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✅ Pros

The sticks themselves do not weight much at all.
Review Pros
The support of the stick helps the body and the central nervous system.
The Mobility Stick is available in different lengths as well as in the Standard and Pro versions.
The stick is an unbeatable tool for warm-up units, which are used to prepare the muscle chains for training.
The stick is used as a tool to create leverage.
Since the stick will not break, you can push and pull it which adds resistance to the muscles that are doing the pushing and pulling.
It adds a whole new dimension to the movements.
Stick Mobility does offer a “pro” model designed for stronger or heavier users.
The Stick Mobility formulation allows for a great balance of rigid strength and flexibility.
These are muscle contractions that result in no joint motion.
It can also be used as a support in demanding stabilization exercises for controlled movement execution.
This system uses a stick as a toll to help improve your functional mobility.
The stick helps give visual and kinesthetic feedback to enhance body awareness and learning.
Although they’re designed to be used primarily with the Stick Mobility movement system, they work just as well with other disciplines.
Squatting with the Stick Mobility sticks allows for more opportunity for generating muscular tension.
Stick Mobility is a system that enables increased range of movement.
There is versatility of the sticks.

❌ Cons

There is a general lack of organization of the online content.
Your muscles contract, but you don’t actually move or push against anything.
Perhaps Stick Mobility could design a barbell or a stick specifically designed to load weight onto.
The system is still relatively new and the team is small.
It may be nice to build a sturdy carabiner designed to slide onto the stick to add an outside line of resistance to certain movements.
There is no categorization or ability to search built into the library yet.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Stick Mobility offer amazing tools that can allow lifters to add strategic resistance to some traditional “mobility” movements. Made out of specially formulated PVC, these sticks are made to push and pull against as you perform movements and generate muscular tension.
The Mobility Stick is a revolutionary training tool for improving functional mobility, posture and body awareness, as well as holistic body stability. Training with the flexible stick helps to improve the range of motion, thus increasing performance and mobility.
The course is a great addition to any movement enthusiasts repertoire. Using the sticks definitely changes how stretches feel, and the leverage you can create really aids in helping you get deeper into positions you otherwise would not be able to access.
Stick Mobility is a movement system designed to help increase your functional range of motion by combining certain aspects of strength training with mobility training. This is done with the use of specially designed sticks. These sticks serve as tools that provide leverage for extending your range of motion beyond what would ordinarily be accessible.

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