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✅ Pros

Surgent CPA Review provides the most current, up-to-date information on all four parts of the CPA Exam.
Review Pros
Surgent allows you to use your full course materials until you pass the entire exam.
Monthly tuition plans are available.
Having a prep course that can identify your weak areas and adjust the content it delivers to you is huge.
Students have unlimited access to the course materials via any internet connection, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 24 months.
There are no hidden fees.
Surgent has nearly 400 task-based simulations in its CPA review course.
You have access to all paid course content until you pass the exam.
Students can rely on this report for more targeted review vs the traditional method where students are expected to read the book from cover to cover.
Surgent CPA review offers their complete, four-course review app for free in iOS and Google app stores.
Liz and Jack not only teach the materials, but also go over 100 multiple choice and simulations in the lessons.
You can easily flip through the cards on your phone or mobile device any time you have a few extra minutes to study.
It comes with pre-made flashcards.
They offer comprehensive review course.
They offer a money-back guarantee.
You can get unlimited access to study materials.
Surgent offers a free trial that you can test drive before you buy it.
The study notes are a great review tool, especially once you get close to the end of the course and your exam date.
Surgent CPA Review comes equipped with 6,840 multiple choice questions on which you will be working with for majority of your studies.
Advanced multiple choice analytics are offered.
They offer unique study plan based on “adaptive learning”.
The technology is amazing and can really help candidates speed up their study time, but some people aren’t ready for this type of change.
The online Study Planner calculates the number of hours you will need to study each day in order to complete the entire course before your exam date.
Surgent includes a full final review cram course with their standard review materials.
This course is affordable at a starting price of $1,899, and they do offer payment plans.
They offer adaptive learning software.
Surgent CPA Review allows you to digest complex concepts in small bites.
Surgent CPA Review uses extensive assessments and adaptive technology to find your weaknesses and customize your learning path to score higher on the test.
It saves you time.
Nothing beats studying from the comfort of your own home.
Surgent has finely tuned this system and believes that you can shorten your study time by almost 400 hours across all four exams by using it.
Adaptive learning software gives you a study guide customized to your strengths & weaknesses, saving time and helping you focus where you need to.
They have experienced instructors in the industry.
If students fail the CPA exam after studying with Surgent, they will refund the tuition to the course.
Surgent CPA Review offers incentives for switching to their program when you’ve been burned by other review programs.
There is no time limit.
Surgent boasts an impressive pass rate.
Surgent has more than 2,200 flash cards that you can use via its mobile app.
The four CPA test components can be purchased individually or as packages.
Anytime there is an update, your account will be updated automatically.
They give you a 30 minute call with a professional CPA exam coach to help walk you through any questions or problems that you have with the exam and your study process.
This course is potentially perfect for the person with an extremely busy job and/or personal life that is looking for an efficient quality prep course option.
As long as you meet all the criteria, they do have a pass guarantee.
The Surgent practice exams are timed to match the timing of the actual CPA Exam, so you can develop exam-specific management skills by learning how long to spend on each question or simulation.

❌ Cons

It is better suited for PC-based learner.
89.7% pass rate is yet not confirmed.
Refunds, cancellations or exchanges are not available for any course ordered outside of the United States.
Surgent CPA is relatively new.
Trial period is very short.
There is no offline version of this course available.
The textbook is really just a few hundred pages of bullet points and lists.
Compared with other courses, Surgent does have less overall video lectures.
A Single-user license is assigned to one person and can only be used by the registered user.
It costs $2,299.
They boast an 89.7% pass rate. That’s almost twice the national pass rate.
Surgent’s CPA Review course is completely online, so you will need internet access in order to use the course.
Kindle Fire, Nook Tablets, and E-Readers don’t support this course.
No Live Seminars or Interaction with Instructors is offered.
Adaptive learning can be a benefit and a drawback at the same time.
Many candidates want audio lectures that they can listen to in the car or while they are doing something else. This course doesn’t offer them.
No more than one video part purchased can be viewed to qualify for the refund.
This type of system isn’t for everyone.
No refunds will be issued if cancellation is made after 14 days.
Only study plan option is to follow the adaptive learning algorithm.
Notification of cancellation must be done via email within 14 days of the order placement date.
No more than one class per part purchased can be viewed to qualify for a refund.
Textbook reads like a dictionary.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Surgent CPA Review is shaking things up in the CPA test prep arena. While all the other courses out there are sticking to traditional study models, Surgent has developed the most efficient way to study for the CPA exam and claims to cut down 50 hours of study time.
Surgent CPA Review is a solid choice for students with busy schedules, who have little time to waste and want an efficient and flexible review program. The adaptive technology saves students hours of study time by identifying problem areas and directing students to relevant video lectures and reading materials.
Surgent’s job is to get you familiar with simulations so it’s not something completely foreign to you when you get to the official exam, and they do get that job done.
The online Study Planner calculates the required study time by entering the date of the exam and days of the week you plan to study. Students can contact Surgent by phone and email. The turn-around time is typically 24 hours or less.
Surgent CPA Review has taken many forms over the years starting off as MicroMash to ExamMatrix and finally to become Surgent CPA Review. Surgent has taken everything that worked great within ExamMatrix and added mini-lectures, more multiple choice and better adaptive learning technology.
This style of course is truly powerful. It can help candidates learn much faster than traditional linear courses, but a lot of people aren’t ready for it. It only works for candidates who want to use it as it is intended. Thus, if you want an adaptive course, this one is sweet. If you want a more traditional course, this one is probably not for yo
Surgent CPA Review provides the most current, up-to-date information on all four parts of the CPA Exam: Financial Accounting & Reporting, Auditing & Attestation, Regulation, and Business Environment & Concepts.
Surgent CPA review is a new, modern exam prep course that utilizes adaptive learning technology to help you learn and retain information faster. Unlike other courses that walk you through a set lesson plan, this study guide actively changes as you answer each question to helps you focus on topics you need to study more instead of wasting your time reviewing information you already know.
The materials are completely suitable for beginners or advanced students because the assessment adapts the study plan to meet you where you’re at. The plan will show you where you need to work and setup a plan to get you to master those elements in less time than other programs. There’s a guarantee that you’ll pass if you follow their methods so you can have access to the course until you pass.
Surgent CPA Review is a very comprehensive course and it would be a great choice for the students who want to study efficiently and prefer having the material explained to them via concise video lectures.

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