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✅ Pros

Users can customize the templates according to their needs by this tool.
Review Pros
Survio Business plan allows you to import email addresses of your contacts.
Templates also help the users from making the templates on their own.
Filtering and segmentation are done based on answers.
They allow you to add your own thank you page.
They have cloud storage backups.
There is reporting and exporting.
You can print created graphs in one click.
Three licenses of the Survio are available.
You can Analyze Results through the dashboard statistics.
This program is easy to use.
You can pring graph by single click.
There is 24/7 email support.
There are several templates to choose from that can be tweaked to your liking.
You can also print the reports or send them to the appropriate personnel.
The responses and mandatory questions can be edited and set to get the best possible data.
They have built-in professional survey templates.
Survio is a powerful online survey tool which can create unlimited campaigns.
There is number of filters.
There is 19 question types.
There are options to add a custom logo of your company’s brand.
Survio has 3 packages.
This software offers so many premade templates.
You can customize summary PDF report.
Data can be easily gathered automatically and within specified dates.
All surveys are mobile-friendly.
This software is capable of dealing with 19 types of questions.
There is real-time results evaluation.
They have extra-secure survey (SSL).
You can share survey results on a web page.
It supports a huge number of email invitation.
Survio has a lot of templates.
You can have real-time insight in one of these forms.
Survio stands out thanks to a simplified survey creation system.
You can get up to 10,000 responses to surveys every month.

❌ Cons

There is only e-mail support.
There is no live customer chat.
There is no live support.
The prices of the paid subscriptions are quite high, especially for student users.
There are limited options for design and text editing under the free plan.
Survio Elite is also the only plan from the service which entitles you for 24/7 tech support from the company over email.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Survio is a software that allows users to build customized surveys for various research purposes and then share its results online. The platform is often used for conducting market research, gathering employee feedback, and gauging customer satisfaction.
Survio is a right choice for you even if you are at the initial stages of building your business, because its free. Before going for a premium plan, you can try the free version for creating brilliant surveys for getting the apt info about your firm.
Survio is an in-depth survey creation and analysis solution. It has features for making online questionnaires, sharing and sending options, real-time reporting, and branding. A standout feature in Survio is the intuitive graph and summary system for your data. This solution is recommended for companies wanting full control over their feedback forms and accurate data retrieval.
Survio provides many useful features, even for the people who decide to keep the free plan. It is a perfect tool for small and medium-sized enterprises. Survio has proven to be your best option for survey creation.
The Survio dashboard has a response meter which tells you how many responses your surveys have gotten. There are 70+ designs to pick for your survey. You can add images and videos to your survey questions too. You can use the 100+ templates to create a survey.
Survio is a powerful online survey tool which can create unlimited campaigns. And for each of the campaigns, this solution supports unlimited questions. You will be allowed to enable the randomize option for these questions.
Survio is a survey based software. It has been said this program is easy to use. Survio has a lot of templates. Users can choose any of the templates to conduct the survey.

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