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✅ Pros

Review Pros
It comes with a host of different discount exclusively for members.
The course covers everything from installing WordPress to recommended plugins and how to keep your site super fast.
You get access to the Business of Blogging Facebook Group.
You can gain access to a private Facebook group.
The courses are not expensive and have quite a bit in them.
It goes deep into SEO (for almost all travel blogs, search engines are the biggest driver of traffic, so this is important).
It is especially invaluable for those who are relatively new to blogging or just thinking about starting a blog.
The Superstar Blogging community is excellent and very supportive.
It teaches how to think about your brand, the message you want to send, and the type of blogger you want to become.
You don’t actually need to be a great writer to have a successful blog.
It’s cheap for what you get and includes a lot of freebies to services that are helpful and essential to blogging.
It’s much more focused on the business and branding aspect of blogging.
There are 10 units in the course, each with an assortment of lessons to help you on your way.
They teach many ways to be a successful travel blogger.
The money is worth the investment for the time you will save and the focus, structure you can create to complete the course, you can split up each bit over a month and get it done.
It gives you access to Matt to ask questions, and trust me, this is very valuable, especially now while the course is still small and he can give people in the Facebook group more individualized attention.
It talks about how to write a viral post.
There are Q&A sessions and featured expert guests.
You’ll get a live monthly Q&A session with Matt.
Matt is accompanied by a variety of other industry experts who help train you.
The SEO unit is deep and covers every aspect of SEO.
There is a private Facebook group for members to share tips, get advice, and network.
The course itself is designed to take 10 weeks to go through.
They offer 30 day money back guarantee.
There is a ton of useful, detailed information. You WILL be a better blogger if you take this travel blogging course.
The main value of the membership is unlocking access to the TBS Course which contains 47 lessons .
Superstar blogging just has everything you need step by step, laid out in an easy, actionable format, so you can take action.
There’s a new webinar every month, meaning you get more from the course as you go and all the information is up to date.
They suggest business books to improve your game and take yourself to the next level.
The units are broken down into 28 lessons that range from beginner to advanced techniques only the pros use or know.
Matt shows how to build and create a lively newsletter community.
You get occasional freebies and tech support, and this is where the course starts to pay you back.
You get free themes for your website.
You get an almost shocking amount of personalized assistance from Matt and his team.
Matt offers a 100% refund with 14 days, if you get through the course and you’re still not happy.
NomadicMatt emphasises creating great products and teaming up with likeminded people to work on projects your readers actually want.
You can start to earn while you learn doing these courses.

❌ Cons

Some say his course is too expensive.
The course is only designed for those who’s looking at travel blogging as a career.
These courses simply offer the tools to duplicate other peoples success following a pathway that they took.
You can get lots of free stuff on the internet.
The course is expensive.
It’s not particularly cheap at $297.
Some people complained that it covers only basic things.
You’ve got to be serious about a career in blogging if you do this course.
Their Facebook group is very small.
You have to want to make it happen.
Most of the techniques and methods are only for beginners.
It is not for you if you just want a personal travel blog for updating friends and family, not growing a following.
It is not for you if you’re an established travel blogger who has been in the business for years and already makes a full time income, or close to it, off of blogging.
Superstar Blogging focuses only on branding and professionalization to make blogging a long-term prospect.
Chucking money at something does not unlock the gravy train of instant success.
The course it might not be of any value to you at all if you are already an established blogger.
It’s not cheap.
It is not for you if you’re not willing to put in the fairly significant amount of work required to keep up with the course and actually implement it on your blog.
They just point you in the direction of which pathway best worked for them.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
If your passion is to travel and make a living from that passion, then this course is definitely for you. For the price of just $267, in reality that’s a bargain price to learn how to set up a business that takes full advantage of the travel niche and will lead to you having the ultimate lifestyle freedom of both time and money.
The Business of Travel Blogging course will help any travel blogger, no matter what stage they’re at on the travel blogging journey. It has the edge in that in focuses on the long term, on how you can make travel blogging your job instead of looking at how to get free stays and goodies for nothing.
Founded by Matt Kepnes of nomadicmatt.com. Matt runs the most-visited and most popular travel blog on the planet. He gets over 1 million hits per month to his site and is one of the savviest bloggers in the biz. Superstar Blogging focuses more on branding and professionalization to make blogging a long-term prospect.
By the end of this course, you know how to start your blog, create a lasting brand, write content people want to read and share, how to optimize your website and rank high in search engines, kill it on social media, and make money with your blog.
If you have started travel Blogging and determined to take your Travel blog to the next step, then this course will totally help you to get there. It’s that simple, if you put the work in you will get a lot out of if it.
If you are truly committed to starting a travel blog, you’re going to have to invest a lot of time and money in it. In the long run the course saves you on both fronts by making it easier to cut through the noise and focus on what matters for growing your travel blog.
Matt shows that your blog is a window front. A blog without a product is owning a restaurant without having anything on the menu. Since then many people have run a travel consulting campaign on their sites and have made thousands of working affiliate links.
The Business of Travel Blogging course will give you everything you need to create a profitable blog – whether it’s in the travel niche or another niche entirely.

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