other types of images as well.
LED lightbox uses a high quality, all metal frame.

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❌ Cons

It would be nice for Stardust Gallery to offer other materialistic options for lightboxes (wooden as an alternative frame, for example).
Keep in mind that any small errors may show in result.

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Review Summaries
The ordering process is a breeze with smooth transitions between webpages as the order is processed and accepting Paypal payment as a great convenience. Whether or not a product is purchased from Stardust Gallery, it is well worth the website visit for the astronomy, entertainment, and humor content alone.

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