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✅ Pros

This comes in black, red, and pink.
Review Pros
It is available in multiple finishes.
It offers better angles than most budget bars.
It’s rigid, but still offers a smooth spin, so it’s still comfortable to use.
Synergee also throws in a complementary pack of Wrist Wraps and Lifting Straps with each purchase.
It is made of good quality steel.
The lightweight, compact sliders are easy to store or toss in your suitcase or gym bag.
I like the black cerakote finish on the shaft.
The 1.2-millimeter diamond knurling will offer excellent security without ripping your hands apart.
The tensile rating allows significant whip while still supporting a ton of weight.
I also like the knurling on the Rhino.
You’ve got a solid knurl that will help your grip but won’t rip your hands apart.
It is easy to use for beginners.
At 28MM, for those with small hands or who just prefer a thinner shaft diameter, this will be a welcome change.
It has amazing 1.2mm diamond-shaped knurl on grips.
You can use them to modify your existing workout routine for a fresh take on your favorite exercises.
Synergee’s (25 kilogram black or chrome) Olympic hex trap barbell is a good value in my experienced view.
The Synergee’s sleeves will hold five 45 pound plates per side.
It gives great feeling during lifts.
Ergonomic design fits best on smaller builds.
It has a high tensile strength (190,000 PSI), has bearings, looks good, and has a solid knurl.
It’s aggressive but not hand cutting aggressive.
For an extra $15 you can get the Regional bar in black phosphate, which is such a good look.
It has high tensile strength.
You may find it a little easier to grip than traditional Olympic bars.
The Rhino is similar to the Rogue Ohio Power bar minus the price.
It offers good whip.
The bar spins extremely well.
We like the fact that Synergee is offering a more budget-friendly Cerakote Barbell option to Rogue.
Synergee features dual knurl marks for powerlifting and weightlifting.
It has moderate pricing.
The sliders are double-sided, and you can use them on several surfaces.
The Rhino was designed for powerlifters, and does a pretty fantastic job of meeting these specifications given its low price-tag.
It is easy to set up.
It looks pretty cool and a matte-black finish is always a crowd-pleaser.
Cerakote is sprayed over the top which fills in many of the holes and reduces the sharpness.
It is high-quality and affordable.
Great price with free shipping makes it perfect.
It is a good choice for commercial gym owners.
It has wider knurl range.
The Rhino is a solid Olympic bar and has a 1 year warranty — nice for a cheap bar.
Compact design is great for tight spaces.
It comes with strong resistance bands.
My chrome sample of the Synergee hex barbell is well-built and cosmetically adequate.
This is an excellent alternative for those that don’t want to spend the extra money.

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❌ Cons

The black phosphate finish on the sleeves does protect it from corrosion.
Because it’s designed to be a powerlifting barbell, the Rhino features bushings (not bearings) and less flex than other barbells.
6.5″ sleeve length can be limiting.
A few customers have taken issue with this bar’s “aggressive knurl” – stating that it’s not noticeably different from a standard knurl.
It is not ideal for powerlifting.
I prefer a 28.5MM shaft for general purpose or CrossFit type workouts.
You might need to block the bar so it doesn’t roll away between sets.
It is too small for some.
Some users report that the sliders do not work well on rugs, gym flooring, or workout mats.
Those who need a stiffer bar with less whip for squats or deadlifts may want a dedicated bar for those exercises separately.
Buyers who don’t like bars with a cerakote finish. The knurling can feel blunted and not as sharp.
My bar came in a plastic bag. Thin bubble wrap covered some, but not all of the barbell.
Chrome sleeves like the ones on the Titan SSB would be better.
You will have to put in a bit of effort to clean and maintain the bar.
The other thing I’d like to see offered is a chrome sleeve option.
It may not be suitable for heavy workouts.
Powerlifters who want a bar with more aggressive knurling may want to look at other options.
The Synergee’s 10 inch (25 centimeter) sleeves are much too short to approach the weights that seriously strong lifters are routinely going to want it to carry.
I’m a little hesitant that this bar uses actual Cerakote paint.
There is no rackable version.
Expensive, low value for money compared to other options.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Synergee is an exceptional company! Purchased this bar along with a Hex bar. Slight issue and customer service (Kelsey) handled my concern with a courtesy and fairness that is rare these days. This company not only makes great products, but they care about their customers.
Overall, I’m very impressed with the Synergee Regional Bar. I know that Synergee isn’t a well-known brand, but I think it has a chance to start competing with the big dogs. If I were you, I would definitely give this bar a chance, especially if you like to do (heavier) Olympic lifting.
The Synergee Games Cerakote Bar is very much a more budget-friendly Rogue Cerakote Ohio Bar. It’s not made in the USA and uses some different components like a thinner shaft and bearings instead of bushings, but for the price point, this is a great alternative for those wanting a cool looking CrossFit Barbell.
Synergee is another North American-based brand of fitness equipment and a popular gym chain. While other manufacturers might try reinventing the wheel, Synergee keeps their designs clean and simple.
The Synergee Rhino barbell is becoming one of my favorite powerlifting barbells. It’s tough, looks great with the black Cerakote finish, and has awesome knurling. I could do without the scuff marks on the sleeves but that just tells me I’m putting it to use. Great bar at a great price.
Synergee Core Sliders are useful for countless core, balance, and stability movements. You can use them to modify your existing workout routine for a fresh take on your favorite exercises.
The Synergee Fitness Bow is an excellent option if you seek an economical and effective fitness bow for your workout routines. This resistance bow is made of natural rubber and weighs 3.9 pounds and, despite its low weight, this instrument has a robust 55.5-inch bow and four bands with resistance levels that range from 10 to 40 pounds.
Synergee’s 25 kilogram Olympic hex barbell is recommended for non-giant people. Those just beginning a strength-building program or for those who suffer from spinal injuries and/or age’s decrepitude, this sturdy trap barbell is a much-appreciated good value.
With over 1,000 combined reviews and an average 4.8/5 rating, the Synergee EZ Curl Bar is the most reviewed curl bar on the market. I recommend this bar to anyone looking for a basic, budget-friendly curl bar.
This Synergee barbell is pretty versatile for a bar of steel. If you’re a static lifter, you’ll appreciate the 190,000 PSI tensile strength that can withstand 1,500 pounds of weight. If you’re a dynamic (Olympic) lifter, then you’ll appreciate how that tensile strength allows a good whip from the bar.
Eye-catching and accomplished, this bar is not just a pretty face. You can get some serious lifting done.

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