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Top 5 Things

People love these 5 things about Stone Coat Countertops:

  1. Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy is virtually maintenance-free, easy to use, and an affordable option for those who want a marble-like look.
  2. The epoxy is scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, and eco-safe with zero VOCs.
  3. Stone Coat offers how-to training videos and the formula is self-leveling and easy to use.
  4. The epoxy can be colored using metallic powder or dye, or it can be left clear.
  5. Stone Coat Countertops resin is particularly durable and offers a good heat resistance.

Featured Review

The Stone Coat countertops epoxy has been specially formulated for an easy do it yourself approach. This can save you loads on hiring a professional. This epoxy is also food safe and has good heat resistance. When it comes to finding a quality finish for your epoxy countertops, then this would be an ideal choice. This would be our first choice for the best epoxy for countertops.

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About Stone Coat Countertops

Stone Coat Countertops is a brand of epoxy-based countertops that can be applied over existing countertops to give them the appearance of stone or other natural materials. The product is a two-part system that includes a resin and a hardener, which are mixed together and applied to the surface of the countertop. The mixture then hardens to form a durable, non-porous surface that is resistant to scratches, stains, and heat. Stone Coat Countertops can be used to create a variety of looks, including marble, granite, and concrete. The epoxy surface is also easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, Stone Coat Countertops can also be used to create unique designs, like metallic or even glow in the dark, and it’s usually a cost-effective alternative to natural stone countertops.

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Stone Coat Countertops is located in Grants Pass, Oregon.

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