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✅ Pros

I was clear and focused enough to start my day after one cup.
Review Pros
It contains full-spectrum CBD Oil.
It is delivered to you as a whole, freshly roasted bean to ensure the best flavor to start your day.
I noticed an overall cleaner caffeine buzz.
There was no urge for more caffeine.
I felt calm and focused after drinking it.
Sträva’s coffees stand out because they’re freshly roasted, specialty-grade coffee beans, precision infused with full-spectrum hemp oil.
All Strava Craft Coffee is organically sourced.
This coffee not only awakens the brain but contains numerous neuro protectants and antioxidants, which are vital for one’s wellbeing.
I did not taste anything that that would indicate and infusion.
Lab reports are available on their website.
It is infused with hemp oil abundant in CBD.
They have four varieties.
It is affordable.
There is a decaf option as well for those that love the taste but are caffeine sensitive.
The Peace and Wellness collection promises a coffee of integrity.
It can be used to improve the quality of life for people with serious conditions.
It tasted like a strong, bold craft coffee brew – without the jitters.
The coffee is extremely well-balanced.
It is delicious and highly-rated coffee.
It is flavorful.
It carries a nice sweetness throughout.
For me, the lack of any hemp taste to the coffee was a huge plus.
Their coffee products are clearly labeled with the exact milligrams of CBD.
It will keep you balanced and at ease.
Buying Strava Craft coffee also ensures thousands of farmers worldwide attain their day’s bread.
The coffee itself is delicious and holds its own with similar roasters like Handsome, Blue Bottle, etc.
Sträva’s Peace and Wellness collection ranges from 100mg of CBD per bag (4mg/serving) to 500mg of CBD per bag (20mg/serving).
They also perform independent lab testing on their full-spectrum CBD products.
Beans of Colombian origin are used.
The CBD infused or Peace & Wellness line has three varieties Focus, Restore and Elevate.
Strava Craft coffee brings to its client three distinctive coffee choices.
The most striking outcome of this taste test was that instead of my usual two-three big mugs of coffee in the morning, one was enough.
Acidity, body, aroma and flavour are achieved through keen setup and monitoring of the roaster before it proceeds with its chores.
Unlike normal coffee, Strava’s Coffee is infused with full-spectrum CBD oil from the all-natural organic Hemp.

❌ Cons

The coffee is a little bit expensive at its highest CBD dose coming in at around $55 bucks retail.
It’s important to brew this coffee correctly or you could strain out the oil.
They have unclear return policy.
The coffee lacked some complexity.

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