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✅ Pros

StyleWriter uses a revolutionary 200,000 graded word list to offer meaningful statistics and ratings you can use to become a better writer.
Review Pros
Three different editions of the software allow the users to pick the edition that matches best with their needs.
Other editing customizations, like creating specific word lists, are also available.
The proofreading and editing software can detect jargons in a writing.
You can customize your own proofreading and editing checks.
The software also helps you determine your target audience and takes that into account when assessing your score.
StyleWriter flags clichés, overused phrases or words, and misused words.
It has the ability to proofread a document or writing the same way a professional editor does.
StyleWriter also has a spell checker that looks for possible spelling errors in a writing.
One of the powerful features in StyleWriter is its advanced writing statistics.
Another advantage is the ability to create categories and patterns (e.g., banned wording, required wording) for individual house styles.
StyleWriter is the only writing aid you can fully customize to your writing needs. Organizations can computerize their existing house style rules.
You can customise StyleWriter to suit your style and needs.
You could also decide to add your own house style to StyleWriter’s advice.
No internet connection is needed.
You can call customer service with questions.
StyleWriter not only checks your spelling and grammatical mistakes, but it also helps to pinpoint the wrong use of jargon and abbreviations as well.
StyleWriter is aimed at Microsoft Word users.
The ability to choose both writing task and audience is one of StyleWriter’s greatest strengths.
StyleWriter does not require an internet connection to function.
It offers free 14-day trial.
The Audience Selection Tool allows you to pick your audience and adjust the software to match your target audience.
The Standard Edition includes stats and graphs, all meant to help you proofread and edit on a higher level.
StyleWriter highlights jargon phrases, difficult words and acronyms and abbreviations to help you write in a jargon-free style.
It is customizable.
A StyleWriter 4 free trial is available for 14-days.
StyleWriter does not connect to the internet, nor does it make copies of the documents which it analyzes.
With this software, you can create your own writing rule, and there are various options available to choose from.
It also has passive voice detection feature.
StyleWriter is able to provide the user with a very accurate rating of the document and its readability.
It gives the document a score for the first two, and an overall score for clarity. And it suggests improvements.
If Word is your email editor, you can also use StyleWriter to edit Outlook files.
It offers in-depth analysis of your writing.
It promises to help you whip your text into shape, making it leaner and crisper.
It catches contextual spelling errors that might be missed by a more conventional program.
It also has a version designed for professional writers.
StyleWriter checks a document for errors and style faults which include complex words, long and wordy sentences, and passive verbs.
It provides the user with ways to use English correctly, locates any spelling and grammar issues, and suggests edits when relevant.
StyleWriter searches for words and patterns it does recognise, and offers advice based on what you’ve written.
It has solid usage engine.
StyleWriter offers a sentence graph.
You click on a button and in seconds it has checked the whole document.
The standard edition provides a graph of overall sentence usage.
It offers grammar, spelling and punctuation checks.
StyleWriter provides advanced writing statistics that measure how well you performed in areas such as clarity, sentence length and passive voice.
You can also check for all types of English style, word usage and spelling.
StyleWriter can read through thousands of words in seconds, and check them against a graded list of words for usage, style, and phrasing.
It gathers statistics to help organisations audit their documents for clarity.
StyleWriter’s Smart-Spell technology checks for spelling errors and spelling inconsistencies missed by other programs.
StyleWriter’s editing advice shows you how to transform your writing into clear, concise and professional writing style.
StyleWriter provides various writing statistics to assess the quality of your writing.
It offers fast analysis.

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❌ Cons

One of the biggest limitations is that it’s only supported for Windows.
StyleWriter doesn’t guarantee a response within 24 hours.
It only works through MS-Word.
StyleWriter doesn’t always play nice with Word 2010.
StyleWriter’s interface takes some getting used to.
StyleWriter’s language engine doesn’t always catch everything.
StyleWriter is no substitute for expert editing.
There is no plagiarism checker.
It has outdated looking website.
StyleWriter 4 can seem somewhat intimidating at first, with its graphs, bars, color codes, statistics, and split screens.
It can only be used as an add-in for Microsoft Word.
StyleWriter is not a silver bullet for awesome writing; you will still have to work at it.
StyleWriter’s language engine doesn’t always catch everything.
StyleWriter can seem a little frightening at first, with all of its stats and graphs, splitscreen capabilities, and bars of all kinds.
StyleWriter can only check language, not other important aids to ease of reading such as good layout, useful headings or a logical treatment of the subject.
It does not work on Mac.
You need Word to get the full benefit of StyleWriter.
Some of the ratings seem a little opaque.
It is hard to use with programs other than MS Word.
StyleWriter works as a Word add-in.
It only works on Windows.
You’ll have to call during U.K. business hours.
At £104, StyleWriter’s Professional edition is a decidedly expensive application.
At $190, StyleWriter’s Professional edition is a decidedly expensive application.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Both Grammarly and Stylewriter are great tools for improved writing and grammar, but work very differently from each other – with different feedback provided, based on varying criteria. Therefore, I recommend that clients and mentees purchase both. With reasonable pricing – especially as compared to the cost of tuition, they are well worth the investment!
StyleWriter is a tool for laymen and professionals alike. Choose the right kind of edition, and you will be writing more clearly and concisely than ever before. Over time, you will gain more confidence and find that you are making less errors. This is because StyleWriter aims not only to fix your texts, but also help you educate yourself on proper writing. Developing your skills as a writer can give you a great boost, whether in your personal or professional life.
StyleWriter 4 attempts to function like a human editor, picking up on subtle errors in your text. It incorporates smart-spell technology to catch subtle spelling errors that might be missed by a more conventional program. This program doesn’t have translations services, but specializes in all styles of English. Overall, this is a unique program that has some great features and capabilities to improve your writing.
If you are looking for a more than a grammar checking tool, this software might be a good grammar checker software to use. By using this software, you can transform your writing into an easier-to-read text that your audience can go through easily, without any confusing words or jargon that may prevent your audience from understanding your message clearly. It is suitable for businesses that want to improve their relationship with their customers, and improve the effectiveness of their advertising messages.
At £104, StyleWriter’s Professional edition is a decidedly expensive application. And StyleWriter is not a silver bullet for awesome writing; you will still have to work at it. But if you are willing to put up with StyleWriter’s software quirks, customise it, and use it wisely – your writing will almost certainly be better for it.
tyleWriter is exceptionally detailed in its editing. It checks everything from misused words to sexist writing. Unlike it’s name implies, this editor is not very stylish.StyleWriter is an add-on software license to Microsoft (MS) Word and only works on Windows machines. If the majority of your work is done through MS-Word, we recommend giving StyleWriter a try for offline proofreading software.
StyleWriter stands out for its editing versatility; unlike other tools (AutoCrit, White Smoke, etc.) StyleWriter offers guidance on a broad range of writing tasks, so it’s appropriate for a wide audience—students, researchers, copy writers, non-native English speakers, and so on. It’s easy to be skeptical of an algorithmic approach to writing style, but StyleWriter consistently highlights problematic writing patterns. Some of the suggestions seem like unnecessary edits, and there are times when you’ll ignore StyleWriter’s advice, but it does help you critically examine your own writing—and ultimately, that will help you improve it.
StyleWriter analyzes documents and highlights writing style faults, readability issues, grammar and spelling errors, and other writing problems. It has the ability to point out wordy sentences, passive verbs, abstract phrases, and unknown words. After it checks a document for possible grammar errors and stylistic issues; it provides scores and ratings that measure the style clarity, readability, and writing problems of the draft document. It also helps users proofread their document better through its editing advice feature. Last but not the least, StyleWriter can be customized so users can adjust it to their own writing needs.
StyleWriter 4 can seem somewhat intimidating at first, with its graphs, bars, color codes, statistics, and split screens. But what starts out as a bit of an overwhelming interface quickly reveals itself as an extremely positive and very enlightening writing tool. StyleWriter is a tool geared to success, novelty, and clarity in writing.
Powerful grammar and usage checker StyleWriter Professional can improve your writing style and clarity.
StyleWriter is a Word add-on. You click on a button and in seconds it has checked the whole document for the three main obstacles to understanding: long sentences, passive verbs, and hard words. It gives the document a score for the first two, and an overall score for clarity. And it suggests improvements.

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