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✅ Pros

Since taking Swolverine I’ve increased my reps per set significantly.
Review Pros
I tried Swolverine for resistance training, HIIT, and long distance cardio and felt like I had good stamina and endurance for my cardio-intensive sessions.
I didn’t experience bloating issues when using Swolverine: Kre-Alkalyn Creatine.
Its effects last even after my workout is done.
Swolverine BCAA is available in one taste: lemon-lime. People like the flavour as a result of it’s candy however not too sugary.
It is pretty sweet, but not overwhelmingly so in my opinion.
Customers who prefer full transparency into their products’ ingredients will appreciate that there are no proprietary blends in Swolverine POST and that the label states how much of each ingredient you get per serving.
20 all-natural ingredients support weight loss.
It includes ingredients to boost energy while suppressing appetite to encourage physical activity.
There are no proprietary blends.
Swolverine Pre-Workout contains a combination of natural energizers such as ginseng alongside proven workout-enhancers, such as citrulline malate, beta-alanine, and carnitine.
It contains 4000mg of Glutamine.
90 servings per bottle.
Swolverine is a stimulant-free formula that contains zero caffeine, making it a great option for people choosing not to ingest caffeine, or for people who workout later in the evening and don’t want to disrupt their sleep.
This non-stim formula is loaded with several well-researched pre-workout ingredients.
The quality of the ingredients also justifies the higher price point.
It is vegan friendly.
Swolverine Beta-Alanine (and the CarnoSyn inside) is the real deal.
It dissolves well in water.
Swolverine: Kre-Alkalyn Creatine only requires athletes to take a fraction of the dose you would normally take with the Monohydrate version.
Swolverine doesn’t use any artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners in its formula.
Swolverine Pre-Workout claims to enhance your strength by giving your muscles the nutrients they need for optimal performance.
It is third-party tested.
It mixed very easily, and left no grainy texture or excess powder at the bottom of the bottle.
It includes sodium and potassium.
Vegans or individuals who can’t tolerate dairy will likely enjoy this supplement for their post-workout shakes.
The quality of the protein source is also noteworthy. It’s sourced from rBGH-free, grass-fed cows in America.
My breathing is more regulated and my energy baseline feels higher.
Anyone who wants to ensure they are not consuming products contaminated with banned substances — all of Swolverine’s supplements are third-party tested by Lief and Micro Quality labs.
A 6.5 g serving has a 2:1:1 ratio of BCAAs (recommended ratio).
It contains 2:1:1 ratio of BCAAs.
The pills are tasteless and can be taken with any beverage.
It contains all-natural flavoring.
Personally I didn’t cramp at and stage while training with Swolverine: Kre-Alkalyn Creatine.
Reasonable price plus you can subscribe to save on each purchase.
It is perfect for hydration, recovery, and rebuilding.
Swolverine provides a subscribe-and-save low cost.
Swolverine features a 2:1:1 combination of important branched-chain amino acids.
It additionally contains L-Glutamine in addition to Vitamin B6 and sodium and potassium for hydration.
The vanilla flavor is rich but not overpowering, making it versatile enough to enjoy on its own or as a base for smoothies and other recipes.
It is loaded with wholesome ingredients.
When it comes to effectiveness, Swolverine Whey Isolate really hits the mark.
Swolverine meets clinical dosing standards for 4 out of 6 ingredients which have such levels established: beta-alanine (3.2g), betaine (2.5g), taurine (1.2g), and ginseng (1g).
While Swolverine Pre-Workout is designed as a pre-workout, they also claim that it will improve recovery.
The ingredient list is refreshingly straightforward.
Swolverine comes in a white powder form that is easy to mix into water and doesn’t require any excessive stirring or blending.
Beta-alanine is used to delay muscle fatigue so you can feel stronger all the way through your entire set, rather than needing to drop the weights a rep or two earlier.
The lack of flavor with Swolverine’s version gives you some creative liberty.
Swolverine’s version is as pure as they come: 100% beta-alanine and nothing else.
It may have the same potential muscle-building and recovery benefits as whey protein because it contains pea protein, which has all nine essential amino acids.
It conains great ingredients and taste.
100 milligrams of caffeine shouldn’t cause jitters when taken with food.
Swolverine: Kre-Alkalyn Creatine doesn’t require a loading phase, meaning you don’t have to spend up to a week loading up on the supplement before noticing the benefits

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❌ Cons

Only one flavor option is available.
It is sweetened with stevia, which tastes bitter to some.
They don’t provide a bulk-ordering low cost.
Swolverine POST only provides 13 grams of protein per serving, while other plant-based protein powders offer at least 20 grams per serving.
Just like any other powder, Swolverine’s version comes with that dreaded tingling sensation.
It is not always in stock.
It is above average in price.
I didn’t mind the flavor, but it is definitely sour.
In terms of price, it’s definitely on the premium end of the spectrum.
Swolverine is only available in one size and flavor: 25 servings of Mango Lemonade.
Overall my results and numbers while training in my CrossFit gym were solid.
It contains sucralose (artificial sweetener).
The pills are relatively large and could be difficult to swallow for some.
Swolverine costs around $62.99 per container and is one of the more expensive supplements we’ve seen.
Swolverine Pre is a premium product, and costs $52.99 for 25 servings.
Anyone who wants more flavor variety in their protein supplements should not buy this.
Swolverine Pre is definitely on the more expensive end, with other high quality, clinically dosed pre-workouts like Transparent Labs Bulk and Transparent Labs Stim-Free available for as low as $1.67 per serving.
It is slightly high in price.
Swolverine: Kre-Alkalyn Creatine sells for around $55USD for a 300g tub.
The only reason we’re not giving it a perfect score is that it’s slightly on the sweeter side, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea.
The newness of the Swolverine line doesn’t make these supplements subpar, by any means. However, it does leave us with a ton of unanswered questions that only time can answer.
nly 1 flavor is available.
If you’re caffeine sensitive, taking more than one pill in a day could lead to negative side effects.
It does contain artificial flavors, like sucralose.
As is the case with many forms of Creatine, the taste isn’t great.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Swolverine Pre is a high-quality non-stim pre-workout option for people who don’t want any caffeine or other stimulants.This formula includes a variety of well-researched compounds to support strength, power, endurance, pumps, and recovery. Plus, most of the ingredients are actually dosed properly, which is very nice to see in a time when so many pre-workouts still aren’t dosed right.
While I didn’t experience any outrageous improvements in my performance or muscle mass, I certainly felt good while training with the supplement and have no problem recommending it to others who are looking for a reliable Kre-Alkalyn Creatine.
Swolverine is a stimulant-free pre-workout that offers ingredients to support endurance, mental focus, strength, and energy.
Its lack of flavor means no suffering through disgusting pre-workout powders, all of the research backs the athletic benefits, and it’s as natural as they come.
All in all, we think Post by Swolverine is a great post-workout supplement. It is loaded with wholesome ingredients that will help your muscles recover and grow and is also suitable for vegans. While it is a bit pricier than some other post-workout blends, you are getting quality ingredients in every scoop.
Swolverine BCAA is a complement made for exercise restoration. It is available in a lemon-lime taste that tastes good.
Swolverine is a great company who knows the needs of athletes everywhere and seeks to design and create the best products around. What you are really getting is a high-quality BCAA supplement with great ingredients, clean benefits, and a company behind it to trust.
If you’re looking for a protein powder that offers both quality and effectiveness, and you’re willing to invest a bit more for those features, then Swolverine Whey Isolate is a strong contender. I’d recommend it for those who are serious about their fitness goals and are looking for a product that aligns with those ambitions.
In my opinion, Swolverine Therm is definitely a top-tier fat burner. I have tried a handful of fat burners, and Therm has been my best experience—no adverse side effects, no caffeine headaches when I stop taking them, etc. It gave me a good energy boost and kept my appetite suppressed for several hours. If you’re looking for a fat burner I would recommend Swolverine Therm at the top of the list.
I experienced most of the benefits Swolverine promises. I’m sure that may vary from person to person, but my experience using Swolverine Pre has been excellent. Plus, even though I lifted heavier than I intended to, I wasn’t any more sore in the following days than I usually am.
Swolverine BCAA is a great supplement to help with hydration, recovery, and rebuilding after any grueling workout.

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