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✅ Pros

It comes with good active features and app support.
Review Pros
The transmitter can handle up to 12 meters without dropout.
The SteelSeries Arctis 7 is highly comfortable.
There’s a volume control wheel on the headset which makes avoiding overly embarrassing sound leakage easy to manage.
The bass is not too overwhelming and can be adjusted through the EQ.
It has comfortable and durable design.
The price is not unreasonable considering the tech you are getting.
It functions both wireless and wired.
It gives good audio and microphone reproduction.
It features a nice metal frame underneath the headband, which helps make it feel a little more premium than the other offerings.
LED lights run around the fringe of the ear cups and you can customize using the GameDAC.
You’ll get 24 hours on a single charge.
This gaming headset produces an impressive EQ frequency curve.
It has spectacular sound profile.
The Arctis boasts an undeniably beautiful design across the full range.
It has better sound quality than most gaming headsets.
SteelSeries say that the mic filters out outside noise.
It is very comfortable to wear.
It comes at a reasonable price.
It works with any gaming system.
It has flexible and eye-catching design.
The magnetic cup plates and the headband can be changed which offers gamers, the option to customise the look of their Artcis Pro.
One of the big selling points with the Rival 700 range is the tactile feedback the mouse offers.
Its steel headband boasts a gunmetal finish with a padded underside.
It has better sound than its Siberia 800 predecessor.
It offers a comfortable fit.
It has outstanding build quality.
The side buttons are easy to reach even after long gaming sessions, and all the buttons on the mouse have a great tactile feel.
It is customizable with different headbands and earpads.
There is built in a safety noise limiter.
With a few exceptions, overall audio quality is adequate.
The new TrueMove3 sensor in the 710 is a welcome addition.
Because it’s bendy, you can position it right up close to your mouth, so it performs well when you use it in noisy places.
It has industry-leading microphone.
It has clean and punchy audio.
It has subtle RGB lighting design.
Headband remains comfortable for hours.
Mic sounds good.
It showed an excellent sound quality.
The GameDAC has its own OLED screen display.
It gives great audio and microphone reproduction.
It can take quite a bit of torsion without breaking.
It has a great battery life.
Bass can be pushed.
The little screen can be used for health levels, stats of the game, or a logo you want to display.
It has DTS Headphone:X virtual surround.
The omnidirectional gooseneck microphone can be pulled out or pushed back in as needed, making it very practical.
SteelSeries has also placed a bright red LED on the tip to provide clear notification that the mic is muted.
It’s surprisingly light.
It comes with good battery life.
It has versatile and durable design.
Steelseries has the max charge time at 24 hours.
It supports wireless via USB transmitter and Bluetooth.
It has long battery life.
Its price is fairly stable online.
There are dozens of additional features and tweaks.
It has an impressive battery system.
It offers stereo and DTS 7.1 surround sound, along with the ability to tweak the equalization through the SteelSeries Game Engine software.
It is affordable.
It has a wide operational range.
Arctis design is still exceedingly comfortable.
It has ergonomic design and accessible controls.
SteelSeries has opted for a propriety wireless technology, which is aimed at increasing performance for gaming.
It has sleek, lightweight design.
There is low latency for gaming and home theater.
It has flexible, collapsible, crystal-clear mic.
It gives balanced sound.
It has a ski-strap style headband to fit to the contours of your head keeping it snug.

❌ Cons

It can be a bit tight for some listeners.
Bass isn’t particularly powerful.
GameDAC is quite big and can get in the way.
There is no button to adjust microphone volume.
Bass and treble delivery varies significantly across users. Sensitive to glasses.
It is expensive, by 2018 standards.
For the lights to operate around the ear cups, the USB cable does need to be inserted.
Soundstage is not the widest.
It showed inadequate fit characteristics.
It is not as good for music as gaming.
Headband could be better.
Mic LED light is annoying.
Steelseries wants you to install its Engine software and register your headset for the privilege, which is a bit of a hassle.
It showed poor noise isolation.
Software and virtual 7.1 are only available on PC.
Surround sound could be better.
It has subpar noise isolation.
The cable had become loose at the headset meaning sound frequently dropped out and forced me to have to fiddle with it to get it back.
Dual-battery system is neat, but not as useful when most headsets last up to 24 hours per charge.
The headset just doesn’t feel as luxurious as its predecessors, which is a real pity.
Fit might be uncomfortable for odd-shaped heads.
At $150, it has some pretty intense competition.
It is expensive.
It has wired-only Xbox & Switch support.
It is slightly bulky.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
With a classy aesthetic and a stunning sound, SteelSeries’ latest headset is the stuff of aural legend. With its several input options, great virtual surround sound, comfort and control accessibility, it’s a gamer’s dream.
The SteelSeries Arctis 7 are a great gaming headset, with a versatile design, a good sound, and an excellent mic. They also have a long-lasting battery life, and a standard audio jack so that you can use them passively like casual headphones. Unfortunately, they’re a bit bulky, and the headband frame is not adjustable so they may be a little tight for some listeners. They also won’t be ideal to use in loud environments because they don’t block a lot of noise.
Not only it is built to look and feel expensive, but its functional design makes it a joy to use for hours on end. The wireless range and battery life are second-to-none, and while £150 will get you a better-sounding pair of dedicated headphones, the Arctis’ audio is fantastic, and will deliver the goods across your music and Steam libraries.
The Steelseries Arctis 7 wireless gaming headset combines solid audio quality, flexible connection options, and a comfortable fit at a reasonable price.
The SteelSeries Arctis 5 headset is an incredible sounding pair of cans that have no business sounding as good as they do at this price point, held back only by the confounding decision to use ski goggle straps to hold them to your head.
This Arctic 7 is by far the best choice for wireless PC headsets, and one of the best overall gaming headsets, period. While using it on a console narrows its functionality, it still outperforms most console headsets, while its comfort, style, and versatile connectivity offer plenty more reasons to fall in love with it.
If you’re a PC gamer with a particular penchant for MMOs, or action games that don’t require pinpoint surround-sound, and are looking for a headset with a perfectly neutral sound which is beautifully made, the Arctis 7 is as good as anything out there.
The Arctis Pro Wireless is easier to recommend in 2018 than its aging Siberia 800 predecessor, but its charging system feels less useful than it once did and the audio isn’t much better than the much cheaper Arctis 7.
Learning its lessons from the Arctis 7, SteelSeries outdone themselves and produced a high calibre gaming headset that whilst it carries a fairly hefty price tag, finds itself as one of the best gaming headsets available.
The Siberia 200 doesn’t quite live up to the high standards of SteelSeries’ previous models, but fit, comfort, and audio quality are all acceptable. To be sure, the Siberia 200 trends more toward class-average. It also excludes anyone with a head circumference larger than ~60cm.
The Arctis range has made real waves in the headset market since its arrival, and the Arctis 7 still represents the sweet spot between price and performance. Streamers will need a more heavyweight mic solution, for for everyone else who just cares about great sound and ergonomics, this is the first wireless model to check out.
The Arctis 3 is a good entry point for the range, and for the money you could do a lot worse. However, for £109.99 you can pick up the mid-range Arctis 5 and get a host of other features including better sound and subtle illuminations.
The SteelSeries Arctis 7, as we expected, is a killer gaming headset. It features an awesome design, tons of flexibility thanks to the fact that it works both wirelessly and in wired mode, and a pretty great sound quality. Because of its excellent build quality and great value for money, we’ve awarded the SteelSeries Arctis 7 the Headphone Review Silver Medal.
For the price, the Rival 710 is hard to beat. It is comfortable, packed with features, and offers one of the best optical sensors I have used in recent memory. While the OLED screen remains a superfluous feature even into the second generation, everything else makes the Rival 710 a must buy.
The Arctis Pro Wireless is a comfortable, well-designed headset that sounds amazing, and has a superb battery system and a great microphone. It’s rather expensive, and like many gaming headphones, it’s rather bulky and has poor isolation performance, but the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless is otherwise a remarkable gaming headset.

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