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Pros and Cons

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✅ Pros

It brings all the standard effects of CBD flowers, just a bit stronger than normal.
Review Pros
All products are organically grown in the USA, free of pesticides, heavy metals, fungus, etc.
There is a range of products available including pre-rolls, different strains of hemp flower and even other herbs.
The smell is super pungent.
Starseed Botanicals coupon codes are offered online.
It’s got an earthy, sweet, citrusy flavor.
The smell is very sweet, herbal and piney.
Discount is offered for paying with cryptocurrency.
Buds are very nice. Very fresh looking.
Starseed Botanicals offers discounts of up to 15 percent for those who pay with Crypto-currency.
Range of hemp and other botanical products are designed towards health and wellness.
The package came with test results for potency.
Starseed is dedicated to the education of CBD, hemp and the medicinal applications of this wondrous herb,
It is third-party lab tested for potency and pollutants.
They are also offering a pretty substantial discount.
It helps with focus, depression, and creativity.
Starseed Botanical is one of the few companies dedicated to the cultivation of high quality, high-CBD hemp flowers for all public customers.
All herbs and hemp plants are grown on the Starseed Botanicals farm.
It has a nice light green color covered in frosty crystals and red hairs throughout.

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❌ Cons

About Us section leaves us wanting to know more about the company.
It is a bit expensive.
Small-time business doesn’t appear to have a big social media following yet.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
I would highly recommend this strain to any CBD/Hemp bud user. This is just good smoke and could easily be my go to CBD flower. And we have a coupon code “HBF15” for an additional 15% off any orders.
They are dedicated providing top quality hemp flower to people who want to use CBD in an alternative way and that they don’t care about blowing bells and whistles all over the place. With no shop front, they are dedicated almost entirely to cultivation. Plus, they are a rare breed of cannabis growers out there whose main concern is to produce smokeable hemp flower to the general public and not just for wholesale.
Starseed Botanicals aims to provide all the benefits that CBD can still offer the human body without the high or psychoactive effects of THC. Not only does this smaller botanical company have their customer’s interest at heart, but they also provide discounts as often as possible to as many as possible.
There’s no question about the quality here. This P19 flower is definitely high / dispensary quality. Starseed’s prices for grams and 1/8th ounces are pretty average for legal hemp.

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