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✅ Pros

This is so far the fastest charging bike .
Review Pros
It features SentryShield which provides multiple layers of battery protection and increasing safety.
It provides a quick ride on a heavy-duty carbon fiber frame.
This hoverboard comes with a built in carrying handle, allowing you to easily carry it anywher you want.
It can also support an individual weighing up to 187 pounds.
It is an affordable mode of transportation.
The Swagtron Swagger 5 attracts attention and looks.
Stylish look with a durable shell which makes the product hard to scratch and long lasting.
It’s an amazing self balancing scooter at the affordable price with fantastic features with no doubts.
The Swagtron comes with a limited 30-day return policy.
It is very friendly to the atmosphere and runs only on batteries.
There are three modes of working for intermediate, advanced and newbie users are present.
The impressive smartphone app is a revolutionary new addition to hoverboarding.
if music is your thing, Swagtron T3 has made sure you will have just that.
It has all the necessary safety features such as Sentry Shield, and U 2272 certification.
Swagtron offers a one-year warranty that would cover any manufacturing defects.
It offers three working modes for advanced users, intermediate and beginners.
UL 2272 certification means that your product is safe and you won’t have to worry about hoverboard fires.
It is UL certified self-balancing scooters acknowledged by Amazon.
The Bluetooth speakers are an excellent way to enjoy your music as your ride.
It has powerful motor.
It is easy to use.
The Swagtron T5 Hoverboard is UL 2272-certified, which is to say the product meets all the construction, safety, labeling, user instruction, and marking requirements.
The handlebars are high enough for a 6 foot tall individual.
The riding modes offer different speed limits giving every person a choice of what suits them.
The price of Swagtron T5 hoverboard is cheap.
It is one of the main UL ensured hoverboard recorded on Amazon since the 2015 Christmas.
The Swagtron T1 rides like a dream.
Both learners and pros can comfortably purchase this device and reap full benefits.
The non slip deck is sturdy and wide for comfort.
The Swagtron T1 has aluminum wheels and a durable ABS body.
Easy to use, deserves every single of your penny.
The bike folds into a super portable miniature version for ease of storage when not in use. This is a commuter’s best companion.
The fire and flame resistant design keep you safe from any risk of flames or blasts.
It is compact and lightweight.
Swagtron T5 is great for the environment as it has zero emissions and does not release greenhouse gases that would contribute to air pollution.
It has battery pointer with five levels.
SentryShield, SafeStop, and a new battery charging management system combine to make this the safest hoverboard available.
It has beautiful design.
New ABS shell does not scratch as easily as other models. Also, it is flame-retardant, which is nice.
For those in the US shipping is done for free.
The deck has a sandpaper textured layer to avoid foot slippery.
The fast turning rates are the most impressive departure from the cheaper hoverboards you can find on the market.
The Swagtron T1 price is affordable.
The Swagtron T5 Hoverboard uses dual 200-watt motors, which means that each wheel has a 200-watt motor to power it.
The Swagtron T1 is a solid, well-built, versatile hoverboard.
It has safe batteries.
It saves time.
It can speed up to 12 mph.
The hoverboard is self-balancing and features motor and gear stabilization features for a comfortable ride.
The Lithium-Ion batteries that the Swagtron uses are already safer than the batteries used by chinese companies.
It has safe and longstanding batteries.
The frame is made of a versatile aluminum metal that can support up to 264 lbs of weight.
Swagtron T6 has rugged construction that supports up to 420 lb.
The 24V lithium ion battery recharges quickly.
Swagtron Swagger 5 Scooter is eco-friendly.
The scooter also features a 250-watt motor.
New modes of operation make it easier for new users.
The Swagtron Swagger electric scooter is lightweight, portable, and fun.
It can climb surfaces up to an angle of 30°.
It is great for off-road terrain.
Non-slip footpads give added rider stability and safety.
It has five-level battery pointer.
Every feature has addressed safety leaving the user safer than in any other hoverboard.
With multiple certifications, this is the best powerboard you can lay your hands on.

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❌ Cons

It is shaky over bumps.
It’s not water resistant.
Speed and extent could have been progressed.
It is heavy.
It could do better with longer lasting battery.
Anther potential downside is the ability for newbies to access the pro riding mode which can lead to accidents and injuries.
Swagtron T5 has an acceptable range of only 7 miles and top speeds of 7 miles per hour.
This product is slightly expensive compared to other hoverboards on the market.
The brake control is just a piece of plastic that you press down on. It looks like it would break very easily.
Several users have complained low speed and mediocre performance of the T1.
The battery is not easily removable, which could have been a nice option to pop in a spare battery on the go.
Standard 1 year warranty from Swagway only covers manufacturing defects.
The fireproof plastics is easily cracked.
It would be perfect if the battery life could be a little longer.
The Swagtron T1 weight limit is 220 lbs.
Although the manufactures states 10 miles, with idling time and traffic you get less and with hilly terrain it further reduces distance.
The hoverboard has speed of up to 12 mph, it might not seem like a lot.
You will pay a bit higher than you would with other electric scooters.
The manual does not include how to change the operation modes of the T1.
It only can ride on smooth, paved surfaces.
The extended warranty from SwagTron directly is $99.
In swagtron t5 self balancing scooter there is only selected options for colour.
Accessing the pro mode is not safe for beginners.
There are also reports that the company’s customer service is not up to par, which means that if you need help with your hoverboard, you might find the service disappointing.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The Swagtron T5 is the perfect one for you. The learning riding mode can teach them how to operate and steer a hoverboard while going at very slow speeds. Plus, you do not have to worry about them going too fast because of the maximum speed of only 7 mph, which is slower than the top speeds of most other hoverboards. With its price point, this is a good hoverboard for beginners and for kids.
With the SwagCycle e-cycle, you will be able to vroom past cars stuck in traffic. The bike is truly designed for a modern commuter to help navigate through congested streets and save time as well as money while being eco-friendly. This being said the SwagCycle could be better. Battery charge is faster than most but the 10-mile range is a stretch. If you have a lot of hills in your commuting and are traveling more then 2.5 miles to work then another E-Bike would be a better choice. But if you are looking for something fun then the SwagCycle delivers.
Swagtron T3 accompanies built-in Bluetooth speaker, a flexible conveying strap on the base, and a mobile phone application that you can use to switch between modes, measure speed, and even stable a caution if the board is stolen. It appears to be a strong change to our most loved unit, with safety as a reasonable core interest.
Swagtron T5 is the latest inclusion to the popular Swagtron self-balancing scooter series with all the cool features of the earlier models and some surprising additions too. The T5 smart hands-free board stays true to the trademark Swagtron quality and technology that fans delight in.
Swagway has been one of the pioneering companies in the hoverboard game, and it’s still the top dog as far as we’re concerned. The introduction of the Swagtron T1 really made the hoverboard what it should’ve been in the first place, and it can’t be recommended enough.
The Swagtron Swagger is a decent entry into the electric scooter market from a newcomer. Some of the features of the scooter, like the lightweight frame and folding body, make it a front runner. Other features, such as the awkward push button throttle and poorly designed rear wheel, show that the manufacturer is a novice scooter maker. For the money, you will be hard pressed to find a better adult scooter with the these stats.
The SwagTron T3 has definitely been enhanced to provide better safety and quality than similar products that went before. This hoverboard brand is still one of only a handful that has full UL 2272 certfication, and that alone is a big selling point.
The look and feel is exotic. And do not doubt it; the performance is out of this world. With 3 different modes, it is suitable right from a beginner to the pro. It is designed to give you all the control.
For those concerned about rapidity, the hoverboard has speed of up to 12 mph, while it might not seem like a lot, it is actually above the typical average of 6 – 8 mph. Safety features such as the U 2272 certification as well as the Sentry Shield battery protection that ensures complete safety are available in the hoverboard.
Swagtron T5 hoverboard is absolutely a good investment for entertaining yourself.The cost of the hoverboard is cheap and the same time quality is great and good enough.
It is compact and lightweight. It has beautiful design. It is easy to use. The deck has a sandpaper textured layer to avoid foot slippery. It would be perfect if the battery life could be a little longer.
The Swagtron Swagger 5 attracts attention and looks. If your goal is to travel from point a to point b in the fastest manner possible and want to feel like a champ, then this scooter is a good alternative for short distances.
The Swagtron T1 has a 8+ mph top speed, a distance of 12 miles which is a bit lower than the competitors but it makes up for it with a 1 hour charge time which leaves you with less downtime. It’s sentry shield features and fire proof outer covers makes it a superior hoverboard when it comes to safety. A good hoverboard for all ages.

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