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✅ Pros

With full transparency, you can rest assured that the entire program is designed to help you succeed.
You can literally reprogram your mind to serve you better, make you happier, and give you more success without the effort of saying your affirmations over and over again.
You are given the opportunity to create your custom subliminal messages tracks to help you get more specific with your goals and get the proper encouragement to get there.
Audio subliminals are much safer than visual subliminals for people prone to seizures.
Subliminal Guru has more than 350 powerful subliminal MP3 downloads with positive affirmatives for positive results.
It is well tested and scientifically proven by many people and researchers.
These particular tracks have an extra effect of making your mind become attentive to the subliminals.
They’re a leader in the field.
You can buy bundles.
1 spoken version is available for times when you do not want music.
You can implant yourself by having positive thoughts, beliefs, self-confidence, and motivation to reach your goal of destiny without disturbances.
Wide variety of mp3s to choose from in all manner of life category.
14-day money back guarantee if you are not happy.
Subliminal Guru claims to offer happiness, success, and health using subliminal messages that have an impact on people, even though they are not aware that they heard or saw them.
The website has 350 separate subliminal MP3s available for users.
Subliminal messages are embedded into 6 different types of music to fit your mood.
There are single subliminal tracks and there are also bundle packs which have all the tracks which you will find useful for the specific goal you look forward to working on.
Subliminal Guru uses various subliminal techniques, including Whisper Method, Stereo Confusion, Lighting Technique and Reverse Speech.
They offer a money back guarantee.
There are 14 separate tracks for each download, which means you they a total of 140 minutes of MP3 time for each subliminal download you buy.
You can add in your own custom messages.
You can create custom audio mp3 files.
Many people reported that it works.
It is easy to use.
You are receiving subliminal messages even though you may not be consciously aware of it.

❌ Cons

This technique doesn’t work for everyone.
It is only for those who want to release negative habits or limiting beliefs, and develop positive and self-serving beliefs and habits
Cannot download all of the various options at once as they needed to be downloaded one by one.
Cannot listen to these messages if you are epileptic.
It contains oo many versions of each MP3.
Not recommended for pregnant women.
Idea is not liked by many individuals.
Can’t download the audios in the brain hacker library.
No telephone support.
Not good for those who have any threatening mental illness
Custom album is not as effective as others.
Not recommended for those who wear a pacemaker.
If you left any steps or avoided any information, sure you may feel difficult to achieve the desired result.
No telephone support is provided by the website.
They give only 2 free downloads.
If you can not find mp3s of your choice, you only have oe option.
Should not listen to brainwave versions or brown noise version when you need to be alert and awake, such as driving.
You csn not use it while driving.
If a lie is told for long enough that it begins to seem like the truth.
Not recommended for pregnant women.
Packages are a bit expensive.
The idea of spending 10 minutes per day listening to positive phrases and affirmations seems like a bit of a marketing gimmick at best.
It can not be used while driving.
You seem difficult to access this MP3 store without an internet connection because it works through online only.
They do not provide telephone support.

Final Say

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It will be the right chance to change your life into amazing that makes you feel better by full filling your expectations and desire till your life ends. This Subliminal Guru online store will support on providing extensive collections of Powerful Subliminal MP3 for downloading all your requirement and listening to it in your day to day life to feel the difference and this will be the best way to change your thought patterns into impressionable as well as logical to reach your destiny.
Subliminal Guru is a website where one can purchase a number of different subliminal mp3s geared at improving different aspects of one’s life.They offer 14 different downloads for each sublime topic. They use brainwave technology.
A software program to flash subliminal messages on your computer screen as you work to reprogram your mind. It can also creat custom subliminal audio mp3s and contains a library of brain entrainment audios.
They offer 14 different downloads for each sublime topic. They use brainwave technology.They offer a money back guarantee.
With 350 subliminal downloads to choose from, and 140 minutes worth of audio per download, this is one of those investments that will pay off. Subliminal Guru has made sure they created messages for every area of life that could benefit from positive affirmations and new beliefs.
The reason you use positive affirmations in the first place is to influence and eventually change your subconscious mind. Subliminal means below the threshold of consciousness, which means you are targeting your subconscious mind when using subliminal affirmations.
Subliminal Guru website proves itself to be a great resource for powerful subliminal MP3s.It provides hundreds of albums that can provide genuine change practically any area of your life — just by listening to a simple, 10-minute MP3.
The true benefit of Subliminal Guru comes from its expansive library. Even if you’re not sure what you want to change but are just looking to increase your understanding of yourself, there’s a sure bet that by searching through Subliminal Guru’s website you can find areas for self improvement. The website is easy to navigate and comes with a number of helpful categories for self-improvement. By using Subliminal Guru, you can increase your control over your emotional reaction to stimuli and get your conscious and subconscious minds on the same page.
With 350 subliminal downloads to choose from, and 140 minutes worth of audio per download, this is one of those investments that will pay off. Subliminal Guru has made sure they created messages for every area of life that could benefit from positive affirmations and new beliefs.
There is a wide range of products that are offered by Subliminal Guru.There are over 350 albums, in fact, and all of them have over 2 hours of content for you to enjoy.There are several subliminal techniques that are included in these various albums as well so that you can experiment to discover which subliminals can create the most change for you.
If you want to stop overeating, feel more confident, cope with jet lag or live passionately, among others, this subliminal system gives you tracks to see you through these resolutions and also give you the right mindset and attitude to take you successfully through them.

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