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✅ Pros

Netflix works in all countries.
Review Pros
It unblocks Netflix.
Surfshark has over 1,000 servers in over 60 countries.
It is available in countries with net censorship or blocks.
It accesses all major streaming services.
It is located in a country with no data retention or reporting laws.
It allows unlimited simultaneous device connections.
It is easy to install.
It works with Netflix in 11 countries.
Surfshark VPN is compatible with any torrent site, so you can access your favorite P2P sites without restrictions.
It is equipped with a Kill Switch feature.
It unblocks Netflix.
It offers split tunneling.
It offers Netflix unblocking.
It works well for torrenting and P2P file sharing.
It offers unlimited simultaneous connections.
Multi-Hop connection is available.
There are no logs.
It unlocks Netflix.
It labels virtual server locations.
It has a speedy and helpful live chat support.
It ihas 800+ servers.
Torrenting is allowed.
It has a well-designed app.
There is a 7-day free trial if you download the app from Google Play or the Apple Store, and a 30-day, money-back guarantee.
It provides superb security.
It is super affordable.
With Surfshark’s CleanWeb built-in adblocker feature, you won’t have to worry about malware or phishing attempts.
Their overall performance is good and in fact, well up to par with most of the top service providers in the business.
It accepts cryptocurrencies.
Torrenting/P2P are allowed.
The installation process is fast and straightforward.
It comes with loads of features.
It comes with several unique features.
Unlimited devices are allowed on every plan.
It showed excellent speed test scores.
It is very affordable.
It has servers in underrepresented locations.
Browser extensions passed an audit.
It has very cheap two-year plan.
You can also contact Surfshark directly via 24/7 live chat support or a ticket request system.
There are no logs.
Surfshark has several subscription lengths and different price points.
Surfshark has over 1,000 servers in more than 61 countries.
It accepts crypto-currencies.
There are no identity leaks.
It works with Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer.
It has functional kill-switch.
Like most top VPN service providers in the industry today, Surfshark offers consumers a leg up in privacy and security.
It comes with rarely seen multihop and split-tunneling tools.
It is optimized for streaming.
It showed excellent speed during regular internet use.
Downloading torrents is allowed.
Unlimited simultaneous connections are offered.
Great connection speeds are offered.
Surfshark’s native apps and browser extensions are very easy and intuitive to use.
Surfshark has made their service available for several platforms so that you can use it with almost any device in existence.
Surfshark’s Kill Switch option is available on Windows, macOS, and iOS.
It unblocks Netflix in the U.S., U.K., Canada, France, Japan and more.
Excellent privacy and security protections are provided.
It comes with built-in ad, tracker, and malware blocking.
It unblocks Netflix and other media streaming services.
It comes with advanced VPN protocol and encryption.
It provides kill switch and ad-blocking protection.
Speedy connections are available.
It has good zero-logging policy that’s furthered by the great jurisdiction – the British Virgin Isles, outside the 14-Eyes Surveillance Alliance.
Surfshark has a no Logging Policy.
Surfshark is simple to install and activate.
It is cheap and affordable.
It is very easy to use.

❌ Cons

It must complete broader audits of its service.
There is no user forum.
There are kill switch issues.
Privacy policy is short on detail.
The have exotic business address.
Speeds can vary from server to server.
I found that in some cases their responses seemed to be a little questionable in terms of accuracy.
Variable speeds were oberved.
I found very little information about Surfshark’s physical location, so their lack of transparency can be a cause for concern.
It is too basic for some.
Free trial requires signing up for a subscription.
It has high price.
Surfshark is a provider of virtual private network services.
It is headquartered in the British Virgin Islands.
Global server coverage needs improvement.
It has unresponsive email customer support, though the live chat completely makes up for it.
App interface lacks functionality and design optimisation.
The difference in speeds between servers can be quite large.
Slow response from email support team, but much improved in recent months.
There is no option to manually select a server.
It has middling streaming speed.
There are no ping or server load indicators.
Support website needs work.
Software is only available in English.
Unlike most VPN service providers who have great outreach on social channels, Surfshark’s Twitter account shows hardly any activity.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Surfshark has an impressive offer under very competitive prices, especially for the 2-year plan. It will easily connect you to some popular streaming channels, as well as facilitate seamless torrenting. It supports an unlimited number of devices and has apps for all the major platforms.
Budget VPNs don’t have to be feature-free, and Surfshark is the proof – it’s absolutely stuffed with advanced functionality, yet is half the price of many competitors.
Relatively new VPN provider that instantly makes a good impression. fast, easy to use and very cheap. We’re sold!
Surfshark is a relatively young VPN service incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, which gives it a serious advantage over competitors headquartered in areas with mandatory data retention laws or within reach of numerous international spy organizations, including the Eyes network. It is an incredibly fast and feature-rich VPN ideal for streaming, online gaming, torrenting, and other data-heavy operations.
Surfshark, for the price, has some wonderful features that you expect out of a good VPN. Speeds are fast, the usability of the app is unmatched, and their privacy and security are definitely on par with other VPN industry leaders. Their customer support was informed, timely, and was helpful with any questions I had.
If you want to save a packet on a really decent VPN that offers lots of features, then Surfshark could be for you. Presuming you’re ok with paying that two year up front cost then you can get this cheaper than most other VPNs, without sacrificing quality, speed, security or reliability. In fact, this budget VPN is above average and beats a lot of the more expensive services with its offerings.
Surfshark offers an impressive service, especially for a relatively new provider. If you’re looking for a fast, reliable, and secure VPN for streaming, torrenting, and protecting your privacy, Surfshark is an excellent option.
Other VPNs have multi-server connections, split tunneling and ad blockers, but Surfshark rolls them all together in an intriguing and compact package. It’s also private, secure and strikingly affordable, especially with its unlimited device guarantee for all subscriptions. Where Surfshark does fall short, it’s shown the capacity to quickly improve.
Surfshark VPN’s comparatively high price is balanced against unlimited devices per account and an excellent set of features.
There are no two ways about it. If you want to protect yourself online, you need to find the best VPN for your system and budget. Not only does a private network offer peace of mind and anonymity, but the right VPN can also even prevent someone from stealing your information and selling it on the dark web. You should approach finding a VPN like you would tackle buying a security system for your home – ie, don’t settle for anything less than complete and total privacy and security.
I would highly recommend Surfshark to any online user looking for an easy way to keep their online travels safe from prying eyes, as it protects your privacy well. Netflix fans will appreciate the service’s fast connections, which provide smooth streaming, and its reliable ability to unblock Netflix and other streaming providers in numerous countries.
It clear that Surfshark provides great value at amazing prices. Whatever your reasons are for getting a VPN – torrenting, unblocking Netflix or HBO, gaining more freedom online by unblocking geo-restricted websites, or protecting your privacy from potential attacks – we recommend Surfshark as a good budget VPN.
The key takeaways I’d like to highlight again are the very consistent speeds I got using the service, their fantastic pricing, and finally, their seamless streaming of Netflix. Some of you might have other requirements, but I believe in terms of basic performance and privacy, Surfshark hits the mark quite well.
Surfshark is a newcomer to the world of VPNs, offering good speeds, a nice Windows app, and a fair number of country locations. It also offers extra features such as double-hop connections, and compatibility with Netflix in 11 countries. We’d like to see a slightly better price, but overall it offers pretty good value.
In just a few words, Surfshark is a pretty cheap online security solution with top-notch security protocols, and a strict zero-logging policy that leaves nothing to be interpreted.

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