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✅ Pros

It offers good profit split.
Review Pros
The popular MT4 and MT5 platforms are available to trade.
There are no time limits to trade.
SurgeTrader allows you to trade crypto, forex, oil, metals, indices, and a number of the “most popular” stocks.
It offers free thirty-day membership to BKForex.
Highly intuitive and user-friendly trading portals are available.
SurgeTrader offers a paper account option for traders to test their strategies before trading with real money.
The firm is reassuringly transparent and aboveboard.
You can manage up to 1,000,000.
SurgeTrader’s credibility is enhanced through its association with EightCap, a broker regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).
Scaling plan is available.
It has one-time fees on all packages.
It has great dashboard and customer support.
You can earn up to 90% in profit split.
You can use your own trading strategies.
It offers 1 step evaluation process.
It has simple and straightforward rules.
Sophisticated anti-fraud systems detects any attempts at unauthorized use of payment instruments or other irregularities while processing payments, giving investors peace of mind knowing their funds will be safe from fraudulent activity and scams.
You can get a funded account with up to $1 million in balance and up to 90% profit split payout.
Scalable funding plans are available.
SurgeTrader offers a diverse asset palette featuring over 100 instruments.
24/7 customer support teams are available to answer questions regarding potential scams or fraudulent activities as well as provide guidance when needed.
The audition required to qualify for a live funded account will be a one-time payment, non-recurring payment.
There are several asset classes to choose from.
Very favourable profit split percentage for the trader, being 75% of the profits obtained (or 90% with add-on purchase).
One-stage evaluation literally cuts your evaluation time in half when compared to FTMO and most other prop firms.
You will be able to choose the package that best suits your situation, being able to trade an account with between $25,000 and $1,000,000 of capital, paying more or less for your audition.
The platform offers traders an enticing revenue model where they can retain up to 75% of their earned profits.
It has good user reviews and ratings.
Trading in the news is permitted.
It offers a number of investor protection measures.
It offers a wide range of trading instruments and supports nearly any type of trading activity.
There’s only one main “hard” rule: Stay above a 4% daily loss limit and a 5% max trailing drawdown.
Simple audition process consist of only 1 step and imposing clear and transparent rules.
SurgeTrader is a prop trading firm based in Florida, USA.
Paper account is also offered.
SurgeTrader offers a free thirty-day membership to BKForex, a forex trading educational platform.
There are no monthly, hidden or recurring fees.
SurgeTrader covers losses.
SurgeTrader’s one-stage “audition” process makes it easy for traders to apply for funding and start trading with the company’s capital.
No minimum trading days means you can hit your profit target and move on to become a funded trader, even if you do it in a single day.
Up to 1:20 leverage is available on all accounts.
There is no min/max trading days requirement.
Users have appreciated the freedom that SurgeTrader allows.
It provides educational resources to its members.
The Audition doesn’t have any time limit or maximum time to be done.
Real accounts are available.
The company website is loaded with tutorials, trader testimonials, and a blog.
It offers one-stage “audition”.
You can use your favorite trading strategy.
90% profit share is offered.
You can trade Forex, Indices, Metals, Commodities, Crypto, and even Stocks with SurgeTrader.
There are no ongoing membership fees.
It has one-step evaluation process.
It allows traders to use any trading strategy they choose.
The profit share is generous, with traders keeping at least 75% of any profits earned.
SurgeTrader stands out for its strategic flexibility.
There are no minimum number of days to get a funded account.
You can request a free trial.
SurgeTrader prides itself on its transparency, with all legal documents and conditions available publicly.
Realistic, relatively low profit target set at 10% of the total account balance and no minimum number of days to meet.
It has licensing/ registration with The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).
Optional add-ons are available to customize your trading experience.
No minimum or maximum trading days requirement gives traders the flexibility to trade at their own pace.
Optional add-ons allow traders to customize their trading experience to meet their specific needs.
It offers a simplified and streamlined process for a funded trading.
Various customer support options are available including live chat and email.
It has excellent customer service.
It offers a profit split of up to 90%.
Any strategy is permitted including hedging, scalping, and algorithmic trading.
It is available globally.
There is a wide range of available instruments to trade.
SurgeTrader gives its funded traders real capital, unlike other prop firms that keep traders forever in demo mode.

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❌ Cons

Starting profit share starts at 75%.
It has challenging daily loss and maximum trailing drawdown requirements.
Unfortunately, SurgeTrader doesn’t provide a free repeat for traders that want to try the Audition again.
There are no refunds offered for audition fees or other costs associated with trading with SurgeTrader.
Leverage is small. The leverage ranges from 1:2 to 1:10, depending on the asset type.
One potential downside of SurgeTrader is the high examination fees, ranging from USD 250 to 6,500. Even with a discount of up to 20% for retests, the cost could deter some prospective traders, particularly those with limited capital.
The leverage on offer is low compared to other prop firms (10:1 where competitors give as much as 100:1) and constrained to forex and metals only.
The trading rules may be simple, but they’re also pretty tight.
There is no weekend trading.
Traders who want to receive a higher profit split must pay extra for the privilege.
If you trade equities, you can’t have an open position going into an earnings announcement. Violate this rule and you’ll lose your account.
Little additional educational information for its users.
Maximum open lots equal to 1/10000 of your account size.
There are no futures or options.
Each trade requires a stop-loss.
The withdrawal system has its flaws: while there is no cut-off date by which traders need to request payouts they can only take out funds once a month which could be frustrating to some.
You are required to close your stock position if your stock is going to release earnings.
It gives low leverage: 10:1, 5;1 and 2.
You can only receive a higher profit split if you pay extra.
90% payout is only available with add-ons.
Each trade is required to have a stop loss set up to guarantee a maximum loss of 5% of the account in one day.
You can only withdraw once every 30 days.
It has high audition costs.
The default profit payout is 75%, which may be lower than some traders are used to.
There is a high exam cost of 250-6500 USD. Retaking the exam can be discounted up to 20% if trade requirements are violated.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
If you consider yourself a well-versed trader, SurgeTrader is worth the audition price—and your time. The sky’s the limit of how much you can make with SurgeTrader, pending a successful audition. Tentative traders can get their feet wet for just $250 and work up to managing funded accounts in excess of $1 million with an investment of time and energy.
SurgeTrader is a safe and secure Proprietary Trading Firm. However, No Proprietary Trading Firm is perfect, and SurgeTrader is no exception. While they do have a lot of pros, there are plenty of reasons why you might be looking for an alternative to SurgeTrader.
SurgeTrader is a legit company. You can get a funded account with up to $1 million in balance and up to 90% profit split payout. The Audition doesn’t have any time limit or maximum time to be done. However, SurgeTrader doesn’t provide a free repeat for traders that want to try the Audition again.
SurgeTrader, a prop trading firm registered under Surge Capital Ventures, offers a streamlined and simplified path to funded trading for experienced traders. With its one-stage audition process, no minimum or maximum trading days requirement, and support for a wide range of trading styles, SurgeTrader presents an attractive option for traders looking to gain access to additional capital.
SurgeTrader is committed to helping you succeed. Their goal is to provide traders with talent a platform to develop and increase their returns. The company is here to assist you rather than penalizing you for the full fee. Following the first SurgeTrader Audition, SurgeTrader offers 20% off every subsequent one.
SurgeTrader, with its prop trading model, offers an enticing platform for traders. Despite its rigid conditions and higher exam fees, the high-income potential and vast trading instruments make it a compelling choice. As always, we encourage traders to weigh the pros and cons before diving in.
SurgeTrader is an excellent prop trading firm for beginners and intermediate investors looking to get a funded account. With SurgeTrader, there are no time constraints – reach the 10% target profit on any of the funded account packages, and you’ll get your funded account in less than two business days. For those reasons and the fact that it offers up to 90% of the profits you make, SurgeTrader is one of our top recommendations.
If you’re an experienced trader with limited capital, SurgeTrader could be a great fit for you. And if you’re new to trading, their partnership with BKForex offers a fast track to success. SurgeTrader has a fast and easy evaluation process, simple rules, and a reputation as one of the best in the industry. So if you’re considering a prop trading firm, SurgeTrader is reliable and definitely worth checking out.
The company simplifies the entire funding process with its one-step, hassle-free evaluation process. Its end-to-end comprehensive funded account offerings establish it as an industry leader in the prop trading sector. Traders can easily trade flexibly on the web, desktop and mobile. The company has efficient customer service representatives, as evident from Trustpilot reviews. The only downside is the additional add-on purchases for the best trading conditions. Benzinga rates SurgeTrader 4.5 overall.
Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting, SurgeTrader is an excellent choice. It’s no wonder they’re known as one of the best in the industry.
We believe that SurgeTrader is a good option despite its short trajectory, and can be very helpful especially for traders who are applying a profitable trading strategy and do not have enough capital to generate substantial profits. In addition, we have seen that it is a reliable company that actually gives you access to the live account if you pay and successfully pass their audition process.
I recommend SurgeTraders to anyone looking for consistent results in their trading strategies. Although they are still relatively new, they offer great conditions and a 1 Phase Audit Process that allows traders to use different strategies.
SurgeTrader is a well-rounded funded trading account provider. The one-step evaluation process provides a quick and simple approach to getting new users on board. The choice of instruments and MetaTrader platform, plus a 30-day trial, also means there is something for all aspiring traders. The only major downside is the additional add-on purchase for the highest profit split.
If you’re a profitable trader who wants to access funded trading without a lengthy evaluation process, SurgeTrader could be the perfect fit. The platform’s simple, one-stage audition process allows traders to get started quickly, and its flexible trading rules make it a great choice for those who want to use their preferred trading style. If you’re a seasoned investor with experience in high-risk trading, SurgeTrader offers an excellent opportunity to test your skills and earn impressive profits. With its up-to-90% profit split and simple audition process, SurgeTrader is worth considering if you’re ready for a challenge.
SurgeTrader has a really great reputation due to amazing trader support and educational resources, incredibly fast funding thanks to their one-step evaluation, and their wealth of tradable assets. If you can abide by tight trading parameters, start your trading career with SurgeTrader and you could be funded within the week.

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